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Found 5 results

  1. http://www.vidhia.com/Bhai Randheer Singh Ji/Is-bowing-to-Guru-Granth-Sahib-Ji-akin-to-idol-worship.pdf This article about Bhai Sahib Bhai randhir Singh Ji's conversation with an officer in the british raj is a must read for everyone. We need to know why we bow to Guru Sahib or risk it becoming nothing more than an empty ritual.
  2. and r there any other pothis? (pran sangli) I have come across 4 in my reading. 1. goindwal pothi - i only have this one 2. guru harsahai pothi 3. ahiyarpur pothi 4. pothi harjas are these the 4 pothis that mcauliffe wrote about, or did he write about 5? if not, what are they and where can i find these pothis published in their complete form? ive come accross damdama sahib pothi, kartarpur pothi, patna pothi, and amritsar pothi. Ive have assumed that these are the full aad granth. am i right? I have also come across "MS 1245" manuscript 1245, amongst many other manuscripts. does anyone know anything about this how many are they? and what about the folios of pinjore being less in number than the ahiyarpur pothi which has 300 folios. i look for full bani of these pothis. so far, i have the book "an extant of the goindwal pothis". this book has it in complete form. it shortens the bani in SGGS and gives the other bani from people such as gulam sadasevak, sheikh sharif etc etc.. so i have this. WHAT about the others? and, ratan singh bhangu mentions 6 or 7 pothis that made up SGGS. WHAT and WHERE are these? other pothis like pran sangli, i have this as well (was not incuded in SGGS as per gur pratap suraj granth). if anyone can help me, it is much appreciated. Ultimately, i want all the pothis that have been used, and rejected from SGGS. Ive been asked to put together a proposal of sorts. any help would be appreciated. thanks Gurfateh >a good read.. http://www.&lt;banned site filter activated&gt;/Scriptures/ahiyapur/ahiyapur%20pothi.htm <
  3. Guest

    Saroop In Darbar Sahib

    wjkk wjkf, Does anyone know the origins of the saroop of SGGS installed in the main hall in Darbar sahib? Is it Handwritten and if so, by who? Is this saroop from Guru's time? Bhul chuk maaf
  4. here is a very interesting article i came across http://www.sikhsundesh.net/gurugranth.htm where an anti dasam supporter is arguing with a namdhari over the issue of "wether gurgaddi was given to guru Granth Sahib Ji by guru Gobind singh Ji" the anti dasam supporter - charanjit singh bal uses sources to prove that guru granth sahib jis is the final guru that also support that guru gobind singh ji wrote dasam granth i will post some extracts.... please see above link for full conversation It is interestign to note that the writer (charnjit) has similar views to dasam bani as the namdhari has to guru Granth sahib ji THe key is what I have highlighted in RED - the sources he uses to prove gurgadhi was given to Guru Granth Sahib ji also support Dasam Bani was written by Guru Gobind Singh ji as they reference, mention and quote extensively from dasam bania like bachittar natak Bhai Nand Lall, - in rehitnama mentions japji sahib and jaap sahib for morning prayer Bhai Senapat, (Dasmesh Guru’s court poets)1711, mentions Conversation of Guru Gobind Singh and Akal Purakh, and written three of it's Adhyay on base of Bachitar Natak. Bhai Chaupa Singh - quotes various lines from Bachitar Natak, 33 Swiayey, Chopai Sahib, Jaap Sahib. Bhai Desa Singh (infant Guru’s Baby Sitters/nurses) Bhai Sukha Singh - mentioned compositions of Guru Gobind Singh in rehitnama Bhai Koer Singh - mentioned most of Banis written during time of Patshahi 10 Bhai Kesar Singh Chiber -mentioned history of Compilation of Dasam Granth by Bhai Mani Singh Khalsa on directions of Mata Sundri, as he was first who wrote history after death of Guru Gobind Singh. says that Dasam is younger brother or shota granthand guru granth is older and got the gurgaddi. Giani Gian Singh - in panth parkash writes that Bhai Mani Singh accepted the orders of the panth And he collected the banees of the Dasam Guru and Compiled in one bind also reference this article from Gurinder Singh Mann - http://www.sikhscholar.co.uk/2012/10/historical-sources-on-guru-granth-sahib.html which also highlights that the sources that prove guru granth sahib jis bani also support dasam bani. so the anti dasam crew are using literature that supports dasam bani - to prove on one hand gurgadhi is given to guru granth sahib ji yet they ridicule the same sources when it comes to Dasam Granth - this is surely the biggest hypocrisy and clearly maligning historic sources when it suits them...... --------------------- folowing is brief extract from the conversation Namdhari Gurbaksh Singh Charnjit (Anti Dasam) Namdhari Gurbaksh Singh Charnjit (Anti Dasam)
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