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Found 8 results

  1. I've heard that reading the guru Granth sahib ji should ideally be read in gurmukhi, as the English transaltion maybe slightly distorted in terms of its meaning , and may also be rather opionated by the author who imprints the translation, is this true? I'm unable to read or understand gurmukhi and my only option is to read translation in English Also I would like to ask how all you gurusikhs maintain constant love and devotion (what kind of thoughts do you have) when reading the gurubani, because I seem to lose interest if the paath is significantly long(eg sukhmani sahib paath) Lastly is it ok to just listen to the path, or must I physically recite it? May waheguru ji bless you all.
  2. Wjkk Wjkf Is it true.. that specific pauris and gurubanis have specific effects and powers.. For instance it says that if you read the 25th pauri you will obtain wealth, need , virtue , estate .. or pauri 33 which supposedly elimates your karmas, or 38 gives you the knowledge and power to write your own destiny.. And jaap sahib; rouses your soul and allows you to obtain ridi sidi powers... So do specific banis and or specific pauris have such an effect, or should we just mediate on God and ask him for whatever we need? The effect of pauri and banis was written by yogis bhajan Singh.. aren't Sikhs against yogis and thier ways? So is he correct in what he says about the bani and its effects? Or is their an misconception? All help from gyanis, and other enlightened people will be very much appreciated thanks you.
  3. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh! I've recently received poor grades for my a levels - and have been told to drop the subjects I enjoyed the most because I received poor grades © in them. I don't know what to do, like I said I do the sukhmani sahib paath (listen to it every day) but no Sukh in my life ever seems to come. Am I doing the sukhmani sahib correctly, because I think dookh should be dispelled if you listen to the path, but for me everyday goes by and I seem to become more depressed and dissatisfied out of life. I'm beg my Lord for his naam, virtue and happiness - but I don't seem to get anything what do you gurusikhs suggest? I cannot read or understand gurmukhi for me to enable to read sggs ji , however I do read the English translation whenever possible, is this ok? I'm going back to college next week, but I do not like the course that I will be forced study (ict and business) What do I do to relinquish these sorrows and misfortune, how do I love the Lord through my heart when nothing seems to go right? What do you Gurusikhs do when meditating, how do you love the Lord within? All answers will be very much appreciated.
  4. I was recently wandering while doing ardas -hoping waheguru ji will help in this world with many things. But then out of no where I just thought to myself that if I want to attain something in this world then it will come through Rudi sidhi powers( which guru ji prohibits us from using, as it inhibits our spirtality) - is that true?? So my question is when doing ardas for asking prayers to be ansawered are we in anyway using ridi sidi powers or will waheguru ji helps attain what we want without us using our powers (through the blessing of waheguru ji blesses us with) - I ask this because I don't want to lose my waheguru ji and the level of spirituality I have attained but I still want some of my prayers answered.
  5. Wjkk Wjkf I've been paath for a few weeks now, and today i prayed waheguru ji that I want to become jivan mukhti and attach to him for the rest of my life, and I felt really connected to waheguru ji whilst listening to the sukhmani sahib paath, but then all of a sudden around 7 pm ish I kept on getting doubts 'about existance of God' Why has waheguru ji put such thoughts in my mind , I want to become closer to him not further Is God testing me? What do I do? How do I dispel doubt? I am not a amritdhari as yet due to the environment I live(no religous familily), but I seek to become one in the near furture. I would like help from all guruSikhs and the Sat sangat - what do I do Thank you all Wjkk Wjkf
  6. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh I've recently been listeneing to the shri sukhmani sahib, for the past couple of weeks but I feel as though listening to the paath may not be the best option to get the full effects of the paath - is that in anyway true. I currently not able to read or understand gurmukhi being spoken, however I am able to read through translation - is it ok for me to read it in English, or is it a nrssacity to read it in gurmukhi to feel it's full effect. I'm pondering over this question because before my result day I listened to the sukhmani sahib paath, for happeniness not just for result day(which didn't go to well) but also for my wishes and desires to be fulfilled, I'm very muchc dedicated to sikhi, naam jap, and listening to paath, however lately everything seems to be going dull, I'm becoming frustrated and seem to be getting no satisfaction out of life - which may mean I must be doing the sukhmani paath incorrectly - I've also briefly spoken to a gyani who said that waheguru ji doesn't give us what we desire because there's a weakness inside- could the weakness be that I'm just listening to the paath and not reciting it in gurmuhki or English? On a personal note I'm trying to over come kaam and krodh - but I've recently fallen to theses vices due to frustration of life being unsatisfying, and I know that by doing naam Simran of waheguru - by his grace I will be able to overcomes these temptation, desires and frustrations - hopefully. So my question is - do I have to read the sukhamni sahib paath, or is it ok to just listen to it? And does it matter wether I read in gurmukhi or English - when I have the time to read(when not doing college work, or helping others) Or does the effect only come if reading in gurmuki. Also does it matter if I do other things and listen to the paath at the same time or should I stop everything and read it to myself without distraction? Lastely personally I struggle to get up during amritvela, could you please offer me some advice on how I can stay awake constantly everyday. Thank you all , May waheguru ji bless you.
  7. Waheguru Here is a great book on the life of Baba Sunder Singh Ji Bindran Wale Jivan--Sant Sunder Singh Ji Khalsa
  8. Waheguru Here is a great book by Gyani Maan Singh Ji Jour called "Bandgi Bina Koi Sukh Prapat Nahi" Bandgi Bina Koi Sukh Prapat Nahi Waheguru
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