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  1. I heard a sakhi about how Baba Bhuda ji prepared to leave the world. He got permission from Guru ji first. Then he asked Guru ji to give him blessings so that he may never be parted from the true Guru. He then went and lay down and passed away. This however is how a great Gursikh... the one who has actually anointed 5 of the guru jis.. would pass away. He had a lot of nimarta and being chosen to actually put the tilak on the Gurus did not affect his mind. He still was in total submission to Guru ji. There was once that Guru Har Gobind ji carried the palki which Baba Budha ji was being transported in. Baba Budha ji realised instantly that Guru ji was carrying the palki and he protested. After Baba Budha ji left his earthly body Guru Har Gobind ji offered to carry the arthi on which his body was transported.
  2. I picked up a number of their free books yesterday from the gurdwara.
  3. sikhni777


    Youngsters really need to read a good psychology book on relationships to understand what is involved in a successful relationship. Getting ideas from films which portray loose characters who jump from partner to partner in a split second are showing emotional immaturity. You have to work on your owm communication problems in order to tell your partner what your needs are and be a little more enduring. It takes a lot of effort and deeper understanding to keep a relationship going. Financial stability personality and morality are the pillars that lead to a successful marriage. It's hard work which I suppose youngsters just take for granted thus engaging in a physical relationship to make up for their shortcomings in other areas.
  4. So let us take the pangti juga jugantar khayi khaye from japji sahib. It means that we have been eating what God has given us from any jug that ever existed. So we have been around since a long time ago. Jug can also refer to just time. Aadh saach jugaadh Sach. God was around even before the jugs came into being. If we take the pangti jug jug peere Chale satgur dhi and look at the whole shabad in context I think it is recited from the view of Bibi Bhani ji when she was going to get married. It talks about daaj.. And what she valued in her daaj - naam japna. It talks about naam japna in her fathers house (which is this world) so that she can be beautifully adorned in the next world. The shabad is also a praise of the living God whose name is saach. Thus he will always be around. Satgur ji refers to the True Guru. A Guru who is pura and who will lead his followers and join them to the truth i. e. Parmatma.
  5. sikhni777

    My story

    An old man might have looked for a youngster and told his story. However whoever wrote it has a message to pass on about critism. Criticising without thinking over the situation is very common in Sikhs and generally among the more elderly. Lack of education may have led to this. Do we ever pause to think about the effects our latest words may have had on our children. Do we ever spend some time sharing something positive with our children instead of just voicing what we think they should have done, be doing or should do. His mum being able to work out exactly how much percent of alcohol is present in certain drinks is a truly remarkable gift for a lady who would now be 100 plus if still alive. We're these amounts calculated and put on bottles at that time. Did our women think of offering alcohol to their sons in those days?
  6. A good example would be the sakhi where some Sikh did not over rejoice when his son was getting married. However he was also making the chadhar they cover dead people with - just the next day. When his son was getting married he was not over rejoicing. When he passed away soon after the wedding, this Sikh was not buried in sorrow. However he accepted the hukam of God fully. This is because he was attuned to Waheguru.
  7. Thanks for the clarification, you said certain people so wasn't sure. Do whatever is comfortable for you. You are the one who is suffering the loss. You know best what heals you. It's easy for others to just talk. Maybe ask them why they think you should drop ties. If they give you a valid answer then make your own decision. Hope that helps.
  8. Just wondering - could your presence there be the reason they want to break ties. Do you remind them of their daughter. Sometimes people say things they don't mean. They might be too sad to realise what they said or they could have meant don't feel obliged. My husband has a different relationship with my parents - always complaining. So sorry if I am not completely able to relate to your situation.
  9. Your in-laws could be really upset about loosing their daughter. Did they really mean what they said to you? Maybe your going there is hard for them to deal with. We're they welcoming to you when you went there as a couple? Do you have parents? Or your own family to socialise with while you are grieving.
  10. This link might give you more ideas bhaji. http://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/12279-meditation-my-experiance-am-i-allowed-to-share/?page=37&tab=comments#comment-174237
  11. Check out sakhi machh dhi on youtube
  12. I think I have read it in the janam sakhi which is quite huge. So sorry no link at present but I will try to find it. It was also the soul of some person. I think the fish passed away some time after that and got kalyaan.
  13. There was a huge fish who came to do some seva of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and transported them on its back.
  14. Satgur ji is more powerful than a snake. Every confusing step is made easier with ardaas. Pray for power for your mind to overcome this hurdle. Maya will try anything to confuse you up.
  15. Everything takes time. Just concentrate while reciting it... One day you will realise you. Know it offhead.
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