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Found 5 results

  1. I've noticed something about christian missionary vultures with their relative recent surge in activity in punjab from 1990s. What they couldn't manage by force and invasion in 1800's with the racist white christian british empire and brutal troops ruling over them they are achieving with indigenous punjabi evangelical christian pastors preaching to the masses freely and unhindered by any authorities. These missionary christians slowly groom the unsuspecting naive sikhs and other punjabis telling them Jesus is a guru too and eventually tell them that jesus is only Guru and then he is God they must exclusively follow. That they must reject their previous faith, culture and customs. If they do not their soul will go into hellfire as they will be seen as sinners who rejected Jesus. It seems something has changed in punjab and the punjabi character in being so secular and liberal allowing abrahamics to invade their minds whereas in previous generations they would have thought it unthinkable to become a christian it would have seen something of a embarrassment of choosing the religion of your oppressor. And the missionaries would not have dared to try and convert Sikhs in punjab especially with them telling our people secretly and openly our religion is from the devil and we are all going to hell if we do not become Christians. Have we become too tolerant too soft?
  2. WJKK WJKF We have seen one person from the UK who had multiple forum ids for the past few years been posting lots of negative stuff and was acting as a troll. Few weeks ago, we deleted his more than 5 different ids but let one id remained under moderation. We had a sub-forum for young new mothers and in that sub-forum, we had no posting restrictions. Means that any guest can post a topic or reply without any moderation. We are now closing that loophole. We also posted the id names in every reply of his and it is quite funny that how one person is trying to instigate the fight online or possibly in person in gurdwaras. We humbly request that person to make a doc appointment and check if he is suffering from any bipolar personality disorder. Multiple ids are not allowed. Stay in Chardikala WJKK WJKF Pls. do report the post or reply you see on our forums.
  3. This upcoming program features Amritpal Singh, Nirmaljit Singh and Avtar Singh, who all thre hardcore missionaries. I dont know about Nirmal Singh, a kirtania, or Harinder Singh, whether he is in agreement with his guru dhadhriwala over Amrit vela, naam simran amongst other things. What is going with Hounslow Gurdwara that they woud allow 3 missionaries on their stage.?
  4. It would be no exaggeration to say that Sikhi, of all the world's major religions, stands quite apart from the rest in that it is the most egalitarian (supportive of the equality of men and women, highborn and lowborn, all races) and one of the least obstructive in the path of the scientific method and intellectual discussion, in that our Guru Sahibaan (themselves keen religious and political commentators, and critical thinkers) did not conceive any creation myths or make flagrantly untrue statements about the nature of reality. At the end of every Ardas in every Gurdwara around the world we pray for Sarbat Da Bhalla, the good of all mankind. It seems to me that if the greater part of mankind could be brought into the Sikh fold, the world would be a better place and all mankind would be better off. How can this even be argued given everything our faith stands for? Every progressive value which all the cultures of the world have just happened upon in the last century or so has been institutionalized in the Sikh Panth since the 1500s. So why do we not attempt to spread the message of Sikh more actively? There is an abundance of parchaaraks who direct their sermons towards other Sikhs, but I know of none who set out to convert non-Sikhs. I believe this is because many Sikhs appear to be under the misapprehension that Sikhi does not permit missionary work or proselytization. That any Sikh could continue to believe this when Guru Nanak himself, on his four great Udaasis, actually set out to spread his message and acted as a 'missionary' to the fullest extent of that word, I think beggars belief. Are we so scared of offending other people's beliefs, many of which are backward and actually harmful, that we will deny to everyone the teachings of a faith that has the potential to be one of the most profound forces for good in the world today? Why shouldn't we have missionaries who seek to convert other people from other religions, and why should we sit on our hands and leave the world vulnerable to the retrograde preachments of predatory Christian and Muslim missionaries? Am I violating any principles of Gurbani for thinking this way?
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