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  1. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/in-a-first-canada-calls-for-action-against-sikh-terror-groups-in-joint-document-with-india/articleshow/63050652.cms So according to hindu guji extremist and murderer of gujji muslims modi and their counterpart Canadian collaborators and enablers in indian state terrorism this is what we can understand from the last 40years: Operation blue star 1984 mass murder of Sikhs and an attack on the heart of Sikhism = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror anti-sikh genocide 1984 northern india pogroms = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Operation woodrose mass murder and extra judicial of Punjabi Sikh civilian youths = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror 1946 assurances to Sikh leadership of area of self rule in northern indian = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Burnings of Sikh scriptures and attacks on gurdwara's = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror 1980s-90s propaganda tapes sent to world wide media outlets giving one side of the story against the Sikh minority community = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Bombing of air india in 1985 using proxy pasty groups and agent provocateurs = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Using black cat criminals in punjab to mass murder punjabis in 80s/90 = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Bombing places in in pakistan in 80s using hindu indian agents like sarabjit singh = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror Hindu brahmin and govt indian agents dressing up as Sikhs and trying to interfere in our religious affairs and also killing innocent people = no indian state oppression & terrorism / indian extremism / no hindu terror yup its all sikh terror according to the indian m0rons. Its all Sikh terror in kashmir right now and for the last 20years india right?.... its all Sikh terror killing innocent people for eating beef or taking cows to be slaughtered? its all sikh terror where upper caste hindu rapists are gang raping innocent women and girls in public in many states cos they happen to be of a low caste . Yup Its all Sikh terror from groups like BKI and ISYF who are a virtually a spent force, defunct and their influence and power in sikh political circles akin to nothing. There is no indian hindu terror that minorities or the world needs to be concerned about it cos indian religious minorities lives don't matter. Age old story of the powerful and rich corrupt helping the rich and powerful corrupt. As long as they can do economic deals make the money get richer, screw the lives the human rights and interests of those who do not look like them or believe in what they believe in.
  2. http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/punjab/nia-takes-over-six-cases-with-khalistan-link/512930.html If you read the article above you can see tecently there have been few high profile killings of controversial figures in punjab. The Indian establishment member and freemason atheist secular punjabi dog captain amrinder singh blames Khalistani's for it. Yet all evidence points towards either RSS/Hindtva groups or Indian govt agents trying to defame the Khalistani's due to the 2020 Khalistan campaign. On the eve of the punjab elections where congress party defeated the corrupt dog badal and his anti-panthic akali party the congress party members did a small car bomb attack on some random place in punjab and blamed Khalistani's for it. No group claimed responsibility but suspicions in the panth are that Indian agents linked to congress party carried it out just as they had did similar antics in 1980s to attack the Sikh panth. The corrupt inhumane terrorist Indian establishment can't reach the Sikhs in the west from speaking out against the crimes it has committed against their community in India. They cant stop the freedom of expression and freedom of speech to fight for an independent nation state of Khalistan. They cant silence the right of self determination so they are trying to falsify evidence, trying to implicate Sikhs from aboard in killings that they themselves have carried out in false flag operations so that they can try to scare or dis-wade those who are against Indian terrorism and anti-sikh crimes that they are not unreachable and Indian govt terrorist agents can try to implicate them in order to silence them. So as we have seen Juggi the british born operator of the neverforget84 website was recently outrageously kidnapped by state agents and put in jail pending a trial. It has been the wish of the modi/indian govt to slience Sikhs aboard because they are a nuisance, causing a fuss about mass murder and vicitimisation of their minority community at the hands of the powerful. They know its embarrassing for them everytime they visit that Sikhs 4 justice protest against them and highlight their murderous regime and state terrorism against our community and other minorities.
  3. Recently the Indian govt and its media wing spread stories in the news that a canadian sikh woman is working with ISIS to attack delhi, india. Now everyone and his dog knows that ISIS is a salafist muslim jihaadi terroorist org and Sikhs are non-muslims who have no link or business dealing with those rats. So question is why is Indian govt and its media trying to link canadian sikh females with ISIS why the defamation in the international and nationa indian media? The answer is simple they want to demonise Sikhs and paint Sikhs in an extremist light especially in canada. Therefore Sikhs need to work together and legally bring these Indian hindustani dogs to account by sueing them either they provide information the link between a so called sikh canadian woman and ISIS or pay out money to the Sikh kaum for spreading malicious anti-sikh propaganda.
