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Found 5 results

  1. What is causing all the root problems for Sikhs? From weak leaders who can't run Punjab. To society issues in the Punjabi Sikh community back home and in the west Let's look at some main issues. Broken marriages/divorces, domestic violence, crime, sexual offenses/rape adultery,physical and mental health problems, family break downs, money,low morality,ethics and values and the list goes on ect. Feel free to add more issues affecting us. Can we pinpoint a root cause for all the above? I have a theory why Sikhs are failing not just in the west but in more importantly our own ho
  2. I have heard and read this expression from atheist's who argue you don't need to follow a religion to know the difference between what is right or wrong thing to do or have morals. I would strongly disagree because: 1) Without a good religion (such as sikhi) you could be indoctrinated to follow some other ideology which could tell you its ok to commit murder, rape, robbery against the person who isn't from your group. 2) What is right in one religion/ideology can be wrong in another. E.g.slaughtering an animal in agnosing death then eating meeting its meat such as beef is
  3. I'm having trouble on what to do in situations where others people's stupidity is costing them a lot, and if i let it happen im gaining a lot (at little loss to them), but if i stop it (which i kind of feel is the right thing to do), i gain nothing at then no loss to them. When people be idotic, for example if i buy something and the guy says itll be here sunday (and today is friday night and they dont deliver on a sunday), and i then say ok but if its not here by sunday then unfortunately it will be too late and i cant pay you for it (this has cost them shipping costs remember but
  4. Guest

    abstinence celibacy

    Hi this probably wont be a popular thread at all, but just some food for thought. In the ancient text 'Yoga Sutra', is describes how brahmacharya (freedom from sex) denotes true manhood. The same would apply with womanhood. In older times, both genders would consider brahmacharya the normal state (until marriage). Nowadays it seems sexuality is equated with manhood and womanhood, mainly through media brainwashing. However, even the most foolish and immature teenagers could engage in sexual behaviour. (Hence the previously stated attitude is clearly erroneous). Also implied by
  5. So here's a news story that got me thinking alot this week, and its a story that seems to be getting bigger and stranger daily given today's revelations of Katie Price's (Jordan) freindship with the German peadophile concerned. http://www.vancouverdesi.com/news/british-father-arrested-for-allegedly-killing-man-with-a-single-punch-caught-filming-his-daughter/844704/ Basically, last week, I read in the Wolverhampton Star and Express how a man with a Sikh name : Davinder Singh Kainth, beat to death a disgusting German predator peadophile who was consistently photographing and filming Davinder's
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