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  1. We seriously need a dedicated Simran section on this forum.
  2. Most of what is being said is 100% factual. They were neglected by their parents. Producing a generation of alcoholics and smokers. They never really grew up.
  3. You thought that part was bad.... Wait till you hear this bakwas
  4. This is society. This is what is being promoted now. Society encourages the youth to be sexualization at a young age. Sex ED workers promote watching pornography in schools. Literally pump this into teens at school, allowing these kids to get hooked on it and develop addictions. We are at the peak of this gandh. Hard to escape it. Through the kirpa of Satguru Maharaj we can escape it. Only through the shabad.
  5. I got a family friend who actually knew Dhandri. Thing was, this family friend is a known drinker and also abuses drugs. Kinda weird friend to have. Also my dad told me a story when he was younger. This was in the 80s, probably mid or late. Used to be a Jatha called the Bhindranwale Jatha (From what he told me) Which was a Jatha from India, which supposedly had ties to Sant Ji. So these guys were respectable figures. And these guys attended Smethwick gurdwara back then. Well, somebody told my dad to follow. They go through this alley way, enter a room. He told me he cracked the door open and saw these guys laid out drunk with bottles. Their paghs were rolled across the ground.
  6. Just wanted to add. The Triangle shape their making is called "Throwing up the Roc" Had to do with Jay Z's label, Roc-A-Fella. Could there be something behind it? Probably.
  7. Smartest thing to do. And it really isn't that hard, especially with the money these gurdwaras are racking in.
  8. No sort of armed struggle should happen like in the 80s-90s. It really isn't needed. The whole referendum thing is just dumb. The main thing is that we return to our Gurus system with the Panj Pyare. We have essentially adopted a westernized system which clearly isn't working. I mean...it's pretty evident within the US right now! Literally a two party election. Bhai Jagraj Singh also talked about setting up Takhts in Canada, UK and so on. A system could easily be worked out. However, this all happens when the panth unites. Parchar is essential. The Gurdwara committees HAVE the money for this, but aren't investing into it. I would love to sit down with these guys and pick their brain. No common sense what so ever. Have all that money from the sangat and don't invest it properly. This is a result of poor leaders who beg for votes. Instead of confining ourselves to Panjab, we could easily began doing parchar across India. The whole modern day Khalistan thing is hilarious. Start letting the younger generation into roles of leadership and see the changes happen. The Akal Takht was once the most dominant force. If a hukam was given, the sangat would follow. Our Jathedar is Jagtar Singh Hawara Ji (Much respect to him. Example of a passionate Sikh leader) But how can he lead the panth when he's literally imprisoned! The Indian state is not going to let him out of jail, especially when he's now the Jathedar of the Akal Takht! Unbelievable.
  9. Unfortunately the modern day Nihang Dals aren't even the same as those in the past. These guys openly let missionaries convert Sikhs. No Puratan Nihang would let that happen. As I stated before, they could easily set up camp at various villages at start doing parchar. Just because you're a Nihang doesn't mean you can't be called out. Everyone needs to be held accountable. Whether you may be Taksali, Nihang or whatever. It's a failure that falls collectively. Its been this way for a while, ever since the annexation of the Panjab by the British. Now... We all know the SGPC simply will not give up its power. The return to Sikhi in Panjab has essentially been confined by the greed of money, and the lust for power. This is all among our own. In the West, we have the good old committees... Whose only concern is to pump out campaigns for free food (Not saying its bad) But that ain't going to cut it. People are literally just going to the gurdwara for food. Don't get me started on the Nagar Kirtans... Instead of preparing to give their positions up to the younger generation, like in the past, these guys are literally starting up their careers. Dissolving these systems are crucial. We have to return to our Gurus form of leadership with the Panj Pyare. One thing I can accept about the previous Singh Sabha was them pumping out literature. In a modern day sense, the internet is our best bet. Bhai Jagraj Singh was already onto something. However, it looks like Basics of Sikhi has really fell off ever since his passing. There are many who are passionate, it's all about letting those individuals into leadership positions.
  10. The fact that these guys call themselves Khalsa is absolutely disgraceful. Running around with kirpans but got a whole langar belly hanging out, probably never trained a day in their lives. They pocket a lot of the money. Majority of it could be pumped into parchar, establishing educational centers, teaching ACTUAL martial arts within Gurdwaras like MMA or even Muay Thai. Could be rebuilding the villages in Panjab. But no, they rather tear down historical places down in the name of "kar seva" No sort of common sense among them. I swear, put some of the guys out here in that position and see the changes happen.
  11. I believe reunification is essential. The thing about it is... I don't believe in the Singhs back in Panjab can do this. I think it evident that these guys are terrible leaders and planners (talking modern day) I feel like Sikhs in the West should first set up this sort of system, then India follows suit. I doubt the SGPC will give up its power. They have control of all the Panjab gurdwaras, and it's going to take a whole lot of morchas, even probably shaheedi down the line. SGPC has practically become the modern day equivalent of the Mahants.
  12. Randomly stumbled across this account today. Similar to the Suraj Podcast, this brother is basically making a series for Panth Parkash. Definitely check it out.
  13. Yeah. Basically, we gotta work backwards. The first Singh Sabha removed a lot of things. More of a revivalist movement. It could go under a whole different name. Leadership has to consist of those who are passionate about Sikh. The Khalsa should be the ones running the panth anyways.
  14. Movie is a classic. I wouldn't trust them to remake it though. Just knowing how Bollywood, they would probably butcher it.
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