  4. Recently we have seen a few Sikh political prisoners that been locked up for nearly 30years for no reason freed slowly. We have also seen blacklisted NRI Sikhs have their names removed so that they can come back to India. So on one hand Modi's Indian BJP government is trying to signal that they want Sikh separatists to come back to India and carry on living their lives as if nothing happened in the last 30 years. Yet its external affair wings ie its intelligence agency the RAW is very actively creating trouble for Western Sikhs by pumping out fake propaganda stories in mainstream media with titles like "isis Sikh canadian woman to attack delhi" and "uk radical Sikhs to target.[fill in name of your choice here]..." This is all an effort to get Sikhs to steer away from human right of legitimate armed resistance / militancy against being killed by the state, stop the supporting of Khalistan and to get Sikhs to carry on being oppressed as a minority treated like 3rd class citizen in hindu dominated brahmin atheist ruled india. Do they really think we can forgive and forget operation blue star? anti-sikh genocide in new delhi? 30 years of injustice and actively trying to make sure Sikhs do not have any political authority over their own affairs and homeland? Even now they have the SGPC ruled by brahmins posing as Sikhs who are further trying to divide Sikhs into amritdhari's and sahejdhari's. Sehejdhari's are being sidelined and hindu groups are eagar to invite them back to hindu fold meaning 80% of Sikh population is at stake. It was in 1947 that the hindu turned Sikh master tara singh sided with india and thus trapped Sikhs in indian union. And it was the SGPC's brahmin mindset like jatt Sikhs that denied dalits to embrace Sikhism which would have given enough numbers to make a viable Khalistan/Sikhistan. It was the SGPC that created the rehat maryada that alienated hindu punjabi'sact into hinduism when they were actually more closer to Sikhism. It was the SGPC that called for agitations in punjab yet sided with Indian govt and army to attack sant bhindranwale and the warriors defending the complex. SGPC hasnt done anything for Afghan Sikhs or Pakistani Sikhs nor create self defense milita's groups for them. If they really had Sikh interests at heart they would defend their fellow Sikh brothers and sisters with all their might. But no they are happy for tiny Sikh community in afghan and pak to eventually disappear. Only a non-sikh organisation would be ok with that. The enemies of Sikhism are deeply embedded in our political affairs namely in most of the large so called panthic parties and organizations like spgc because they work for RAW and IB (intelligence bureau of india).
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3535635/Are-Kate-William-targeted-ISIS-Delhi-Police-hunt-female-jihadi-suspected-travelling-Indian-capital-launch-attacks-Royal-tour.html
  6. I dont know the context of this video and why the Indian punjab police is beating these villagers but it is quite clear to see by any civilised person what they are doing is against basic human rights and beating unarmed punjabi civilians. Abuse of power by the Indian state should not be tolerated by any Sikh
  7. Funny how you never saw the term "hindu terrorist" when some BJP hindu groups were caught killing Sikhs in 1984 and recently attacking Muslims in 2002 and blowing up masjids in 2007 and beyond because they are in the majority and the minorities are fair gain to get labeled and attacked. While brahmin hindu extremists want Sikhism wiped off in India the atheist extremists in power in the west want the same with all religions. We are in a real struggle of freedom of religion in todays world. When people think it is better to be atheist or non-religious just look at home many wars atheist western governments have caused artound the world and mass murder of countless innocent people in the 20th and 21 centuries. Atheists (ie those who have no theologic belief in God) are the most violent people by far if we look at how many people been killed by them and prison populations and second are the muslims. But no agenda against atheist demonis-ation because they are in the majority and power and majorities when targeting a minority is very dangerous for society as they lead to social strife, violent incidents and then wars/genocides. The deliberate demon-isation and provocation by the racist brahmin hindu indian media against Sikhs, needs to be fought against in all area's of society. No Sikh I know supports the killing of innocent civilians or BKI or any other group. But even if Sikhs did support self defence armed Khalistan military organisations that would be their legimate right to do so to fend off the oppressor larger murderous state they are trying to free themselves from. Freedom does not come cheap no nation on earth has had the privilege of being granted a country without