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  1. Oh mate them two recommendations are ticking the boxes definately. however on a budget Atm. Yes budapest is nice got the amsterdam architecture going on. Ive seen it. Thanks for suggestion.
  2. Eduardo... Ahh that does sound nice. greece was on my mind. Its pretty ticks the boxes. Sun, sea, sand and loads of character and things to sea. I was going to book it however after seeing the financial meltdown i thought better to leave it for now. ive seen hungary. Croatia sounds like a good one. Ill definately look into that. thanks. Yes will definately look into that.
  3. Thankyou kindly for your suggestion. ive done this holiday a few times. And vistited the gurdwareh. driven upto brusselss aswel well recommended.
  4. Thanks, however im here for serious conversation. No jokes. Im sure theirs plenty of other forumns where you can exercise your sillyness. Just not on my thread.
  5. Read the original topic. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit by the way!
  6. Thanks for your suggestion. I am from the uk london and endinburgh has been done. I was wanting more of sun sea sand with some character and things to see rather than just sitting on the beach.
  7. Thanks for your suggestion. I am from the uk london and endinburgh has been done. I was wanting more of sun sea sand with some character and things to see rather than just sitting on the beach.
  8. Hi folks wanted any decent suggestions from gursikhs. Where in europe is it safe and good to holiday for gursikhs. I do mean the places like spain etc sun sea or city breaks woukd be great to know about. ive been to alicante and thats ok. No lager louts etc And portugal (algarve) was lovely too. Just thinking where the sikhs are most of the time... thankyou.
  9. I second that. I was thinking the same. Thing is people should have more shame just jumping up and fighting in the prayer hall. Ive seen this behaviour in many uk gurdwareh. Its really not spiritual when a person starts shouting and balling. pathetic!
  10. WJKK WJKF. Sangat ji. Im looking for sevadaars for next year march. Some points i wasnt happy with this year. 1. Our sangat sitting on the road and kirbs when listening to the speakers , eating food. I was hurt seeing our elders sitting like beggars eating roti on the kerbs. Solution:- we need people who have events companies who can help with plastic seating for a few hours. 2. I seen a few ladies in tears as theyd sprained ankles, but no first aiders about. Solution:- We need first aid sevadaars and people that can provide any foot massage for elders. (5mins). 3.I seen a few sevada
  11. puthar ji life is a journey. We are not given a manual of what todo. things happen on their own time. Your still very young and will have urges and wants, you want to live, taste, hear and try new things and spread your wings. If you decide to lessen your appearance , to wear makeup wear your hair out etc its your karma. I have never taken amrit however grew up the same as you went through uni wearing a desi dastar and beard left uni and after marriage suffered depresion i cut my beard and hair. Ive hit 40 and feel mature enough to keep it and practive sikhi better. I want it and have a thirs
  12. Tbh the amount of sikh and hindu GIRLS that follow bollywood actresses and actors is immense....they are the role models. These women are glorified prostitutes! Then kids are watching porn which. The girls now think in order to be sexually attractive they need to dress with hair extension and wear long eyelashes and dress slutty. There is no fear of god and consequences like i was a kid if i tried to trim my beard id get a wooping from my dad. Now with so much child protection kids are ruling the roost... so why not knock off school to have a day out with a dude with a flash car and money. Th
  13. 18 May 2015 Ranjeet01, on 18 May 2015 - 5:34 PM, said: We do not pray to Amritsar That's very comforting to know. How do you pray? Edited by eduardo, 18 May 2015 - 04:37 PM. Eduardo. A sikh prays from anywhere. Like the muslims it isnt mandatory todo a pilgrimage to mecca. We dont believe god is in more in one area of the earth. We believe he is everywhere and eternal. When we pray its from the heart and soul. And through our 10th gate (dasam duar). We believe the link is made through the top middle point of our cranium. We dont direct our prayer towards amritsar. The gurdwaras in ind
  14. Folks ive seen 30secs more of this clip and the singh is telling the gorah kneel before me or else its simple im gonna knock you out... It came across as the singh being the aggresor and bully from the longer video i seen of this. Respect due the singh. Hed make a champion boxer!!!
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