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  1. Thetford, Norfolk Maharaja Duleep Singh's former home and associated statue and museum.
  2. Many Muslims divorce in order to qualify for government handouts. Housing benefit, council tax support, child benefit is increased, etc etc. Critically, the lady can claim single persons allowance. The ex-husband often moves in with a relative close by or worse, remains in the same property. Divorced on paper only.
  3. Dallysingh101, So if you dislike all things British, the British establishment, the British way of life, The British Army, The British Police,The British Political System - why do you live in Great Britain? No one is forcing you to live here. It must be very depressing being you - you wake up every morning and you dislike all those around you and you dislike the country you live in. Leave. Go and inhabit a country that didn't once have an expansionist empire, like, er, Lithuania. After all, even the Sikhs once had an expansionist empire - whoops!
  4. What worries me is the new wave of anti-British sentiments coming from.... British born Sikhs! The statue that was vandalised in Smethwick being a prime example. Some Sikhs believe that soldiers in the British Indian Army were somehow slaves. Totally misinformed.
  5. Incorrect The Sikh Pioneers regiments recruited exclusively from the Mazbhi Sikh and Ramdasia Sikh communities.
  6. Hold your horses Jagsaw.... Re-read my statement: The key date to note here is..1900. In 1900, it was indeed the 14th Sikhs that were sent to China. You're referring to 1859, when the 15th Sikhs were sent. I fear that you're confusing the recruiting policies and designs of the Shanghai Police Force with the 14th and 15th Sikhs. I didn't spend a week googling anything son, I have access to regimental histories. The 14th and 15th Sikhs were established in the midst of the Anglo-Sikh Wars:- these Sikhs had switched sides before the second Anglo-Sikh War had even begun!! I'm sorry to say, they swung both ways.
  7. Kidda West London Singh, It was the 14th Ferozpore Sikh Regiment that went to China in 1900 for the Boxer Rebellion, not the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs. The 34th Sikh Pioneers Regiment was also there, as were a few other Indian regiments.
  8. The Sikh Nation never forgets it's shaheeds and it's hero's. Today, it is fitting that we remember those who avenged the attack on the heart of Sikhi and assassinated the sitting Prime Minister. All due respect.
  9. Where is this quote from? So he wasn't a Sikh afterall?
  10. Thank you S4NGH. Further to this, another chap from Huddersfield has just appeared on a video with Deepa from Sikh Youth UK and confirmed the same. He was a mona who always socialised with Muslims significantly older than him and then took on Sikhi saroop in around 2012/2013, when the investigations began.
  11. Just to be clear. Was he always a Sikh but took Amrit?
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