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Found 7 results

  1. i am 18 years old, pursuing computer engineering in a well reputed college in mumbai. i have always had cool friends and supporting parents. but, i've never been a staunch believer in religion. i always find religion to be pointless, following what some person(s) said/wrote hundreds or thousands or years ago and having to follow their rules and the way they want us to lead our lives just doesn't seem right to me at all. i've been smoking weed since a year, and quite regularly. my grades are not affected by,and i've not been as irritable i was since a long time. i never intended to let my paren
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Does anyone know how to tie a Puratan style Dastar, the same type of style that Guru Gobind Singh Ji or Guru Hargobind Ji wore?
  3. Like how dum is it to get tricked into thinking a muslim is a sikh Jus watched documantry on sikh girls groomed How as a community have we failed teaching some of these girls common sense
  4. So as you can see from topic title, I am struggling between sikhism and christianity atm. I have raised in christian family and everytime I try to "connect" with guru I remember things from my past what father have said about other religions: "you will never find peace from any other religion, they are from satan..." etc.... It haunts me SO much. Only thing I "desire" in this life is Love and happiness, thats all. For example when I chant shabads I can almost feel the presence of guru, when im starting to feel gurus love and joy etc. That moment is ruined by my fathers thoughts what he have
  5. Hi All I am a bit confused about 'feelings' Are feelings related to ego? How are we meant to feel if someone 'evil' dies e.g. Ashutosh Noormehl...do we be happy and celebrate an enemy of Sikhs has died? i feel conflicted...i feel like i should say a prayer for the soul and hope he is given the chance to 'redeem' his evils/sins? Surely an All Loving and knowing and Embracing God would be ok with this? Am I going against Sikh principles if I pray for our "enemy?" Are we not meant to ask for Srabat da bhalla? Apologies for ramblings
  6. "How to Beautiful Tie a Turban" this time I have decrease the speed of Video, so that one can learn step by step how to tie a turban. Dastar Singh de Pehchan ta Dastar Singh Di Shaan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqOJvpdHn5gg
  7. How to Tie a Beautiful Stunning Turban (Pagg) in Just 2 Min. I have also learned by watching this Video again and again. The person name is Jaura Nagpal who is Tying the Pagg to the Sikh boy He is expert in all types of Indian Turbans like Punjabi Turban, Rajasthani, Pathani & also expersts in UK and Canadian style. He has a record to tie up the turban in 1.30 seconds and challanges to all the coachs of world. His address is If any one Want to learn how to tie a Pag Address : Nagpal Turban Academy near Nakodar chowk Jalandhar
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