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  1. Don't get into it, like seriously. Manage and learn to control yourself before you end up like the rest of these guys hooked on pornography and masturbation. In all honesty, it is a trap that will put you in an endless cycle of gandh.
  2. I found this quote I was looking for. It was by Giani Gian Singh regarding Shastar Vidya: "There was talk of such a science of archery and stick fighting only a few years ago in the Punjab that listening of it the English-educated young men will consider it astonishing. In sincerity I believe present day young men might just consider these skills and Shastar Vidya most likely impossible, because they have not even seen those bows nevermind stringing them. Like this, many sciences and skills after attaining their heights have declined. Before 1857 many quivers full of arrows, matchlocks, flintlock guns, swords, lances, spears, Sang, Katar, Pesh Kabz, pistols, shields etc., weapons, armour and many types of chainmail was found house to house, and all the people in their homes learned and taught Shastar Vidiya and became complete soldiers. Now no one even speaks of these skills the sons of brave warriors are becoming engrossed in making money, even to us who have employed Shastar Vidiya, it is becoming a dream. In another fifty years or so, this Vidiya would have dried up and people will say it (past skills) were but, all lies" ('Twarikh Guru Khalsa', Giani Gian Singh Nirmala (1899) Vol.1, Pa. 36-37) Credit to Freed on the SikhAwareness forum for finding this.
  3. Anything related to Shastar Vidya is related with Nidar Singh. However, I just found this OLD video of Nidar Singh (on the right in the beginning) fighting Uptej Singh. The quality is horrible though:
  4. Yeah I could see that. It just seems like the Dals prioritize gatka over shastar vidya. Off that topic though, I just wanted to remark how people in India seem to fight. I've seen this in person and in videos, but it seems like people in India don't know how to throw a punch to save their life! Which is sad considering the rich history of shastar vidya in the past. It's just pure slaps for the most part. We need to pump some more martial arts to our brothers and sisters in India.
  5. Could anyone enlighten me on the origins of Shastar Vidya? Is it an extinct martial art? I just find it weird how we would let such a martial art go extinct since a lot of the Nihangs carried on the traditions in places like Nanded (after the annexation of Panjab).
  6. I respectfully disagree, brother. Anything is possible with the kirpa of Maharaj, it is not just exclusive to living in India. Your point kinda reflects how many thought during the times of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, as many believed an individual had to retreat to isolated areas like mountains or jungles as the way to connect with akaal. However, according to gurbani we know this is not true.
  7. From the Smethwick area and grew up around the same time as my dad. I believe he was the first Brahmgiani to be born outside of India. definitely read up on him.
  8. Panjab will always be integral to Sikhi. This reminds me of a passage in Panth Parkash where the Singhs requested to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj to bless them with raaj over Panjab. However, Maharaj wanted them to think bigger: Furthermore, the panth and the Khalsa have always been considered chakravarti or otherwise free roaming. Can we really be considered this if we are inseparable from the beloved dharti of Panjab? However, mirroring what many have already said, Panjab is our headquarters and is essential (especially considering the current situation and the panth).
  9. It really depends on what type of alcohol they use. Some alcohol is good to use and is derived from coconut oil. However, I'd recommend getting your hands on some organic pure Argan Oil. Best stuff I used.
  10. I found it really odd when I heard the news. Sants of the past have always talked about accepting hukam and never condoned suicide. Something has to be up.
  11. In the future, don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. Doesn't make you look good nor intelligent. There was no malicious intent behind my caaaaaalm down comment, you just took it the wrong way. I can understand if it was an honest mistake. Let's just get back on track and keep it pushing.
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