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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    List of 1984 Shaheeds needed

    Does any person have a PDF copy of the book released by Baba Harnam Singh Jee Dhumma which lists all of the shaheed Singhs and Singhnia of 84?
  2. Bhai Sahib condemned Dhumma and Dhadrianwale on how they have been behaving. He used very strong words toward both by calling both Sants of the government. Many supporters on both sides have taken offense. Showing typical chela behavior. Not too long ago Dhadrianwale ran away under police protection during the peaceful protest for the beadbi of Sri Guru Granth sahib ji protest. Rest of the peaceful protesters were thrashed by the police, shot at and treated worse than animals. Panthpreet 'singh' was another who received police protection in their car and taken to safety. These details should not be forgotten. Bhai amrik singh ajnala remembers these details. Bhai amrik singh ajnala addressed why dhumma attacked Dhadrianwale and it was not because Dhadrianwale attacked Taksal. Bhai amrik singh ajnala says if this was the case then why didn't the dhumma clan shoot Panthpreet dhunda ghagga Kala afghan who all have slandered Taksal in the past. Ajnala said Dhadrianwale spoke out against dhumma. Dhadrianwale has said in the past he is not scared in general and of dhumma. Bhai Sahib used sharp language saying you ran, had guns didn't use it and the police had to save you after you hid and you soiled yourself. Bhai Sahib says these are not the characteristics of a Sant. Rightfully so they are not. Dhadrianwale sits with the enemy of the Khalsa Panth, Panthpreet singh dhunda to discuss what the Khalsa Panth should do to unite under one flag. These missionaries are looking to burn Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji bani and wipe out any historical record of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. Sooner or later they will start taking specific words they don't like in Sri Guru Granth sahib ji like devi and deva names. Ram rai was kicked out for changing Gurbani. Sikhs didn't associate with him and forget about bringing him to the forefront to address Panth issues. Bhasuar was excommunicated for taking Bhagat bani out and printing a saroop without Bhagat bani. Our history tells us not to bring Panthpreet singh and associates to the forefront because they have the agenda to attack the Khalsa Panth roots. The sanatan clan have lost their eagle eye vision and non dual ultimate reality since their birth but today they are showing their true colors. The sanatan clan is using harsh words toward bhai amrik singh ajnala because he called out all the listed people in the current events.the sanatan clan wants bhai amrik singh ajnala to climb a mountain and stand at the edge to show to them ajnala is not scared. When ajnala thrashes dust of Sri Guru Granth sahib ji for beadbi he is called Taliban and terrorist by the sanatan clan. The sanatan clan will criticize anything Panthic singhs will do because they want to keep up the chaos in the Panth. Their teachers were slandering Sant jarnail singh ji throughout the dharma yudh morcha. the sanatan clan pick and choose when to twist sikh history. They scream at the top of their lungs to slander akj bhai randhir singh for being with Bhasuar at one point in time. Yet today they favor Dhadrianwale for aligning with missionaries who attack Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji bani. They attack the man who speaks out against Bhasuar behavior. Ajnala is a thrown in the sanatan bowl of food. If today a sarbat khalsa is successful with missionaries part of the leadership. They will destroy Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji bani as they attempted in the early 1900s and became successful of removing Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji Prakash from Sri Akal Takht sahib. To prevent such destruction from happening again ajnala is right to openly call out those who support missionaries. The sanatan clan has in the past bashed the singh saba movement but today they are supporting their current people with the evil intent to get rid of Dasam bani??? Sanatan clan does not want true unity because then they are also going to be targeted for going against sikhi. They are banking on the false unity where they can change sikhi to their liking which means placing the vedas equal Sri Guru Granth sahib ji and bringing back devi and deva worship to the masses. They placed moortis of devi and devta in Sri amritsar parkarma to be worshipped. They currently like Dhadrianwale because he is not aware of the politics being played by using him as a pond. They use him to keep the Panth split. They hate ajnala with a passion because he sees through their master plan and is directly challenging them. Plus they are banking on Dhadrianwale to keep the missionaries at bay for them. The sanatan clan are just as bad as the missionaries. Dhadrianwale needs to wake up and follow and lead with Panthic people.
