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  1. One thing I can admire about Muslims is that they are strong to their faith, especially in marriage. They don't question it at all yet we got apne ready to covert for love or allow their children not to be raised as Sikh.
  2. Hindu was just a term used for those residing past the Indus river. In many ways, this was the border into India for invaders. After a while, it kinda just developed into Hindu.
  3. tribuneindia.com/news/archive/punjab/two-iranian-varsities-want-to-set-up-chair-in-guru-nanak-s-name-859608 Ah it was the President of the Religion faculty at a University in Iran wanting to start something with Sikhi. Probably an imam anyways.
  4. Odd right. So apparently Sikhs are respected in Iran. Also, Iran sent some of their priests to meet with the Akaal Takht jathedar a couple of months ago (or year ago).
  5. Have they actually found the Ram Setu or even the city? I've seen claims of it being found but haven't seen much else. Most of the claims look fake tbh. Enlighten me if you got some reliable info.
  6. Second video touches upon what EUROPEANS called modern day India - thus an influence for Columbus. Inhabitants of India didn't call it India. Common name was Hindustan, literally "Land of the Hindus," and Hind. Especially considering the context when the Gurus lived. Indian/Hindu was the same thing.
  7. No there isn't lol. Sikhi is Sikhi. Hope you realize that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj was also Shastardhari and they still have his weapons. In fact, Maharaj taught Shastar Vidya to Baba Budha Ji who later passed it to Sri Guru HarGobind Sahib Ji Maharaj. Additionally, Hindu used to literally just mean India/Indian. Now it means a follower of Hinduism.
  8. So the way I see it, and respecting the time period. Dharam originated in India, thus Hindu (Indian) Dharam.
  9. Now we kinda have two right. On one hand, we have obviously the followers of the more formalized modern day Hinduism. Second, referring to the nation/geographical location " beyond the Indus/Sindhu River" (Harvard University, "What" section). People get these two mixed up, especially considering puratan historical texts.
  10. Hindu = Indian in that context back then. Hindu Dharma aka Indian Dharma. Yet, you have people trying to use the modern day meaning of Hindu and apply it to that.
  11. I heard there is a conspiracy amongst some Iranians that Sikhs are lowkey running Iran. Obviously not, but it's interesting to think about.
  12. Khalsa is needed. Only way Dharam will flourish in India.
  13. It is the people who continue to carry this on. Again, culture is strong. Maharaj wanted to make the 4 into 1. This is stated in our bani as well.
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