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  1. I've always thought about that! Aurangzeb wanted darshan of Guru Ji after reading the letter. There could be a possibility of that happening. Imagine if he actually met Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji! How would history look afterwards?
  2. From what I was taught, he was a part of Aurangzeb's court. He had an incredible knowledge regarding the quran, and blew Aurangzeb away when describing an arth. Aurangzeb wanted him to convert him, if he refused, he would've been killed. He sought refuge at the darbar of Anandpur Sahib. And the rest is history.
  3. Khalsa ji, we might as well sound the Nagara. This is over.
  4. Bro is talking about Devi Devte when he believes Muhammad rode on the Buraq from Mecca to Jerusalem which is described as being a white animal, half-mule, half-donkey, with wings on its sides. Now I would provide a picture... But eh... What's the point.
  5. Imagine wanting to be a part of Islamic history. Do we look like some Pakistanis to you? Now shooo, go back and kiss up to your Arab masters.
  6. Ain't no myths my boy... Read them written accounts.
  7. The lack of research is really showing
  8. Exactly! Crying about discrimination of Muslims in India but don't they got their BRETHREN LOCKED UP IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS?
  9. Yup. Pashtuns got that warrior spirit. They got a lot of heart. Only people in the country that got it. The rest of em gave up so much culture just to be like their conquerors. It's a damn shame. Ask Arabs about Pakistanis! They will tell you the same thing Even if you talk with the elders! They could give a flying f about Pakistan or anything they got going on. But what do you see? Pakistanis are invested into the Middle East and the Arab world. Literally rushing to Palestinian protests and all that. @MuslimNeighbour"i DoN't expEcT yOu to kNoW whAT It's LiKE tO SHARE iN tHE VIcTorY aND pride Of your bREthERN fRom oTHeR PaRtS oF The woRLD" Never seen any other Muslim community care about Pakistani victories or pride. Oh wait... What sort of accomplishments do Pakistanis have again...? Mmmmm... Oh yeah! None. These guys always say the same thing Buddy! That's all you got! Ain't no Arab really gives a f about giving Kashmir azaadi. There is literally no difference between these guys and a modern day Hindu nationalist. Heck! Even the Hindus had a proud Kshatriya history! Also if those Muslims were persecuted and didn't want to be a part of the Khalsa Raj: Why didn't the Muslims of the respective areas decide to rebel? Where were the demonstrations against the raj at? Where was the fighting against the so-called persecution of Muslims at? Where are those shaheeds at? Oh yeah! Because there was no rebellion! You guys are supposed to be like those whom you praise right? Your brethren! Where did that spirit go? Oh yeah! You guys NEVER HAD IT. Just stayed timid and listened. They clearly didn't have the courage to step up to an Akali Nihang.
  10. Pakistanis haven't conquered nothing nor have any sort of soormas. Pashtuns are the only ones with some heart. Gotta cling onto that Arab glory. All you guys managed to do was submit to every ruler that conquered over you.
  11. Ever wondered why the Singhs never touched Pashtun women when entering their areas? Ever decided to research why those Masands were burned? All you Pakistanis live on is the glory of Arabs. Keep submiting buddy, keep sharing victory of those who couldn't give a f about your people.
  12. I believe he was born a Hindu from the Khatri caste. He was also from Ghazni, Afghanistan. Later became a devout Sikh of the Guru.
  13. Probably one of the most well known, Bhai Nand Lal Ji also known as Nand Lal Goya. Composed beautiful work. Posting a little bit of it on here. A bit of the Q&A with Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj: Ghazal - Dil Agar: Faiz E Noor: Guftgu Eh Khaas:
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