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  1. lower strate of the varna system? Good god, what did i just read there? No wonder the Ravidasia community are pushing for caste discrimination to be part of the Equality Act 2000, because of uneducated Hindus like yourself. Seriously, how did we end up with people like you? I'm being serious. How much did your RSS masters pay you to write such an anti-Sikh sentence? Crikey. We need another Singh Sabha movement and yes we have our work cut out if this is the crap we're dealing with. This entire thread has turned into why rural Sikhs are specialists in Punjabiat and manu-smitri. There's no Sikhi there at all. Most of you are still confusing being a Punjabi and living the Sikh way of life. Being in touch with Punjab has got you guys no where in Sikhi - nowhere. You want to see a mona? Go to Punjab. You want to see a Singh? Go to Delhi, Jammu, Bangkok...I wonder why?! The love for Sikhi is clearly inversely proportional to being a Punjabi. Worked it out yet? No? Get your RSS masters to solve that one for you.
  2. That's all good and I agree with you entirely regards to the women being less traditional. However, being "twice immigrants" it's not a surprise. Today we see the same rural Sikhs, some have barely seen Chandigarh and they've changed their appearance sitting in the pind.
  3. You mean have hair cuts and wear turbans? Really? I've literally never seen a single case. That's for your Sukshinder Shinda's, Diljit Dosanjh's of this world - and their certainly not from Nairobi. More importantly, the rural Sikhs are doing this in 2020 - not in 1955. Why? Yes we know many East Africans trim their beards - entirely wrong of course. But no headteacher or employer refused admission/employment based on beard length. It was the turban that was always the issue. East African Sikhs arriving from mid-60's seemed to have little issue obtaining jobs while keeping the turban whilst a Sikh from rural Punjab arriving at the same time would consider it almost obligatory to cut his hair and blame British employers. I'm not saying there weren't any issues but we've overlooked language barriers and skill-level when looking at the turban case.
  4. It's a strange discussion thread. The East African Sikhs are being called out as being too "westernised" and are held somehow largely responsible for corrupting rural Sikhs. However, as the world knows, it was the same East African Sikhs who spearheaded the turban campaigns in the late '70's - early 80's all the way to the House of Lords to ensure we can wear turbans in schools and lets be honest, as part of any uniform (because had they lost the legal fight then other institutions would have implemented no turban policy too). All this whilst these rural Sikhs from India were busy sitting in pubs with haircuts - maybe the East Africans weren't so bad after all?!
  5. It's interesting that you say this because our impression of North American Sikhs is that with the exception of asylum seekers from the post-'84 years, generally the auntie's and uncles all have a haircut and the kids have lost the plot. It's true that the drinking culture in the UK Sikh community is crazy but North America has caught up.
  6. Puzzled, you make a great contribution to this forum, however, this statement is unbefitting of you and more importantly, beneath the standards of this forum.
  7. This is probably the most profound statement on this website since I joined it many years ago - because it's true.
  8. Hard Kaur's father was killed in the 1984 riots. Hence this cause is personal for her.
  9. Major General Sir Henry Havelock, whose statue stands in Trafalgar Square, had Sikhs in his Army when they helped crush the Indian Mutiny in 1857 and finished off the remnants of Mogul Empire and gave a bloody nose to the Purbias who had fought against the Sikhs in support of the East India Company only a decade earlier. Ironic therefore that a Gurdwara be located on Havelock Road. Today, there is a cemetery and a betting shop on this road (and there used to be a pub).
  10. It is true that some Black and Asian communities are at greater risk but what isn't clear is why that is so. For example - how about the Indian and Pakistani communities in India and Pakistan - why aren't they suffering a similar mortality rate? Therefore, is UV light and vitamin D a bigger factor here? The latest report from the ONS state that Indian men are 30-40% more likely to die from Covid-19 and for Pakistani/Bangladeshi men it is as high as 60% (compared to white men as a benchmark). The NHS will have to act on national guidelines produced by national institutions such as the ONS, rather than any particular NHS Trust. Around a month ago the Nursing and Midwifery Council already advised all of it's members regardless of ethnicity that they have the right to not work unless adequate PPE is provided. The BMA crucially, did not. Whether individual NHS Trusts (regardless of proportion of BAME members) issued local guidance, I do not know. I suspect not, however.
  11. I am not aware of breathing techniques but it has been reported that ventilators may be doing more harm than good. Intensive care medics are increasingly using nasal oxygen or something called PEEP (positive-end expiratory pressure) ventilation, basically non-invasive oxygen therapy and are only using traditional ventilators (intubation) as a last resort. The usual biological parameters which determine the threshold at which ventilation is required is being looked at again because many patients aren't responding to ventilators as well as one would normally expect.
  12. Your Professor sounds like he had something in common with Nihangs then
  13. So just so we're clear. You don't support social distancing for purposes of reducing the mortality rate from Covid-19? You don't support measures to enforce the lockdown in Punjab by the police? Therefore, conversely, you'd prefer the police gave a greenlight to Sikhs and may be particularly to Nihangs or Taksalis because you know, they're supermen, "abit special" and "might as well". A policy that will result in the healthcare "system" being overwhelmed in Punjab, State with only 350 ventilators and ultimately, a death rate that would put the Spanish flu to shame. But hey, what's a few hundred thousand deaths if it keeps a few deluded fantasist Sikhs on Sikh Sangat happy. At least Mr Singh could buy his sabji without the correct curfew pass, eh?
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