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  1. This is probably the most profound statement on this website since I joined it many years ago - because it's true.
  2. Hard Kaur's father was killed in the 1984 riots. Hence this cause is personal for her.
  3. Major General Sir Henry Havelock, whose statue stands in Trafalgar Square, had Sikhs in his Army when they helped crush the Indian Mutiny in 1857 and finished off the remnants of Mogul Empire and gave a bloody nose to the Purbias who had fought against the Sikhs in support of the East India Company only a decade earlier. Ironic therefore that a Gurdwara be located on Havelock Road. Today, there is a cemetery and a betting shop on this road (and there used to be a pub).
  4. It is true that some Black and Asian communities are at greater risk but what isn't clear is why that is so. For example - how about the Indian and Pakistani communities in India and Pakistan - why aren't they suffering a similar mortality rate? Therefore, is UV light and vitamin D a bigger factor here? The latest report from the ONS state that Indian men are 30-40% more likely to die from Covid-19 and for Pakistani/Bangladeshi men it is as high as 60% (compared to white men as a benchmark). The NHS will have to act on national guidelines produced by national institutions such as the ONS, rather than any particular NHS Trust. Around a month ago the Nursing and Midwifery Council already advised all of it's members regardless of ethnicity that they have the right to not work unless adequate PPE is provided. The BMA crucially, did not. Whether individual NHS Trusts (regardless of proportion of BAME members) issued local guidance, I do not know. I suspect not, however.
  5. I am not aware of breathing techniques but it has been reported that ventilators may be doing more harm than good. Intensive care medics are increasingly using nasal oxygen or something called PEEP (positive-end expiratory pressure) ventilation, basically non-invasive oxygen therapy and are only using traditional ventilators (intubation) as a last resort. The usual biological parameters which determine the threshold at which ventilation is required is being looked at again because many patients aren't responding to ventilators as well as one would normally expect.
  6. Your Professor sounds like he had something in common with Nihangs then
  7. So just so we're clear. You don't support social distancing for purposes of reducing the mortality rate from Covid-19? You don't support measures to enforce the lockdown in Punjab by the police? Therefore, conversely, you'd prefer the police gave a greenlight to Sikhs and may be particularly to Nihangs or Taksalis because you know, they're supermen, "abit special" and "might as well". A policy that will result in the healthcare "system" being overwhelmed in Punjab, State with only 350 ventilators and ultimately, a death rate that would put the Spanish flu to shame. But hey, what's a few hundred thousand deaths if it keeps a few deluded fantasist Sikhs on Sikh Sangat happy. At least Mr Singh could buy his sabji without the correct curfew pass, eh?
  8. Today marks the day when Guru Gobind Singh ji instructed the Sikhs, that when all other means have failed, it is just to raise the sword. Had all other means failed? Clearly not. How can the members on this forum justify the use of the kirpan in this way? The last time I checked, "kirpan" meant to show mercy, compassion. There are deluded fantasists on this forum who have created an industry out of blaming the RSS, the Indian government or even the President of Belarus for all of the problems of the Sikhs.... because Sikhs are perfect and Sikhs never make mistakes, do they? You must never blame the Sikhs or God forbid, the supermen aka nihangs, who went AWOL during 1984 but hey ho, they're good at chopping off hands of policemen during pandemic curfews or melon's at a Nagar Kirtan.
  9. Where were these supermen between 1984 and 1992? Intoxicated. This thread is in danger of turning from the ridiculous to fantasy. Buddha Dal has already disowned these criminals. It's a shame some fantasists on this thread are living in cuckoo land. The police are there to enforce the law. No one is above the law.
  10. The responses on this thread are shocking. What could possibly invoke a response to severe a hand of a man who is upholding the law? What could possibly justify such a barbaric criminal act? India is under a stringent lockdown - for their own benefit. The driver was simply asked to show his pass which is required when a curfew is in place. These people are nowhere to be seen when the Sikh nation is under attack, but a copper asks for a curfew pass and he amputated the poor man's hand. I'm glad to see that the Buddha Dal has condemned this act of criminality, which is more that can be said by most of the people in this thread http://dailysikhupdates.com/buddha-dal-96-crori-response-to-asis-hand-chopped-off-incident/?fbclid=IwAR30_ieEIW_GEsdlQkN4U4QTzziVXVC0S7hKaf-2bQBiX4qaCpKezcuOSmY
  11. 100% correct. They should face the full force of the law. I'm flabbergasted by the previous replies to this thread.
  12. Kidda West London Singh, I've known you on here long enough to know that you make your point from a personal point of view because, if my memory serves me correctly, your dear mother used to work as a cleaner in the hospital? Anyway, you raise a very valid and pertinent point. As a doctor, I know full well that the cleaners in our NHS hospitals are just as much front line as the medics and nurses. They deserve recognition and respect and protective personal equipment as much as everyone else.
  13. The sheer irony being the main leader behind the Singh Sabha movement was Giani Ditt Singh - who belonged to a sub-section of the community that today probably wouldn't even be allowed to run a gurdwara at the pind level let alone a nationwide morcha against the mahants which is precisely what Giani Ditt Singh and Prof Gurmukh Singh did over 100 years ago. For what end though - most Singh Sabha gurdwarae are now run by Jats who are unaware that it was a Ramdasia Sikh of the Lahore Singh Sabha who firstly defeated Khem Singh Bedi of the Amritsar Singh Sabha and then the Arya Samaj. Your dads pind may be dominated by non-jats but I'm talking about the State-wide collective - around 66% of Sikhs come from one community or so we're told. Whilst some move abroad (and have done for 100+ years) there's still substantial numbers in Punjab. You would need a collective mass of 10 million to leave Punjab for any seismic changes to occur. There's only a handful of jats abroad compared to Punjab, in real terms. I make no apologies for saying that when I saw Army papers at the National Archives of India showing that when the British tried to mix jats with mazbhis and ramdasia sikhs, it was the jats who almost caused a riot in the regimental gurdwara - and then they wonder why everyone blames them. The British had to relocate the men into other regiments. It's generally one community in Punjab that has upheld anti-Sikh 'manusmriti' principles in Punjabi villages and I certainly wont be pointing fingers at tarkhans, khatris and sainis, thats for sure.
  14. And yet the Sikh Rehat Marayada as per the Akal Thakt is unequivocally against even asking what caste the spouse is and insists that a Sikh is to marry a Sikh regardless of the caste. Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji clearly shows that caste is a non-Sikh entity and has no bearing on character etc. This, however, did not stop the numerically dominant Jats from separating so called lower castes at the village level, differentiating where each caste was to reside in any given village. Why so? Can any person on this forum answer this? Isn't it the case that many jats converted to Sikhi after caste abolition by the Sikh Gurus and rather than submit to the casteless protocol of Sikhi, the Jats separated themselves from everyone else (literally at village level) and ensured that the so called lower castes would always be reminded, that they will never be on equal terms. This manifested in separate Regiments (Sikh Regt v Sikh Light Infantry) to this very day. An utterly ridiculous concept that flies in the face of common sense, Sikhi and gurmat. Until this anti-sikh caste division at the village level is destroyed, the Jats will never allow the casteless Sikh inspired society to flourish, be it in the village, the Regiment, etc. Only then will Sikhs marry other Sikhs regardless of caste en masse.
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