any blood price. George washington and his comrades most who were freemasons did not free America from the yolk of British rule without a fight, many thousands were killed to gain freedom from the rule of the Christian king of England. Similarly those brave Sikhs who sacrificed their lives in blood, sweat and tears for the freedom and justice for Sikhs will always be held in high regard by our community. In the UK it is dangerous to allow elemants of hindu indian extremists have their sway in UK govt agenda and policy. As Sikhs want self determination for Khalistan or who oppose indian terrorism and genocides will be lumped in with Islamic jihadi nutters whose agenda is entirely different and evil they want global islamic supremacy and 7th century laws ....Sikhs dont, we want all of humanity to prosper and live in peace with each other but we also want our rights respected to have our own nation state with its own Sikh rules and regulations just as the Jews have their own state and the muslims have countless 26 countries and atheists in Europe have nations catering for their needs. The danger of sleep walking into a totalitarian police surveillance state is very much real as these dangerous poisonous people will claim sikhs are radical because they do not allowed genocides against them happen without putting up a fight, the Sikhs dont sit there and take it like good slaves because Guru's taught as to fight abuse of power by the powerful. Are we to follow and hold the the glorious Guru's as our role models or vile corrupt politicians who sanction the murder of people and wreak lands in foreign wars for monetary economic interests? Sikhs need to be very vigilant to the dangerous agenda's these inhumane people have. And its high time Western Sikhs become politically active opposing these anti-sikh people. We need to become educated in current affairs and pay interest in the world's geo-politics. Below is an example of newspaper article which is clearly having all the hallmarks of anti-sikh propaganda material that indian brahmin hindu extremists in mainstream indian media produce time to time. http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2015-01-08/news/57838417_1_sikh-bki-uk-police
  8. AMRITSAR: A decade of terrorism starting in the mid-1980s not only spelt doom for Punjab but also changed identities of many professionals. Brahmin police officials and journalists started growing a beard and sporting a turban as it allowed them to do their job better.But the professional disguise has become an integral part of their lives today. Thirty years after Operation Bluestar shook the foundation of Punjab, at least three Brahmins have converted their Sikh mask into their real face. Pathankot DSP (traffic) Vikram Sharma has set an aarti as his cellphone ring tone but his appearance is that of a Sikh. The cop not only fought against militants during the heydays of the violence in Punjab but is also a victim of terrorism. "A Sikh appearance helped me gather more intelligence and create a better network of sources to crack down on terrorist dens," he says. Sharma lost seven members of his family, including his parents and brother, in two separate terror attacks in 1989 and 1992. His decision to change his appearance took his family by surprise. "My wife Vimal was shocked to see me in a turban but never objected to it," he says. "This is who I am now. I can't imagine my life without a turban." Harkanwal Korpal was a reporter with a Punjabi newspaper working in Amritsar during days of militancy. A Saraswat Brahim, Korpal also chose to wear turban and grow a beard, which helped him get scoops. But after adopting Sikh attire, he also studied Sikhism. Korpal, a practising Sikh now, says he could have returned to his Hindu appearance but he chose to remain a Sikh. "I am amused when my Hindu relatives call me 'Sardar ji'," he smiles. Sub-inspector, Crime Investigation Agency staff, Tarn Taran, Anil Kumar Sharma has also been sporting a turban since the militancy days. "A Sikh face helped me deal with militants," he says and adds that the turban gradually became part of his life. Today, he is expert in the intricate art of tying a turban. "I believe in both Hindu and Sikh religions and regularly visit temples and gurdwaras," he says. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Bluestars-mask-turns-Hindus-into-Sikhs/articleshow/35801317.cms ===================================== chanakya comes to mind and his ancient hindu bramin art of deception when fighting against their perceived enemies. This is how they gave Khalistan a bad name, this is how they killed generations of innocent punjabi Sikhs in india and punjab and other people. And this is how the indian brahminwad establishment does war like the cowards that they are. The only positive to come out of this story is that one of them went on to convert to Sikhism while others remain hindu at their core.
