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  1. https://www.thecanadianbazaar.com/why-there-are-so-few-western-converts-to-sikhism/
  2. Guest

    Sikhs Converting To Islam

    Here in the UK, there have been cases where British born non practicing Sikhs have taken the shahada and become practicing Muslims i.e. turned from their parent's religion Sikhi, to Islam. I've noted that in this cases, Gursikhs and Amritdharis find out about the person or are approached by the person's family and turn up to the newly converted person's house to make them see sense / see the light. But this response is reactive rather than pro-active. Person's converted now, heart, mind and soul, bit late for the Singhs to be turning up to the person's house to start their parchaar and try to convince them to turn back to Sikhi (when they were never in it in the first place) Shouldn't we be reaching these potentially vulnerable and impressionable people before they even take their first step away from Sikhi so to speak, rather than having no involvement in their lives, until they convert, at which point it's time to turn up lol? Might I suggest GurSikhs step out of their comfort zones and exclusive 'amritdhari-only' social circles, get their hands dirty and reach these people before their targeted, influenced by outside sources, and future generations are lost.
  3. Personally I rate it at zero, non-existent. Islam's marketing strategy is probably no.1 right now 2nd is chrisitanity because they are aggressive convert seeking abrahamic faiths. And our situation with sikhi its much worse than other dharmic faiths buddhists and hindu's who do less than us in terms or charity and have less media exposure in the west, hardly don't do anything to attract new converts but still have large appeal amoung westerners because of yoga and meditation and these two faiths have powerful state power behind them (buddhists having burma. cambodia, thailand, sri lanka,etc hindus having nepal, bali and india). Where are missionary Sikhs at? Wheres Sikhi at? Wheres SGPC at? Disgraceful
  4. I'm an English, middle aged, ex Christian who two weeks ago started reading Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and learning about Sikh beliefs. The teaching is compelling and convincing, I'm reading SGGS each day and finding it beautiful and transforming, and I'm learning Sikh meditation. But I'd like to know how Sikhs feel about non-Sikhs adopting their teachings, scripture and practices - without actually becoming a Sikh. I'm concerned that some Sikhs might find this disrespectful or wrong in some way. I want to engage with and learn from Sikhs but I can't see myself becoming one - is this welcome? Or could this be seen as a problem? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, something Daas wanted to know was what happened to all those Khatri Sikhs from Sindhi origin, especially since their first child was made into Sikhs? (They themselves were Sehajdhari at best), shouldn't there have been more Khatri Sikhs if such a scenario was the case, or did they become something else? (Hindus/Muslims/Christians)
  6. That christian idiots video against star wars and eastern faiths has given me an idea. Why don't Sikhs use the movie to our advantage by highlighting our faith because it is basically the same thing what star wars philosophy is based on the force being God and people can use the light or the dark side. And george lucas himself admits in interviews he wanted people to get this sort of spirituality
  7. I recently saw a post on some fb Sikh group that was complaining about muslim guy signing up to Sikh society events after they learned he was a muslim through his name. That made me ponder what if the guy genuinely wanted to learn about Sikhi and become a Sikh? How should you deal with muslim guys who are interested? We know they are ideologically brainwashed from birth to hate non-muslims and their beliefs so should we scare of potential new Sikhs guys from Islam and barring them by background checks? Or should we welcome them into the fold but have extra vigilance placed on them so that we see their motives are genuinely spiritual and love for Sikhi not sinister or predatory on grooming women undercover.
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, The Sikh religion is self-admittedly universal. I do not believe any Sikh would disagree. The Sikhs of the diaspora (and, it may be said, in India) have fought tooth and nail for a long time in order to be recognized as a distinct ethnic group. The argument which is used most commonly to refute this proposition is that Sikhism is a religion, theoretically open to anyone. In order to be described as an ethnic group a people must share a common language, culture, history, religion, and geographical origin. As is currently stands we fulfill all these criteria. But if Sikhi were spread and converts to be made to such an extent that, in the future, a large proportion of of Sikhs did not trace their origins to the Punjab, speak Punjabi and did not share in the history which flows through our veins in the form of the blood of our forefathers, then we could never again advance the idea that we are an 'ethnic group' because the definition of this term would no longer apply to us. In other words, the more converts are made to the Sikh religion, the more the cause of a distinct Sikh ethnicity is undermined and undone. Does the self determination of the Sikh people (the desire to be recognized as a separate ethnic group) conflict with the proliferation of the Sikh religion? Which of these causes do you consider to be more important? I cannot yet decide. I love our people and our traditions and the greatest way to protect the integrity of these traditions would be Sikh self-determination. But I also don't like the idea of denying the Jot of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj to the world and its people, who sorely need it in the blackness of Kaljug. May any offence I might have caused be forgiven, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  9. How would life change for you? for the better or worser? Seeing the increasing drive by muslims to convert non-muslim to islam by deception and sweet talk and not letting the freedom of muslims to leave islam. While other religions sit on the side lines apart from Christianity in pushing forward their agenda... what would happen to life as you know it under a muslim majority regime?
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