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  1. Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the Sikh Empire had many foreign Officers and Commanders including American-Scottish generals - Italians and French mercs they used foreign manuals and had a elite division called the Fauj-i-ain which purely spoke in French commands, the sikhs were the first modernized force in india. Also there was never a "Khanda" original to begin with, they were all made from interpretations I believe arranged in one away or another and historically we used a kattar and a dal as well as a talwar on the standards. Edit: Looked at what someone posted and seems like the Sikh Empire did have a Khanda design on one of it's standards I think Maharaja Ranjit Singh himself gave the order to create it. Also http://www.<banned site filter activated>/heritage/Maharajas of Punjab/Nishan-i-Phul.pdf
  2. They're different because each unit/regiment/faction had their own banner/standard. And they represented Deg Tegh Fateh And it's uncertain which was used for which, but it's a generalization that the yellow one was used by the Sikh Misls, and the blue one for the Dal Khalsa militias "Budda Dal" and the "Taruna Dal" (Also depending on the year and the Guru the colours were different from White - Yellow - Navy blue) There's also a red battle standard used by the Sikh Empire, not the flag that represents the empire but for the army's unit/division Red and gold with a diety on it. The current khanda symbol we use came either sometime in the 1900s you can find pictures with Nihangs with the Khanda design, as well as the 45 Rattray Sikhs. The Nihangs kept theirs navy blue as it has always been for them. The original "Khanda" was a Dal and a Kattar, and I believe the Guruji didn't put the Dal and Kattar I think they just had the colours, I think Guru Gobind singhji had a Navy blue standard without any Dal or Kattar on it. Edit: I believe the current Khanda design is a mixture of the 45th Rattray Sikhs aka the Sikh Regiment's pin as well as the "Nishan-i-Phul" of the royal house of patalia.
  3. In fact, Surrey especially because that's where it really started (Organized indo-canadian crime) Alot of documentries have been made, you know those school specials that usually depict black people in gangs? It's basically that but with us instead, infact alot of the white people in Surrey treat indo-canadians the same way they do as blacks. (Same in other area's that try emulating this like Brampton) Also Desi and Jatt culture for their ego. Indo-canadians in the hood grew up with carribeans, africans, etc and that's just the normal "hood story"
  4. Bindy johal and the Punjabi mafia is the reason why a lot of Indo-canadian youths resort to drug dealing, they want to become like him and emulate his "gangster" life style, especially in area's like Brampton which is funny because that's a safe suburban community. While in area's like Rexdale - Jane and Finch as well as Scarborough it's just survival of the fittest and the hood mentality. Many indo-canadians watched Scarface and they see drugs as a way to get rich without the need of education, even though most of them are spoiled kids who grew up in the suburbs of Brampton. Surrey on the other hand became a war-zone from Bindy johal (Against the hells angels, triads, etc) and due to this a lot of Indo-canadians in that area are in danger from others and each-other, gang violence. Other suburbs like Brampton just want to emulate them, they just think it's cool.
  5. From this I'd say OP should move to Edmonton or Calgary, or Winnipeg. The other area's are infested with "thugs"
  6. I'll give you information about some areas I do have knowledge of. Brampton: Literally filled with indians, has a temple, and a khalsa school however it does suffer from wasteyutes (Drug-use, wannabe thugs, but there is also real singhs of course) in schools but that shouldn't really affect anything unless your kid gets into a fight, it's really expensive to live here though, imo it's safe. Surrey: This place is infamous for Indo-canadian gangsters and the "Punjabi Mafia" they're still plagued by the "gang culture" which is also relevant in Brampton to a lesser-extent (With wannabes in Brampton that's not a real threat at all, rarely murder occurs in Brampton), Surrey just has actual gunplay, I believe it's expensive to live there as well, not safe for indo-canadians they carry a "rep" there. Rexdale: Cheaper to live in because it's a hood that does have actual gang members and gunplay but you shouldn't be affected by it unless you directly get yourself involved, also has a very nice gurdwara, not safe. https://www.bramptonguardian.com/news-story/8339801-brampton-stick-beating-victim-has-died-police-release-his-name/
  7. And Punjabi's are more than "immigrant persians" we're our own people that has historically been influenced by other cultures due to our rulers, don't deny history.
  8. Oh boo hoo, some people disagreed with you, toughen up quit acting like a pansy. This is exactly what's wrong with today's Singhs, they're too soft. I don't care if you're gay or about your family, you asked for insight and people gave it, if you didn't want a response then why did you vent out here on a forum board instead of seeking out a therapist or some sorta hotline, quit behaving like a little baby. The world ain't fair, and your sob story won't get you any pity, if anything it'll get you less respect because you couldn't take some criticism. Everybody has a opinion and whether you agree or disagree doesn't matter, in the end it's your life and you do what you think is best for you.
  9. You're a lunatic, seek some immediate professional help, maybe the internet isn't cut out for you. I can refer you to some hotlines if anything.
  10. I'm sure that slavery did impact genes or so.
  11. The hood mentality be like that, the system is against poverty. Black people, (a generalization of course) fight back at least. Or try too either physically or diplomatically. (Black panthers, Black Gureilla Family, Young Lords, Nipsey Hussle, Malcom X and MLK, etc)
  12. True that also depends on whether the Sikhs they been contact in were with Captain Mohan Singh's INA, or the second INA by Subhas Chandra Bose (Who was buried in Japan)
  13. Funny how I'm the supposed "stupid creep" when you're the one who has serial-killer like tendencies, watching "death videos" you're puny insults don't affect me because to me you're pathetic lmfaooo. dEatH vIdS maKe Me FeEl AlIvE aNd I LoVe ThEm
  14. I know some japanese people, one was a nationalist who really just disliked chinese people, white people, and other japanese subgroups (I forgot which but I think it's Ainu, not sure if she was a Ainu or if she hated Ainu's there's some controversy with the first inhabitants of Japan, and the empire.), but respected indians.
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