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  1. Where are u based? Might know someone interested.. they will want to see in person before committing.
  2. Proof hahaha Its like saying wikipedia is proof of anything.
  3. Not what i suggested. I was referring to one specific example, im sure you know the one. Fateh.
  4. Was the guru talking to his few thousand Sikhs around during their human form? Or all people of all backgrounds that they could get message to? (A la the Udasis to Europe, far East, middle east, South etc) Was guru jis message only for sikhs to apply to Sikhs? To answer ur question; no i am not saying "You're saying that the 25 million Sikhs should spend their money trying to take care of 7 billion non-Sikhs?". Contrary to popular belief amongst people on this thread, KA has hundreds of volunteers in India and more specifically many working in punjab amongst other states. However, those not satisfied can set something up to do what should be done. There are plenty Sikhs will that will financially contribute. Thankfully Sikhs should and do set an example when it comes to humanitarian relief for the whole world to follow. One day Khalsa will Raj and the 3.5b well off will support the 3.5b poor. Until then keep the faith and support the few doers we do have in our panth. Thats me out. Fateh
  5. No I don't, but my Sache Patshah Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji did exactly that. Thats why its not my mat my brother.
  6. Since you can be bothered please post the details of ur charity and its activities in punjab; i will happily fund your efforts.
  7. If u accept 'all' as 'one' then there is no us and them. Everybody is our own people. This is gurmat brother. We should help those that need help, there are plenty of us with enough resources to support those far and near. The likes of khalsa aid do plenty for sikhs/non-sikhs a like, and are a doing a grand job of inspiring more to join in on human relief projects in punjab (they have hundreds of volunteers based in india) and across the globe, without them thousands of our sikh and non sikh brothers and sisters would be destitute. Instead if bashing those that follow bhai khanaiyas example; focus on inspiring those that do no nothing for others. Its true what they say about punjabis "if u put a punjabi alone in a room; they'll find something to argue with themself about"
  8. The creator resides in both and sees no distinction. All that matters is which of the two sees/experiences the creator in themselves. The one that use gurus mat instead of their own is the preferred state.
  9. No. Its a shame more dont understand gurmat or do and still choose to ignore it.. but.. the gurus truth is eternal and stronger then kaljug.. and will prevail (just ask maharaj). Therefore... it can't die any kind of death. We need to start living it ourselves and then (maharaj says) others will follow! Chardikala - singh!!
  10. A sikh can marry whoever they like. Should anand karaj be used to solemnise any marriage whatsoever?? No.
  11. Love: baba hardev singh lulowales humour Bhai jugraj singhs realness and ability to connect with his audience Baba Jarnail singh bhindranwales leadership and ability to mesmerise/awaken/captivate Sant maskeen singhs intelligent narration Can go on with a few more... but panth rattan parchariks are few and far between
  12. Yes SGGS is the leader of all sikh organizations in the UK. If we all believed this instead of allowing our own or anothers manmat lead us we'd be in a better place then we currently are.
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