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Found 8 results

  1. I am currently trying to find out more about Sikh misls and Empires, I used the vast internet but I want something physically or something I can see in person in Canada, I read a great book about Sikh Misl in English, and it'd be appreciated if you can list some Books in English or any type of museums / schools or places teaching Sikh History other than the Internet, also is it true that they're demolishing Sikh forts to make them into marble gurudwaras in India?!?! Do you think Reenactments of the Sikh empire can be possible or like a Stage show to educate Sikhs, just like the War of 1812, Fort york in toronto? I heard of the Brampton Sikh Museum, never been there though.
  2. SSA I am currently an organiser for Sikh events. My job role is organise events for Sikhs and also non Sikhs. This inlcudes trips to Sikh temples or museums. It is diffiuclt however to think of activities that will appeal to Sikh youth and also non sikhs. At the moment I am thinking about a trip to Southall Temple. Can anyone reccomend the best times to visit? ie weekends and what times? . Aslo if anyone has any suggestions for Sikh related activities or events I could organise?
  3. VJKK VJKF Sangat Jee, Can anyone please let me know if there are any regular or any one off programmes coming up in Preston or in any nearby areas? Thank you VJKK VKF
  4. Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji (Sri Nagar Wale) will be in the UK 7-22 June 2014. For all bookings please email info@ksuk.org Guru Rakha
  5. Calender - Dates of actual Gurpurabs, Pooranmashi, Sangrad, Dasvi and Maseya along with the list of events celebrated at Nanaksar Gurudwara (Please don't confuse it with Nanakshahi Calender) 2014 Eng Tor Col.pdf 2014 Pun TOronto Col.pdf Calendar 2014.pdf
  6. SIKH FEDERATION (UK) Panthic conference to honour Shaheed Satwant Singh Ji and Shaheed Kehar Singh Ji Sunday 6 January 2013 (11am-1.30pm) Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Sheehy Way, Slough, SL2 5SS Arambh Akhand Paath Sahib Ji on Fri 4 January, Bhog on Sun 6 January For further information contact Daljit Singh on 07976 715237
  7. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh S.H.A.R.E Charity would like to notify the sangat that we will now be producing a newsletter every quater. This will give you all the opportunity to keep up to date with the projects, and events that we are currently working on. We hope you can take the time out to read our newsletter, and also participate by attending our events. Share Newsletter.pdf Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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