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  1. They can connect with Sikhi in English, there is a youtube channel called "Basics of Sikhi" the videos done by Jagraj Singh (Rest in peace) was done very well, in english too, and he himself was born in the UK and used to be a Mona.
  2. Send them to India and have them live there for some months with relatives, that's how I learned, cant read it but you can speak it and hear it.
  3. Get super rich and start rebuilding our homeland in Punjab, into a new Dubai however don't forget about the corrupt government that will try to exploit our improvements on our motherland, until now condition yourself and those around you to be warriors, learn how to fight in many ways as you can, and learn how to survive in the wilderness, the future generation must be strong and must be able to adapt to any situation, and must be able to survive, the Sikhs in the past have learned combat, and learned how to live off the land, and learned about battle as well, that is a vital aspect we are mis
  4. More tactics they'll try to use. 1. Early Paintings of Guruji's had Tilaks on their forehead making them Hindu Now what they fail to understand is that this practice was stopped by the 6th guru, and completely ended with the formation of the Khalsa in 1699, where we officially got our "guidelines" per say, and the five K's, they also fail to acknowledge that our Guru's literally denied being Hindu or Muslim... Which is why you can only find paintings of Nanak, and our first five Guru's with Tilak, now the funny thing is they'll use these paintings as fact but deny our primary
  5. I posted the twitter that linked him, also he follows and reposts the same memes by the account and also has the same BIO as one of his other accounts, which said "New York" Now I have some rumors, one is that he's from UP not NYC, and another on twitter stating that they sent emails to his company and that the company isn't happy with him, he also blocked me on instagram after I dmed him so that confirms my suspicions, either way it seems like the Twitter-Singhs & Kaurs have dealt with him already, and that this person keeps creating the same accounts, so I think someone is trying to
  6. I found the main account, of the person that has been doing Beadbi This is him. https://twitter.com/nav_tk/status/1358590893826146304/photo/1
  7. Agreed, I was just copy and pasting what it said.
  8. Hari Singh Nalwa apparently ripped the tigers mouth open with his hands, he was also known to be the general patton of india, I think he spoke seven languages and offered to the the translator for Maharaja Ranjit Singh, he was also vital in the Sikh conquests of Afghanistan, in which he would make the men dress like women to spare their lives, he was a great strategician and had great battle prowess, Akali Phula Singh was another Sikh that was great during the empire, he even advised Maharaja Ranjit Singh that his childern are basically useless and that he should instead make the successor, on
  9. I agree, everyone please do this, we need to basically make 1 big post and make it available for other accounts to repost across social media platforms, so we can shed light on the truth.
  10. So where exactly are you getting "Sikhs cutting their hair and drinking liquor" from? I haven't read up all the replies on this thread, but I haven't seen anyone say they're forcing us to drink... Instead I see us commenting about their propaganda, and how they want a repeat of 1984. Sikhs were always united, they just abused our generosity and used it against us, like how all of our allies always ended up betraying us. The RSS did get involved in the whole Khalistan issue, and hijacking the entire movement into full-fledged terrorism but that's a whole different subject.
  11. Well, they believe that there are Avatars that represents different aspects of god, the main three also known as the Trimvurti is Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and they have always existed I believe, and all these other gods are their avatars, or something along those lines, and there's something about Amrita and the nectar of immortality where the demons and devas wanted "immortality" I think it was mentioned in the puranas, I'm also not sure about where the goddesses came from.
  12. Hinduism is a generalization, when you look into the hindu religion, there is a variety of beliefs, some of them worship other deities as their main gods, and so on forth, the vedic religion was vastly different back then, and even now there is closed practices where only people born into it can practice that certain form of hinduism, so yeah there is differing beliefs, also about Indra, basically Krishna came and exposed Indra to the people, I'm not sure exactly what but I think Indra was holding his power against them, and Krishna came and basically removed the need of Indra being worshipped
  13. Yep, seen that too and I proved the person wrong, they'll try to label our Guruji's as hindu or state that we're hindu, or our warriors were hindu, or that we believe in hinduism because we mention hindu deities, also someone is downvoting all of my posts, seems like I made someone salty ahaha.
  14. Should highlight the protests in other parts of india done by muslim and hindu farmers as well to dispel the “Sikh V Hindu” notion going on.
  15. We also need to remove fake blades from inventory, stainless steel is meant for display, nowadays you need to get a battle ready sword or blade usually made with different types of high carbon steel. (as in there’s 1060 high carbon steel, 1095 etc, you can watch youtubers like skallagrim to learn more about swords.)
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