  3. This strange backwards act of Dhumma forcing himself on DamDami Taksal is underhanded and completely not in accordance with DamDami Taksal ethics and morals. The students of DamDami Taksal who appointed him did so out of arrogance. The Dhumma clan is saying higher ups in Taksal appointed him, which in itself is very questionable. Reading DamDami Taksal history the appointing of the next Jathedar happened by the previous Jathedar or Sant or Sants. Sant Baba Sundar Singh ji was appointed as Jathedar by the previous Jathedar of DamDami Taksal, Sant Baba Bishan Singh ji. Next in line was Sant baba Gurbachan Singh ji who was appointed by the previous Jathedar. Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji would be the next Jathedar, but there is only mention of how Sant baba Gurbachan Singh ji had said multiple times that Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji will be the next Jathedar of the Taksal. Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji didn't tie the dastar as a sign of making him the next Jathedar. However, Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji's word was followed by the Taksal. This is where the Dhumma clan will want to hide or alter the history of how Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa became the next Jathedar after Sant baba Kartar Singh ji. Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji was involved in a serious car accident. He was taken to the hospital where the doctors would have to remove his hair to address his injuries. Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji refused to remove any hair and due to his injuries he left his body for Sachkhand. Before leaving his body, Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji had given the responsibility to Sant baba Thakur Singh ji to appoint the next Jathedar. Taking on the seva Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji tied the dastar of DamDami Taksal on Sant Jarnail Singh ji. After 1984 attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib, Sant baba Thakur Singh ji announces Sant Baba Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa is still the Jathedar of DamDami Taksal. From 1984 to the time Sant baba Thakur Singh ji left his body in 2004, he never appointed anyone to be the next Jathedar of DamDami Taksal. When asked and pressured by students of the Taksal, Baba ji had always given the response Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa is the Jathedar. If anyone was going to appoint the next Jathedar of Taksal, it would have been Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji because he was trusted by Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji to appoint the next Jathedar after him. Gursikhs like Bhai Gurdev Singh ji Kaunke were around after the attack of 1984 to be appointed as the next Jathedar of Taksal. Yet Baba ji did not appoint anyone. If anyone deserved the dastar, it was Bhai Gurdev Singh ji Kaunke. Harnaam Singh Dhumma was around Baba ji, but never did Baba ji give him the dastar of DamDami Taksal. Some have and make the argument, after Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji, somebody had to lead the Taksal. This weak attempt falls on deaf ears because only Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji could have appointed the next Jathedar, if there was going to be one. The argument stops at Baba ji saying the Jathedar is still Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa. Some say baba ji was the next Jathedar, but Baba ji never said he was the Jathedar and how could this be when Baba ji is saying Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa is the Jathedar. Additionally, why did the corrupt Taksal students wait two decades to appoint their own corrupted student as the Jathedar? Why didn't they do it in 1984 or a year or two afterwards? Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji trusted Baba ji to appoint the next Jathedar. Sant Baba Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa made plans after the attack of 1984 for the Dharm Yudh Morcha. But how come Sant Baba Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa did not instruct Baba ji to appoint the new Jathedar after him??????? Such an important role must have been discussed if their was going to be another appointed Jathedar. Once a person looks at the facts without getting emotional. It is very evident who is the Jathedar and who has imposed himself on the DamDami Taksal.
  4. Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma condemns the attack on Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale in the first statement he makes on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Foow6GCyow Dhumma says: These actions need to be condemned in harsh words. Everyone should speak out against it. Sikh Jathebandis should get together to answer back on these things and need to mobilize themselves to stop such ploys. Then in the following statement, Dhumma's words take a change in direction: Check the Facebook page of the news channel for a better version: https://www.facebook.com/abpsanjha/ Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma claims Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale have been making accusations for over 4 years and has made derogatory comments on Dam Dami Taksal's dastar and reputation. The derogatory comments are claimed to be of the very low and despicable character. I have yet to see evidence of the above claim. Dhumma believes Dhadrianwale should have looked at his own dastaar and realised it has the same honour and respect as someone else's. This is a comical suggestion as Dhumma himself criticized Dhadrianwale for his choice of dastaar style, a useless critique. Dhumma claims in 4 years he never made any derogatory comment against Dhadrianwale. This is proven false by Dhumma's critique a few weeks ago of Dhadrianwale and his dress, deferring to this chola as ghagri and making comments about his dastaar styleDhumma makes a point of Sikhs only supposed to be wearing 4 colours of dastaars. A fair point, but hardly something that warranted negative utterance toward another parcharik. Calling Dhadrianwale up and raising this concern and doing benti to stick to the four colours would have been the better move. Dhumma says that the Singhs that attacked Dhadrianwale wished to get him to stop his derogatory comments about Dam Dami Taksal. They did what they did for the the honour and respect of Dam Dami Taksal. A lot of people's feelings are connected with Dam Dami Taksal and that some can handle someone's attacks while others