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  1. I feel for you, it sounds difficult. It’s a great attitude to have where you accept you are how Waheguru intended you to be. Meditate on Waheguru, that will help you fully accept and hopefully conquer this test.
  2. Maybe your soul has had past life experiences to do with the Gurdwara
  3. learningkaur


    Sorry to hear tell him to do naam simran. saas giraas breath in wahe Breath out guru make sure there is a pause between wahe and guru that will wash sins and help him Spiritually progress and most probably also accept what is happening All the best
  4. So this singh who doesn’t like a singhni because she uses Instagram is going to go for a gori now? What planet are you living on. Also how many white women have you come across they find full kesh singhs attractive? It’s not the Punjabi wives who bring the ‘cultural baggage’ - it’s actually the husbands families, mostly their mother’s! so why don’t you advise the Punjabi girls to marry nice white men who wash dishes instead.
  5. She’s single and has time on her hands. She will probably get over it once she’s married and busy and with someone who shows her the negative side to posting. Tell her to watch social dilemma on Netflix. If you like her then personally I think it’s ok to say that you’re not into Instagram posting to see her what her reaction is before talking more.
  6. You are welcome If you’re finding it hard to sit and meditate, then try to keep chanting Waheguru while you are going about your daily activities. When sitting, keep listening to your own voice, concentration will get get better eventually. I believe we need to remove all the mehl (dirt) we have before we can do it so clearly.
  7. It means someones who follows the sikh rehat / way of life We have to do simran, a lot of it. You have to get to the stage of naam and see sach Khand on earth before liberation. It’s not easy, it’s hard as your mind and kaljug take over but hopefully it’s possible with Maharajs kirpa. Sorry that you lost your mum at a young age- our time and number of breaths are predetermined. We travel in soul families yes.
  8. ‘Ciaras’ parents most likely weren't brought up in proper Sikhi, more Punjabi culture. There are actually not as many people taking a letter to name their child any more- this is mostly because new parents now haven’t ever been educated with a reason as to why to do that.
  9. I don’t think twice about my name (which is traditional and was always pronounced wrong). It doesn't influence anything for me. My kids do all the sikh things like simran, gurdwara, talk about Waheguru and 2 out of 3 of them don’t have traditional sikh names (my husbands choice not mine). I do however, know many other kids who do have sikh names and don’t do anything related to sikhi!! Looking back it would have been nice if they had names from gurbani.... and if they were born now my husband would have accepted the names I originally liked as he is into his sikhi more. But back then he wasn’t, so it is what it is- I really don’t think it would have made any difference to their spiritual growth but it’s good to do your part in keeping sikhi going.
  10. what was your husband when you married him? I agree re explaining the meaning of anand karaj before marriage. Unfortunately a lot of the times it’s just about the money and getting the dates to match reception hall availability !
  11. learningkaur


    Thank you so so much. Your posts have really helped me. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to talk with you again. Stay safe. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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