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Found 6 results

  1. Is there any significance to doing simran with a mala? I do it with a mala, with every bead say waheguru. If I dont use mala I cant concentrate. Is it just a habit that iv got my self into? Another thing about 10mins into doing it my body starts feeling weaker/lighter it feels like my limbs are shaking, like a slight vibration. To stop that I lean myself against a wall or sofa. Another thing dont know why but my ears start popping! A bit like when your in a aeroplane! I hear these pops. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Does anyone else have these things happen as well.
  2. The Sikh Gurus practised rosary. Sikh Mahapurakhs practised rosary. In Nanaksar Maryada 80 Malas of Waheguru or 6 Malas of Mool Mantar. 1 Mala is 108 beads. All Sikhs should do rosary.
  3. Waheguru Here is a great viakhia of Shastar Naam Mala by Giani Thakur Singh Ji, it is not the whole Bani but only the begaining Shabads. Giani Ji expliens the deep meanings of the Shabads and Bani. Must Listen.
  4. I'm going to India next week and I wanted to know where I can make mala's and Kara's.I will be staying in punjab only.I want them to be sarbloh.
  5. it’s well understood that sarabloh holds naam well. hence the washing or guru gobind singh jis shastar and the drinking of that amrit. However cotton malas resemble the hairs (rom) that are god given to all humans for the kamaaee of naam. Doing simran 50 billion billion times a second is what rom rom simran is as, there are this many hairs on the human body (what a gift!). I understand that guruji says let all my hairs become my mala etc... and kanth ramaneea raam raam mala (my throat is my mala).... and also that u don’t need a mala to jup naam .. ! but!! I want to talk about the ‘mala side’ of things.. if this makes sense. So I guess my topic of debate is, when doing simran, which mala is best to use? (From the angle of a comparative viewpoint of sarabloh malas and cotton malas) Don’t knock the topic if u don’t like, jus don’t post!
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