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Found 6 results

  1. I hv been recommended this book by a charrdikala gursikh but I am finding it tough to understand. anyone read it?
  2. Guest

    Husband passed away

    Ssaji I have lost my husband some time ago and he meant everything to me. He was a pure soul who never did anything wrong to anyone. He was a great person and even a better husband. We were married for only 2 yrs but I have known him for over 10+ yrs. I feel our marriage was cursed or I have done some sins in our past lives that I am going through this pain in my life. I don’t know what to do anymore because he was my life and I feel I died with him as well. I miss him so much and just want to be with him. I really feel as if it’s our past lives sin that’s making me suffer in this life.
  3. Okay, I am writing a paper on Sikh identity (finally almost done after 8 months). My research question is: to what extent does the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee's definition of sikh identity affect Sehajdhari and Amritdhari Sikhs? I want to know how you were discriminated against for being sehajdhari sikhs compared to an amritdhari SIkhs. Maybe some incident where you weren't allowed to do something that Amritdhari sikhs could do simply because your sehajdhari, maybe the opposite. For instance, i talked about in my paper how sehajdhari sikhs are not allowed to vote in SGPC elect
  4. Can u please help me with the following problem that i am facing I am from USA and i have my lover back in india i came to see her here in india, we both decided to marry each other and were together from last two years. I came India, we met each other she was very happy and excited to see me but all of sudden she behaved differently and she asked me to meet to solve the problem when i went there to see her she just said i cannot meet you again after this i tried to solve the problem but she said i do not want you to bother me in future. After this incident i went to a pandit to ask about all
  5. Wahegurujio plz provide the kirtan reets (keys) of loud akj style. Plz dont post else sikhya or useless comments only surr of waaja in loud akhand kirtani jatha style bcoz we need it so u can do sangat.
  6. Sangat ji, as a teenager who is trying to do Naam Simran atleast 2 hours a day I am currently having a struggle in pondering that I don't benefit from it. I feel like I don't benefit from doing Naam Simran. I still will be doing Naam SImran of course because of how much our Bani emphasizes on chanting His Name. Does anyone have motivational stories that people have experienced during Naam SImran? Does it take many years to finally experience something from Naam Simran? Are people allowed to tell their own experiences or must keep it to themselves?
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