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  1. Na his name comes from his pind which is Moosa. But yeah I noticed that as well. Weird because the guy was literally singing about Sant Ji and all that a couple of months ago.
  2. I am actually not sure veerji! I'll definitely ask next time. Most of the Singhs live in and around the city so it would difficult to keep horses. However, most Singhs involved in Dal Panth here actually just go back to India often and live with the chakravarti dals.
  3. Just traced that photo. It is a public execution from Yemen. I think somebody just edited it to make it look like a Singh.
  4. I'm not sure. But I think that is a high possibility as that Dal produced Kharku soormeh like Shaheed Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Brahma and were "closer" to the lehar when compared to Budha Dal and Tarna Dal.
  5. I would say it is the same how we see Nihangs and Hazuri Singhs do it.
  6. That is Singh Sahib Baba Joginder Singh Ji of Budha Dal. Really big Gursikh and mahapurakh. He was actually given charge of the panth at one point. I'm not sure if he has a lower back injury though.
  7. Yeah other than Mohalla and where panj Singhs carry the Nishan Sahib and do parkama around Maharaj in the main darbar, they usually give us a separate spot in the gurdwara to do our thing. I gotta give props to this committee because they actually allow us to do our stuff at the gurdwara. However, I would imagine that some still have problems with the lighting of deve, incense, throwing of flower petals, Sri Dasam Granth Prakash and so on. I believe this is getting better and we are slowly returning to puratan maryada, especially amongst the youth.
  8. Beautiful. It's really a shame that this maryada isn't mainstream. My mom used to tell me the lighting of deve was common in the villages of Panjab. Whenever I am with some of the Nihang Singhs out here in Canada we basically have to separate from the sangat in the gurdwara during programs. Wish this was allowed in the main darbar. Very rare that ever happens though.
  9. Found this great video explaining the maryada behind Aarti. This video tackles issues raised by some in the community. This is a really great channel and I recommend sangat ji checks them out.
  10. This was back in October, so I would imagine that it is complete or near to being finished.
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