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  1. Yea, I believe the woman was the granddaughter of Baba Khem Singh Bedi right? She got married off and lived in Thoha Khalsa in the Rawalpindi district. That specific area was infamous for the events that took place there in 47. Just overall a sad story.
  2. Reconsider if you're even ready for Khande di Pahul. In my opinion, you shouldn't have even went to the sanchaar knowing you had a girlfriend. You either breakup or arrange a marriage with your girl and then go pesh and ask forgiveness from the Panj Pyare. These are your only real options, IF you wanna become an amritdhari again.
  3. Yea that’s fine bro. I just feel like there is something behind the Sarbat Khalsa picking a Singh in jail. Provides an avenue to continue and pump in the SGPCs own Jathedars.
  4. Idk if this is real, looks legit, but it looks like memebets of Baba Khem Singh Bedi’s family converted during 47, man... Sad to see.
  5. Bro, idk if it's just me but I feel like these guys picked Jagtar Singh Hawara to just appease the sangat with a respectable figure. Why else would they choose a Jathedar who is locked behind bars? Doesn't really make sense. They know there is a very low chance that he'll ever get released from the clutches of the Indian government.
  6. If anyone wants an update on this issue, the Akal Takht issued an appeal for the panth to use and do prakash of larivaar saroops. Also, they said that within 2 years the Harmonium will be completely removed from Sri Harmandir Sahib and only puratan instruments along with Raag Kirtan will return.
  7. Wow, just found out my neighboring village was home to the Udaseen sect and a Udaseen mahapurakh. Another piece of history right there. \ Sri 108 Mahant Bhagat Ram of dera Dharam Das Ji Maharaj
  8. Full version is worse man
  9. Find records of Punjabi Soldiers from your pind that served in World War 1: http://punjabww1.com/
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