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Found 8 results

  1. Another Sikh MP likely soon @jkvlondon @dallysingh101 - happy ? From Labourlist website Sam Tarry MP has been deselected after local members voted for Jas Athwal to be the party’s parliamentary candidate for Ilford South at the next general election. In a meeting of the Ilford South Constituency Labour Party (CLP) this evening, the Labour leader of Redbridge Council reportedly received the backing of 499 members – while 361 supported the incumbent MP. Commenting after the result was announced, Tarry told LabourList: “I’m incredibly disappointed in this result, mostly for all my committed volunteers and the wonderful people of Ilford South. I intend to issue a further statement tomorrow on the process and outcome.” Athwal said: “Ilford is my home, it is where I live, went to school and where my children all went to school. It is the only place I would ever want to represent. The opportunity to be the Labour candidate at the next election and be part of Keir Starmer’s winning team is a real honour.” From Guardian website https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/oct/10/sam-tarry-deselection-bid-ilford-south-constituency Athwal, a close ally of several Labour MPs including Wes Streeting, was favourite for selection for the Ilford South seat in 2019, but was suspended over an allegation of sexual harassment shortly before the selection battle. But Athwal was cleared of wrongdoing and claimed the complaint was malicious and his suspension politically motivated. Tarry won the selection battle during Athwal’s suspension and went on to be elected MP with a majority of more than 24,000. The circumstances of the selection process led to a deep split in the constituency party.
  2. As the title suggests...
  3. I'm sure most of you know the story of Bhai Lalo and living by honest means. I am trying to figure out which historical country it all occurred in, because I want to study the economy there (since Guru Nanak ji identified that Malik Bhago exploited Bhai Lalo's labour). This event occurred in Guruji's first udhasi, so it occurred between 1500-1506 in Saidpur (modern-day Eminabad, Pakistan). It couldn't have been part of the Mughal Empire since that didn't exist until ~20 years later. Can any of you figure out which historical country this took place in, because I'm lost?
  4. They stand for 1)Muslims, 2)Londoners, 3)Middle classes and 4)gays. They also stand up students as long as you meet the criteria for 2&3.
  5. So boris johnson is not going to be mayor of London for much longer and there are a few candidates to chose from but the 2 front runners backed by their parties are sadiq khan (labour party) and zac Goldsmith (conservatives). Who would you vote for and your reasons why?
  6. As most of you are aware, a lavish welcome party is being prepared to welcome Modi to the UK, with 60,000 people expected in Wembley Stadium on 13th November. Sounds rather premature to celebrate a prime minister of a country whereby 50% still defecate in the open air and rape of women has become a hobby. However, if Modi's fan's feel they have something to celebrate, that's their business. BUT! Are you aware that 3 Labour MP's have pledged to donate their salary increase (£7,000) to help fund the welcome party? Stephen Pound (Ealing North), Keith Vaz (Leicester East) and Virender Sharma (Ealing Southall) have all pledged £7k each? It was reported that Seema Malhotra (Feltham Heston) was to also donate her salary increase but she has released a statement pledging to donate her salary increase to an apprenticeship scheme. If individuals wish to donate to the Modi welcome party, I don't have an issue. But a parliamentarian is paid from the public purse. I have an issue with this! This Modi frenzy is peculiar, especially from the Labour party. Modi has attacked worker's rights by reducing the Labour laws from 44 to 4 - I'm sure Jeremy Corbyn will have something to say about that. In Gujarat, inequality has increased under his chief ministership (although overall prosperity increased) - again, not something that will impress Labour (UK). Modi's former school of hard knocks, the RSS, have fascist and racist ideologies - something that should concern any parliamentarian, Labour or otherwise. If you live in Ealing North, Ealing Southall (at least 1/3 Sikh), or Leicester East - please take this up with your respective MP.
  7. www.walkfree.org/share/indiachildslaverypetition Last year, politicians in India passed up on the chance to protect millions of children from the nightmare of modern slavery. The Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill would prohibit the employment of children up until 14 years of age and yet, the Indian Parliament failed to put it to a vote during its session last December. Every day that this bill is delayed, the children of India remain at risk of being bought and sold to work in unimaginable conditions of sex slavery, bonded labour and domestic servitude. Child rights groups in India and the rest of the world have called on the Indian Parliament to prioritise the Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill but we need your help to build massive public pressure that leaders in India cannot ignore. Let's join to ask Indian politicians to pass the Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill.
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