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Found 6 results

  1. People in dead end jobs (political correctness being "Level entry" jobs), how can u give your work a meaningful method?? By doing at least a few baanias BUT IN YOUR MIND! Everyday. Could be 4 Japji Sahibs spread out throughout the day or 8 Jaap Sahibs as just examples. Of course if anyone comes up to u n start talking DO talk back to them. Pause your recitation, then commence from the tukht u were at. Now, I mentioned dead end jobs; machine operators, overlockers, pressers, but semi-skills jobs too! Chef, cook, warehouse workers, soldering workers maybe even drivers too. Driving ca
  2. Guest

    Prayer for protection

    I am in a difficult situation where a woman is trying to turn my member is against me. Actually the family member already has hate towards me and this woman is trying to take advantage of this situation by encouraging them and fanning the fire for her own gains and ego. What prayers can I do for protection? I read Chaupai Sahib a few times a day. I had read somewhere that this bani is for protection. Any others prayers I can do to get through this difficult time and have protection from this behavior.
  3. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh. I've come across many videos on youtube, that its not a good thing to take stress. And well it does make sense even outside as well as inside Gurmat preaching, to not stress about anything. Stress comes and goes in life, and what's more important is to live in the present and jap naam, to purify yourself from the inside and live a life full of pure actions. And if someone has ever seen videos of the channel Nanak Naam (on youtube), they do great parchaar of Gurmat, and I've even had them say (preach according to Gurmat) that there is no
  4. Guest

    pray for me

    I know it s not right to ask for worldly things but pl all of you pray for me.I have an important exam and I always come to this forum whenever in doubt,upset ,happy and feel like yes I have some people in my life I am not alone..pl remember me in your prayers..thank you.
  5. Not sure if you know what Sleep Paralysis is, if you don't it's a very scary thing, and I don't suggest you look it up if you get scared easily. I had a dream today, a SP dream (short for Sleep Paralysis) It was Dark, blue ish tint but I kept my eyes closed I am stuck, can't move, but I can hear and see the horrors near me, I am shook afraid and scared as what happens with SP's, I can't talk but I can speak in my mind, I say Guru, God, Waheguru and Bole so nihaal / sat sri akal over and over and over, I suddenly take charge I open my eyes and I keep on saying God, and everything around
  6. Hi I apologise if this is already out there, but could anyone give me a list of the pahts and what there main meanings are/what they are beneficial for e.g Chaupai sahib- protection Sukhmani sahib- peace Thanks!
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