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  1. On another note I was just thinking that maybe you need some perspective. There’s people out there who lose their kids... babies and children or even adult children. And that hurts bad. There are people who have to divorce who have children which cause so many problems for the kids. There’s women and men who lose their spouses of many years to death. People lose their parents which they will miss forever...... do you see what I mean? You are strong enough to get over this? Imagine when your parents or sister pass, that’s a loss worth being this upset over...
  2. That’s good to know re stopping to go to the kids when they are crying etc. Thank you so much for you help
  3. Arrange to see him? Try a few times as he will probably make excuses and then try to be his new company and get him away from those guys if that’s what you want.
  4. Thank you- I do two chaupai sahib at the moment, I will increase to 5. I don’t do all panj bania, I’ll listen to those I don’t do then. I have a teething baby who wakes up a lot. thankfully I don’t get scared at Amrit vela anymore Yep, I should have stayed well away but unfortunately my inlaws didn’t tell me the extent of her until after. I would love to be ready to take Amrit but my ego is yet too big to let go of some silly things. I also want to take it when I know I’m in a place to never talk about someone else etc. I’m trying to do simran to get to that point, to see Waheguru in all. This specific spirit as I’ve had instances before of one always being there. What’s weird is my mother inlaw has something on her and she stayed round for the first time and after that is when I started hearing the noises. Thank you I will do this. Do you by any chance have a recipe for degh? Online they are all off hindu websites. thank you so much for all of your support help and replies
  5. I’ve heard and read the same on the other akj forum. It’s the feeling of wanting to fight for justice.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. This specific spirit probably about 3 months. My daughter is of starting school age and not amritdhari. I haven’t taken Amrit yet either. Hopefully soon. I think things have got slightly better but I still hear knocks, creeks as if someone’s walking around now. Apparently the person put it on to cause problems between me and my husband, i can see those problems still come too. I agree it can’t touch me if I do path etc... there’s been a couple of instances I think when it’s tried to go for me but I sleep holding on to my kirpan tightly. Why can’t it just go away fully? Sometimes I stop and can’t believe someone would actually do this. I know who it is, a relative on my inlaws side. Someone who’s been caught doing it to many people and even admitted doing it. I stupidly let them into my house to be polite and also drank a drink off them at someone else’s house.
  7. He sounds like one of those bitchy gays who acts like more of a woman than a real woman with their hands flapping everywhere. To say i want to abort an innocent baby incase they have autism or adhd is so insensitive and offensive to parents with these children. You sound like you’re on the spectrum yourself to be honest!!!
  8. Hey how are you feeling now? how do you feel about therapy? I can message you someone recommended? Are you in London? I really do hope you start to feel better but I do think you need face to face support. If you feel really lonely and just don’t have it then I can zoom call you and promise not to every tell anyone or disclose who you are. Will that help? To talk to out?
  9. I’m going to try to be less harsh as we don’t know what your mental state is right now. You have made crazy big mistakes, but it seems like you are feeling guilty so atleast that’s something (compared to some goria who have multiple abortions and see it as birth control). Now you can either show god that you realise you made a mistake and now you want to follow his path, split up, do your gurbani/simran, spend more time doing what I’m guessing your parents do..... or if you really aren’t interested or feeling it then you may as well see if you can make it work with this guy. I’m assuming it would be very tough for you to tell another boy about this incident if things didn’t work out with you boyfriend.... so it will end up as another lie which will chew you up.... if it doesn’t work honestly I wouldn’t bother dating again. You will regret it if you make these mistakes again (when you’re older), by mistakes I mean even just having a boyfriend not another pregnancy. I believe the saying is ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ so it’s unlikely you won’t be intimate with a boyfriend again so you’re best off making sure you don’t have one! If it works with this guy and you actually go the full way to marriage atleast then it’s only him. (I doubt it will work with him even though you are clearly extremely lusting over him though, you’re both so young). An abortion is a huge thing. I do believe you can get forgiveness but you need to change a lot to get there, it doesn’t sound like that change will come genuinely and naturally to you right now. Hopefully one day it will.
  10. It does seem that it’s a very small number of people who will succeed in our life aim. There is a ‘crime’ and punishment for example for disrespecting elders or drinking- well in today’s society (kaljug), parents are giving their kids a drink and it’s also become acceptable in many families to tell your elders to shut up etc? Or some parents now really are crazy where a child speaking out is actually kind of justified. Then you have parents ask their kid if they have got a girl or boy friend and encouraging it. You have parents letting the kids partner come and stay the night too so obviously the kid won’t think it’s wrong. So I wonder where the line is... like some people from birth are brought up a certain way so they had no chance of not committing these sins?
  11. I only started simran in May just before someone very close passed away which helped me quite easily accept it was their time... I’ve enjoyed simran and carried on and now I feel Waheguru is helping me realise what negative energy is around me to remove it. Now I know the truth I hope with Maharajs kirpa to only progress and never go backwards so I hope your theory is correct for me. Thank you Ji. Yesterday I had a great sleep and good Amrit vela. I think it definitely helped that I did Kirtan Sohila facing my pillow instead of in my path room.
  12. Once the wedding is over, sit down with your parents and tell them how upset you are inside so they they can support you
  13. Thank you Ji What do people do if they wash kesh at that time? Use a hair dryer even if it wakes everyone else up? i haven’t made degh before, I’ll try
  14. I did what you said for a few days, put on chandi do vaar i actually did start to feel irritated/anger over things and so I stopped. This thing is still here. Yesterday I felt it in the night so I got my husband to wake up and put Amrit around. He also had a encounter where he was half asleep, he said something came and he asked it if it has a l problem with him, it didn’t reply, then he asked if it has a problem with me and he roared. My husband never remembers dreams so it was probably real. the worst thing is I don’t even do Amrit vela properly now as I feel scared to get up and leave the bedroom. I try to do it in my room but lights off so I just fall asleep! im concerned about my daughter who I was pregnant with when apparently this thing was put on me. She is always angry, don’t know how I can help her Did it help you?
  15. Can’t you ask the bachole to intervene to find out what’s going on. Or you could write him a letter to his house? Is there anything in you that suspects he could be an undercover homosexual?
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