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Found 5 results

  1. Sikhs are a martial people yet have had very little to no success on international stage in sports like boxing wrestling mma in the west the number of Sikhs going into armies is very very little as well have Sikhs lost their martial culture I read about Sikhs being bullied or muslims bullying sikhs is this cause Sikhs have lost their martial culture?
  2. sikhi requires Sikhs to learn combat and to have martial characteristics but today Sikh youth are becoming less and less martial their are alot of pathetic losers who think their martial but just losers aka the Punjabi gangster wannabe's who think their black from compton who get drunk an think their hard if its 10 on 1 but run away if the odds are even or against them what can be done to turn this around how about asking local gurdwaras to partner up with professional mma gyms and boxing gyms to allow Sikh youth from once who don't attend gurdwara an cut their hair to Sikhs who do attend and are amritdhari to attend classes
  3. VahiGurujikaKhalsaVahiGurujikiPat-h Elusive Fighting is on SKY Sikh Channel tonight between 7pm and 8pm. It will be part of the Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare show. Students who attended the Fighting For Freedom seminars in order to raise money for our innocent Khalsa families illegally tortured and imprisoned in India, will be interviewed and the seminar video shown: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=334174250062645&set=vb.432861230092196&type=3&theater For those who don't have SKY, you can watch here: http://www.sikhchannel.tv/watchus/ Please find ways to get involved and help SOPW and help raise funds for our forgotten Heroes. It's fine celebrating and remembering Shaheeds at smagams etc, but let us not wait until our Heroes are dead to celebrate their bravery and good deeds, and indeed, let us focus our TIME AND EFFORTS MORE on trying to help and support those, and the families of those, that are still ALIVE. Anyone interested in learning with the School of Elusive Fighting please email: e l u s i v e f i g h t i n g @ g m a i l . c o m BhulChukMaakKarni Dhanvaad Ji
  4. Hello, can anybody tell me how to tie a FIGHT PROOF dastaar for martial arts like kick boxing , thai boxing etc ... How do I tie it the best so it hardly get loose or fell off? Furthermore I would prefer to make thejura in the back , because if someone hits the joora , the pulling is too hard... Please some input and serious help.
  5. As sad and tragic as the Wisconsin shooting was , we should not let this opportunity go without ushering a grassroot change in the community at large and the youth in particular. This is a wake up call - todays sikhs are neither saints nor soldiers. We have zero interest in studying SGGS or shastar (contemporary like guns as well as traditional like kirpans and siri sahib). My suggestions are (feel free to critique / add/modify) - To revive our martial spirit - We should strive to join army reserves / fulltime service or law enforcement for a couple of years - to become very good with contemporary weapons as well as other aspects of urban combat such as strategy. Join a martial arts school to become proficient with unarmed combat , afterall our body is also a weapon. Get a firearms license and practise in a shooting range to improve marksmanship To educate people about sikhi - Invite gora , kalas, china, hispanic colleagues / friends to gurughar - arrange a service in english and then serve them with langar - the point to get across is we would have served Michael Page with same love without evangelizing. Arrange a lecture about "what is sikhi" at your school / workplace. To better understand our faith ourselves - Start studying SGGS from page 1 to understand gurus' true philosophy Listen to gurbani keertan as much as possible This is by no means a comprehensive list - other members please chip in with your suggestions.
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