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Found 6 results

  1. People in dead end jobs (political correctness being "Level entry" jobs), how can u give your work a meaningful method?? By doing at least a few baanias BUT IN YOUR MIND! Everyday. Could be 4 Japji Sahibs spread out throughout the day or 8 Jaap Sahibs as just examples. Of course if anyone comes up to u n start talking DO talk back to them. Pause your recitation, then commence from the tukht u were at. Now, I mentioned dead end jobs; machine operators, overlockers, pressers, but semi-skills jobs too! Chef, cook, warehouse workers, soldering workers maybe even drivers too. Driving can b quite hard t focus unless u do recitation a bit loud. ANYWAYS as for the rest? The mind is continuously thinking. So if it must think why not think of God now n then? Of course the usual excuses get in the way "No I must not as doing paat NOW is wrong as my mind isn't focused," "No maybe somebody will call me then I'll forget where I was" "No I'll wait until I get home..." LOL but the truth? Mind is "I wonder why God put me in that family, all other families are WAY cooler, when willI get another job/ promotion?? Is it 4pm yet? When will 4 come? Wha happened 3 hours ago? That colleague's a noob! Wait until I tell that cool colleague... OH! Mind's already telling him!" THESE THOUGHTS attack us and we go through the same process, day in, day out... Now, should I start a Japji Sahib? NO NO NO! Too many noises!and the mind is off again on the so called filaana dhingraa. THIS is process of the mind... Just select a few baanias and do them in your mind. My preferred is Japji Sahib. I start 2 after 10.15am, then another 2 just before 1pm and 1 after tea break. Might even throw one or two Jaap Sahib through the day... Maybe u prefer other baanias. GO FOR IT! What I noticed, the day definitely seems meaningful and at peace to an extent. Surprisingly mind is doing Japji Sahib whilst translations take place automatic ally... Another part of the mind is lost STILL on that Filaana Dhingraa LOL. But the day goes by in peace and it's like a meaningful thing has taken place at work. I can imagine not all work allows u to be like that, call centres, teachers, Office work (read documents, stare at screen) etc. Basically job where nothing but interaction and reading/ signing takes place. It can be difficult to truly focus on Filaana Dhingraa let alone Baani. (Filaana Dhingraa just means lots on mind, etc etc). But dead end jobs? Kapria t teh laun walia at Primark?? Wha excuse u got? Your job involves eyes closed, teh launia, look at all that Filaana Dhingraa going on in you mind, bruv. 10 hours! And not 10 mins on one baani!?? And it's not difficult. Do one, start the translation along with it, you will see how kirpaa takes place. Select your preferred baania(s) (different paat, different days maybe) and time you wish to do them then go for it.
  2. Guest

    Prayer for protection

    I am in a difficult situation where a woman is trying to turn my member is against me. Actually the family member already has hate towards me and this woman is trying to take advantage of this situation by encouraging them and fanning the fire for her own gains and ego. What prayers can I do for protection? I read Chaupai Sahib a few times a day. I had read somewhere that this bani is for protection. Any others prayers I can do to get through this difficult time and have protection from this behavior.
  3. Guest

    What if bentiyan don't work

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh. I've come across many videos on youtube, that its not a good thing to take stress. And well it does make sense even outside as well as inside Gurmat preaching, to not stress about anything. Stress comes and goes in life, and what's more important is to live in the present and jap naam, to purify yourself from the inside and live a life full of pure actions. And if someone has ever seen videos of the channel Nanak Naam (on youtube), they do great parchaar of Gurmat, and I've even had them say (preach according to Gurmat) that there is no good and there is no bad. Also, dukh (sorrow) and happiness are just things made by mind. Good and bad is just labels that our mind puts on things/events in life. But in reality (according to Gurbani), seeing things as good and bad (happening to you) is what keeps us feeling separated from God, and basically it is all just hukam. If we look at life events as good or bad (in dukh or happiness), we are basically saying "Why is this happening to me?" and speaking against the hukam (will) of the Oneness. And all that makes perfect sense (agree to it) when I listen to their parchaar and it is something quite extraordinary (though hard to wrap your mind around at first go). But my question is, What does one do when he has physical discomfort (or a disease not big enough to kill him, but keep him in stress always, hindering his very ability to focus on his day to day life chores). And even doctors and medicines can't do anything about it, and he prays, but his prayers (bentiyan) are not strong (or effective) enough. What do we do when all our tries go in vain? And it's not like I don't trust what our Gurus said. Of course I do. But if honest bentiyan(requests in the form of prayers or the like) are just not working, what do we do then? Do we just keep on trying/do the same? Or do we accept it as hukam and that the disease is never gonna leave my body? How do we know when our prayers would get fulfilled? Please help, I'm kind of in the dark here. And I'm sorry if I said anything wrong. WJKK WJKF
  4. Guest

    pray for me

    I know it s not right to ask for worldly things but pl all of you pray for me.I have an important exam and I always come to this forum whenever in doubt,upset ,happy and feel like yes I have some people in my life I am not alone..pl remember me in your prayers..thank you.
  5. Not sure if you know what Sleep Paralysis is, if you don't it's a very scary thing, and I don't suggest you look it up if you get scared easily. I had a dream today, a SP dream (short for Sleep Paralysis) It was Dark, blue ish tint but I kept my eyes closed I am stuck, can't move, but I can hear and see the horrors near me, I am shook afraid and scared as what happens with SP's, I can't talk but I can speak in my mind, I say Guru, God, Waheguru and Bole so nihaal / sat sri akal over and over and over, I suddenly take charge I open my eyes and I keep on saying God, and everything around me changed it's not dark it's now bright and day time now, I see some sort of metal things in my legs I some how also moved my arms and took them off (which you can't do in Sleep paralysis) I make a break for it, I get caught by the entity about 4 times and I warp back to the bed locked again I caught a Khanda (not the sword) and I make a break for it and run with the Khanda I escape from the grasps of the entity I then go to the left and see something beautiful and it was Sikh warriors wearing Blue, armed with Khanda swords, spears, and much more. I felt safe, so I took a sword from their inventory and the leader of the Band shouted Bole So Nihal we charged into the house and at once we unleash a Attack on this demon entity thing It was headless and tall a body without a head and that body is just fully black and so we and the Khalsa army strike the demon and I wake up feeling safe. This is one of the Sikh related dreams I had, and this one was the most recent, usually in SP's you wake up feeling scared like you had a panic attack, I had SP for about 2 - 5 weeks straight it was horrible and only Paath stopped it, In these dreams the best thing to snap out of it is to Close your eyes really hard and move your legs or arms (toes and fingers since thats the only thing you can move) In this dream I was refrained from doing that, the praise of god changed the entire dream, a Nightmare into a Dream of courage and greatness, I have been rescued from the Entities with the praise of god and this encourages me even more, So next time you have a Scary dream, The Praise and love of God can save you. The best part about this once scary dream was seeing the Sikh Warriors in blue, all ready to give their lives, brave and filled with courage and the love of god and the gurujis. If you have any similar experiences with dreams or any other scenario I would love to hear them.
  6. Hi I apologise if this is already out there, but could anyone give me a list of the pahts and what there main meanings are/what they are beneficial for e.g Chaupai sahib- protection Sukhmani sahib- peace Thanks!
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