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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Job bouncer

    Hi I'm wondering can I work in a club as I use to do it for a job and not the girls. I'm miss the aspect of being in dangerous situation and fighting and the entire aspect of bouncing. The girls didnt bug me I spoke to them as a normal human being. And my manager all were interested in sikhi and I told them about it and it opened there eyes.
  2. Old article from 1982, but interesting https://www.nytimes.com/1982/08/26/us/sikh-guard-service-is-a-tough-force-in-new-mexico-security.html SIKH GUARD SERVICE IS A TOUGH FORCE IN NEW MEXICO SECURITY Special to the New York Times Aug. 26, 1982 4 From Jan. 1 to June 4, when there were no security guards, there were 36 burglaries in Albuquerque's Old Town, a busy tourist neighborhood of art galleries, Mexican restaurants and gift shops. Since June 4 there has not been one. That was the day the Sikhs went to work as security guards there. A
  3. http://chng.it/bQLmKxkNcV We want the Akal Takht to 1. Assemble a temporary security force of 2000 Sikhs and send them to Delhi to secure the safety all protesters from attacks by the BJP and its Police Force and 2. Institute a permanent Akall Takht Security/Reilief Force to defend the weak, hungry and downtrodden. We demand the Akaal Takht Chief Giani Harpreet Singh to pick up the baton from Baba Deep Singh and Akali Phulla Singh and serve the Sikh mission from the front as his predessors did or stand aside for some that will accept this mandate. This week we have all s
  4. Does abyone wear large (thick, chunky) sarbloh karas as opposed to the normal thin ones? Seeking sangats experiences, are there people who wear them all the time and keep them on at all times? Has anyone had any issues going through airports? Do they need to be removed if a certain size? What about at work? Whilst it doesnt matter what people think and always have to explain etc. Should there be consideration for the size of the kara?
  5. I am visiting New York this summer with family and planning to visit highlights like Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, World Trade Center and Niagara Falls. I am curious about security policies at these places. Liberty park talks about airport security. Are Sikhs allowed to carry kirpan at these monuments? Also, is there any particular monument apart from these you are not allowed to carry the kirpan, one should be aware of?
  6. When logging in using Chrome, does anyone see the same as I? Not tried IE as this is my preferred browser. Google Blurb:
  7. Guest


    Gurfateh Sangat Ji, Benti to all, has anyone recently been to Italy, (by plane, not boat, or by foot).. I was wondering what the airport and security checks were like, as there was quite a commotion last year about dastaar's and kirpans being taken off/overly searched. It would be great to get some feedback or any exeprience in regards to this, Dhanvaad, Daas. :cool2:
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