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Found 10 results

  1. Guest


    vjkk vjkf - how are you supposed to box with a dastaar and kirpan? I don't understand how it works. any suggestions as to how this would be possible? I have heard you can put your kirpan in your pocket like a small switch knife but what do you about a dastar?
  2. Dera Sucha Soda / Radhoswami / Nirankaris / Namdharis etc were all started by former Sikhs , who all wanted to change mainstream khalsa and eventually formed into their own religion. So , we have to look at the root of the problem. Ask ourselves, why isn't this a problem in islam, why aren't there 100's of cults started under islam , and then find ways to fix it. The main followers of these cults are always low class / hindoos / dalits . So as I keep saying , if the SGPC keeps ignoring these problems and refuse to convert people into Khalsa , Panjab will just become a land of deras. Side note = Dera Sucha Soda was perceived to have around 40 million followers in Panjab /Haryana / Rajastan .... 10-20 million more than Sikhism ...... Yikes.
  3. I heard some places around the uk which were doing nagar kirtan for more than decade have stopped doing them for vaisakhi. The east london one used to have a huge procession with 15,000-20,000 attendances that starting from rosebury gurdwara in manor park but has stopped for past 2 years now. Any one know what the reasons are?
  4. Guest

    Too many problems

    Hi so i am a teenage girl that feels nothing towards sikhs. However two years ago i did have a bit of a connection with sikhi and wanted to take amrit,but I didn't. And now i can't feel any prem, I feel like maybe its because I think Sikhi is restricting because i like cutting my hair, it makes a confident person and i enjoy it and i don't understand the point of keeping res no mater how many times someone has said to me. I want to feel that prem for maharaja but I am doubting everything. Like i am leaning towards Christianity and I don't like the fact that I am. But I feel like i am leaning towards the Christian religion is because they believe that every other religion is going to hell and I don't want to go to hell, and i like cutting my hair like i struggle to keep it. I understand not eating meat and I am fine with that as I have been a vegetarian for two years.I have so many problems, please give advice because I do want to have that prem for Sikhi. Sorry if I have said anything wrong.
  5. WJKK WJKF Forgive me if you are just completely tired of talking about Khalistan because I know the subject has been discussed to death. Just wanted to get some numbers on what people think, because I was thinking about working on a project in the future If you think I should add another choice to the questions, please let me know
  6. This is a big topic. People keep denying that Global Warming is fake. Well, its not, and I know that Global Warming is part of nature, but us Humans are speeding up the process. The government are barely doing anything about this problem, and in December, they are going to have a climate summit meeting. I pray to god that they will do something about Global Warming. I know that countries are promising to slow down global warming, but they need to do it fast. Us Humans are the invasive species we destroy environments, and people are saying that these invasive species are coming, well its our fault. I hope we will do something that will save our future.
  7. After reading through a number of masturbation and lust problems, I was reading through a website when I came across a message which could be highly helpful. http://satnaam.info/2005/12/02/2-overcoming-the-effect-of-past-lives/ Practicing what this page says should help to put you back on the right path. May Waheguru help you.
  8. Look how many of them are sikh! http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/named-32-motorists-charged-drink-driving-8246150
  9. Guest

    Culture Dictating Sikhi

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh. Sangat Jeeo I need some solid advice. I am the first Amritdhari within a household of clean shaven Sikhs who are not practising. When I was mona, myself and a Jamaican girl were both looking into Sikhi and found Waheguru from scriptures, shabads, rehat, kakaar. We took Amrit at the same sanchaar, and over time realised that spiritually we are compatible through our love for Waheguru. We enhance each others rehat, keep strict Sikh views and try to better each other. The only problem is that my family are typical Punjabis. My mum says "I had so many dreams of you having a nice, indian wife." I try explaining that Guroos Sikhi is universal, humans are humans, she is a Gursikh so that should be the only criteria, however she has told everyone who are all against this thought. They stereotype and say well you know how rough black people are, even though I have explained the Singhnis nature... I am now stuck. I keep thinking of this situation and find that it will probably be the same situation in many households, we still live in fear of what family will think or what relatives will say. My mum now openly acts rudely towards my friend and looks down on her for the colour of her skin. Before discussing a rishta, I feel like my family will only frown on her all our life and why should she be degraded and thought badly of when she is also the daughter of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj. One part of me feels a duty to my Sikhi to not let these old fashioned anti Gurmat traditions rule the opinions. I just think that we have come on a Spiritual Journey towards Maharaaj and would like to embrace him, but this Kalyug still dictates Sikhi. Gursikho, opinions please. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh
  10. I have someone close to me whose an amritdhari but he has massive anger problems. If he cannot follow rehat he blows his top, if something goes wrong he goes hulk. Yesterday something in his personal life went wrong and he said very offensive words to the Guru. He broke Rehat 4 times. In anger he ripped off his dastaar, abused Guru etc. Hes now beginning to regret it but slowly. Hes still crying over the personal incident. What should he do? His anger is destroying him and I want to help.Does he have to go to panj Singhs and tell them what hes done? He is scared now. And how does he get rid of his anger?
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