  9. Source: Times of India timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Why-Balwant-Singh-Rajoana-never-appealed-against-his-death-sentence/articleshow/12458451.cms Balwant Singh Rajoana was to be executed on March 31. This would have been the first execution in India since 2004. His execution has been stayed - for the time being - in response to the rising whirlpool of politics that's engulfed Punjab on this issue. That India should sully its record again after 8 years with state sanctioned murder is a matter of distress, but this consideration seems largely removed from the politics of Rajoana's execution. However even in addition to principled opposition to the death penalty, the cynical considerations swirling around his execution, the specifics of the case itself are significant. Opposition to capital punishment is removed from the specifics of the case, basing the argument on human rights, the range and extent of power given to the State, citizen's right to equality before law, the inherent arbitrariness in the exercise of power by individual state functionaries, and irrevocability of the punishment especially given the possibility of wrongful conviction. In contrast, the proponents of capital punishment argue on the specifics, seeking justification in the heinousness of the crime, recidivism, retribution, and deterrence. In this the proponents are almost vigilante in their perspective, with their preoccupation with punishment for the alleged lawbreaker than the state, its powers and processes, and civil liberties Nevertheless in this instance, the specifics too raise some disturbing questions. Balwant Singh is on death row for his role in the suicide bombing of the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh in 1995. 17 persons, including the Chief Minister were killed. The history has some relevance. Punjab had been racked by insurgency since the seventies, with the regional autonomy movement progressively hardening into a secessionist movement over the decades. President's Rule was established in 1987 in the aftermath of Operation Bluestar and the Sikh pogrom in Delhi in 1984. After five years of President Rule checkered by militancy and heavy police crackdown, elections were called in 1992, but were postponed twice. Protesting that the elections were unlikely to be "free and fair", the Sikh parties boycotted the elections. With voter turnout in the low twenties, Beant Singh's ascendancy was widely disparaged by the Sikhs as lacking legitimacy. Militancy and consequent police clampdown continued unabated. Beant Singh was assassinated in 1995 by suicide bomber Dilawar Singh, aided by Balwant Singh and others. During trial, Balwant Singh refused counsel, asking instead to be allowed to represent himself. He did not cross-examine witnesses. He was awarded the death penalty. In 2009, when his death sentence came for conviction in the High Court [as part of the legal process], he again refused counsel and asked to be allowed to argue his own case. His intent in each instance was not to seek acquittal. In the 14 years that the case made its way from the trial court to the High Court, Balwant Singh held to his story, claiming that he strapped the bomb on to the body of Dilawar Singh. The High Court, noting that there was no evidence in favour of Balwant Singh in order to "have a second thought on the murder reference of Balwant Singh, coupled with his three confessional statements, there is no other alternate with us but to confirm" the death penalty. Balwant also refused to appeal against the death penalty administratively through mercy petition to the Governor and/or President. In a letter to the Chief Justice of the High Court, he writes, "legal system, judicial system of this Country and the rulers of this Country have been discriminating" [and that] "slavery of such system is not acceptable to me". In embracing 17 years of imprisonment including solitary confinement and ultimate execution, Balwant Singh is making a political statement. In his letter and statements, he brings out his search for justice in the democratic framework, his feeling of marginalization and his desire for rebellion. He sees the injustice of the swiftness of response when a five star hotel in Mumbai is under siege and the dilatory tactics of commissioning enquiry committees without any accountability for the thousands who perished in the 1984 Sikh pogrom. He writes, "thousands of Sikhs were massacred. It is submitted that these murderers have neither been punished nor been punished by any Court of law of the country even after 25 years [...] Here I would like to ask your Lordship that the persons who have killed thousands of innocent xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx [redacted] are not the terrorists. Why not the law of the nation, [redacted] try to interfere in the matter. On the contrary, when the hotels of Mumbai are attacked then the military of the country immediately interferes. The commandos of Delhi initiate immediate action after reaching Delhi. This is made to known as to which in which village the assailants reside in [redacted]. Contrary to it, the [redacted] of [redacted] of people in Delhi could not be identified. How the security can be assured without the law when everybody knows the killers" [sic]. He locates the justification for the suicide bombing in this persecution by the state (as per his contention) and the lack of accountability saying in a statement to the District and Sessions Judge, Patiala, "conscience of a person have self respect refuses to accept the authority of callous rulers. Such feels instigate a person for becoming human bomb rather than to become a human being [sic]" The purpose of this article is not to romanticize Balwant Singh or terrorism. But surely some introspection is required when an obviously bright individual seeks political expression in the rejection of the "democratic" government itself even at the cost of his own life? Our democratic systems are discriminating - on class, caste, and religious lines. After 64 years of democracy, which by definition means people's control over the state to ensure propagation of their interests, more than 3 quarters of our country still ekes out a living on just Rs 20 per day. In our ostensibly secular state, all significant minorities have been persecuted (1984, 1992, 2002, 2008) without any accountability. Likewise the constitutional promise of equality before rule of law is flouted routinely. The poor are routinely displaced, their rights violated, their very being often declared illegal. The poor overwhelmingly populate our jails; around 70% are under-trials, not convicts. The death penalty too is disproportionately administered to the poor. Balwant Singh's execution is now embroiled in cynical politics from all sides, however whatever the outcome, we all share some blame in perpetuation of a system where meaningful political expression, redress and justice is denied to all but a small minority. (Ruchi Gupta works in a think tank in Delhi. The views expressed are her own.)
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