cannot. I have seen no evidence of Dhadrianwale making any defaming comments about the Dam Dami Taksal While it is a fair statement to say that people's feelings can get hurt and they take matter into their own hands, Dhumma comes across condoning the attack when he should be condemning it. Dhumma originally condemned the murder, but since the perpetrator are the student's and friends of his institution, the attack is now being condoned and justified. Hurt feelings over the alleged bad-mouthing of your institution's leader is not sufficient justification for attacking and attempting to murder someone Dhumma should be vehemently criticizing and denouncing what occured but instead has shifted to defending and tolerating the attack Was the killing of Bhai Bhupinder Singh, who made no utterances toward anybody, not wrong? Should his killing not be condemned? The vehicles being destroyed, while a minor misdeed in comparison to the life lost, is the loss of property funded by the Guru's sangat. Is that not worth expressing regret over? A chabeel was made part of the ruse to trick the targets into the trap. An age old tradition of seva was utilized by the perpetrators to commit murder. People will look toward chabeels with suspicion, the government has outlawed them without prior permission, and beadbi of the tradition has occured. Is that not worth condemnation from Dhumma? Dhumma says he will be supporting and helping those charged with these crimes. While raising concerns about potential police torture and brutality is legitimate, unequivocally supporting those who committed such disgusting acts is lunacy. The following is a news article following Dhumma's press conference on May 23rd, 2016: The article states: Dhumma admits the perpetrators and vehicles used are from Dam Dami Taksal Dhumma states he has no knowledge about the Chabeel being used as a tool in this attack (how is it possible to attempt to even feign ignorance about this). HERE'S A BOMBSHELL: The press note being used during the press conference (which Dhumma read from) was prepared by the media advisor of Punjab cabinet minister Bikram Singh Majithia and Dhumma read it word for word When the journalists had one on one interviews afterwards (as in the ABP Sanjha video above) what Dhumma read and what he said in those interviews went in opposite directions Questions that need answering: Why are the media advisors of Badal's cabinet ministers helping Dhumma with his press statements? Why is Dhumma putting up a farce in his statements? He is blatantly being deceitful and disingenuous by stating one thing through a press note (probably things he doesn't actually believe) and then airing his real thoughts and feelings in the interviews. Why the two-face bigotry? Overall, Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma has proven that he severely lacks skills in leadership, strategic thinking, conflict/crisis resolution, honesty, and accountability. Operating as the head of Dam Dami Taksal's Mehta faction, his weakness and ineptitude in being a competent leader does a disservice to the entire Dam Dami Taksal. This incident and the subsequent severe mishandling of the response by Dhumma has eroded the reputation and respect for Dam Dami Taksal in the eyes of Sikhs world wide. Those close to Dam Dami Taksal have to deliberate with themselves and ask, is Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma's handling of the situation helping the taksal? Will it help them engage and connect with the hearts of Sikhs? Will it help them prosper and flourish going into the future? If the answer is no, we may have someone in a job way above his skill set. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I did this quick analysis just pouring over the information on the internet. If you find any mistakes, any additional relevant information, or have any analysis of your own to air, I would welcome your feedback and will make any corrections necessary.
  5. A Singh from Calgary, Canada is doing a great seva by using color as a way to tell Gurbani readers where vishram comes in Gurbani. Trouble maker, self appointed, pig, Harnaam Singh Dhumma has used his poltical ties with Sri Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar to stop this seva. This seva is really needed today. The Singh is from Taksal and has used Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh ji recorded katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji to put in vishrams in Gurbani with using two different colors. No altering of any kind has been taken place by this Singh. Dhumma is only stopping this seva because he is not making money off of it. Sant baba Kartar Singh ji and Sant baba Gurbachan Singh ji Khalsa have never been against vishrams and have used vishrams themselves. This issue needs to go out in the public and Baba Darshan Singh ji needs to be supported. Dhumma is a cancer in the Khalsa Panth. Here are to links to news articles on this matter. In the second link there is a video of Baba Darshan Singh ji explaining the whole ordeal. Those who call themselves students or associates of Taksal need to look into this matter and take a stand on the truth. https://www.sikh24.com/2015/05/01/akal-takht-sahib-orders-bhai-darshan-singh-malewal-to-stop-publication-of-sainchis/#.VW1l-NJViko http://www.sikh24.com/2015/06/02/baba-darshan-singh-replies-to-akal-takht-ban-on-pothis/#.VW1litJViko
  6. Bhai Amrik Singh ajnala and Giani Ram Singh made dozen trips to gurdwara amb sahib. Gianni ram Singh and sangat with him took night watch sewa recently. Both belong to damdami taksal jathabandi. However, as per government's official jatehdar of taksal is bhai dhumma who surprisingly is still not seen anywhere except last time sangat seen him in Mumbai more than a month ago. His phone(s) are switched off and nobody knows where bhai dhumma is despite he gave a promise to bhai gurbax of support before the start hunger strike at amb sahib. --- Absence of taksal jatehdar during such crucial time is raising doubts. What reason there is of not visiting amb sahib, even badal daliyay Makkar and others visited amb sahib. Anyone know where baba dhumma is? I thought that he is genuine leader after memorial issue but now I have doubts.
  7. This issue was being discussed (off-topic) in another thread and I thought a seperate thread should be started with the information below to discuss this and state all the FACTS that clearly expose the reaility. The post below states all the facts (not nindya) which are important for every Sikh to be aware of.
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