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Found 6 results

  1. Remember this guy? Juggy D. He's apparently been arrested for domestic violence. He was in Delhi partying and sleeping with women. When he was back in London his wife went through his phone and read the messages, decided to post them on his social media and he then started beating her up. I'm not surprised he always was a bit of a loose cannon. I remember a few years back he was in rehab for drugs, and when he came out everyone was quite supportive. I know he's a mona and not a practicing Sikh but these days every other person is committing adultery, and it is destructive, I do
  2. https://www.marijuanamoment.net/serious-injuries-from-domestic-violence-dropped-after-marijuana-decriminalization-study-finds/ Cannabis decriminalization was also linked to a 40.7 percent reduction in severe domestic violence incidents where alcohol was a factor, as well as a 23.1 percent reduction in incidents involving a weapon.
  3. http://www.india.com/news/india/shocking-elderly-woman-gets-beaten-by-her-family-member-watch-video-1208391/ Pretty disgraceful and sickening to watch. Are Indian women losing respect for their vulnerable eldery citizens and turning to domestic abuse? Or has this always been the case just hidden from view and camera's.
  4. I wonder if domestic violence is higher among Muslims then any other religious group
  5. Guest

    Sexual Abuse And Opinion

    Hi! I am 21 year old girl and I want to move out from my house. The reasons are my mom had a second marriage and my step-dad (never seen or know anything about my real father) raped me since the age of 7 I was not able to understand till the age of 12 what was happening all I knew was that I didn’t want him to hurt me further. Since my mom did night shifts but when she quit work one day I mustered up the courage to tell her what was happening, around the age of 11. She told me to keep quiet and the same happened again when she returned back to work. But it was worse because since I had told my
  6. What is UMEED? UMEED, meaning “Hope” in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi, is a UNITED SIKHS National Family Resource Center with a 24-hour toll free helpline : 1-855-US-UMEED (1-855-878-6333). This unique and confidential service is multi-lingual and provides support in English and Punjabi to assist with Community Empowerment and Education via a multitude of services. UMEED is a project of UNITED SIKHS Community Empowerment and Education Division (CEED) What is UNITED SIKHS? UNITED SIKHSis a U.N. affiliated, international non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian relief, human development and
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