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  1. Ps i have liked every single one of your comments whether i agree with them or not... because no engagement on a just cause is bad engagement Literally unless u are a GOI stooge we have One love!
  2. Finally someone proposing a solution. To everybody else, why would the government of India openly clamp down on a higly trained relief group living and breathing gurmat? The primary purpose would be to support in relief efforts (a la Khalsa Aid) therefore win support of masses where they attend - they would feed the hungry enmasse. Some of u have assumed I've proposed an army. There was no mention of automated weapons, or warfare, a presence of volunteers strategically protecting protesers doesn't mean combat.... the government have used baracades to keep protesters in, why wouldn't we covertly suggest to protesers how best to keep themselves least exposed. Open armed combat will mean only onething, alienation and bloodshed for Sikhs. What im suggesting is smarter. Yes its maybe a be a pipe dream... but you have to have a goal to begin with, 40%-50% realisation of the pipe dream is better then diddly squat. Call it fantasy if u want... rss rule and israel was also a pipedream... c'mon chill on the negativity and sell the dream... its all im suggesting... Push the petition and raise awareness of the dream, or don't.... other than a bit of ridicule what have u to lose?
  3. It is sanctioned and expected by our guru sahiban, our history is quite clear on this. If we dont believe this it is a shame on us. When u say unsactioned whose blessing are u expecting/seeking? The authority bestowed on the Akal Takht isn't for debate, it isn't being utilised.. We are under attack already, how much weaker do we want to get before regrouping? A counter proposal would be nice?
  4. I think your misunderstanding, the point of the petition is to create awareness amongst Sikhs on the streets. If we don't publicly debate these suggestions how are the guys at the bottom going to know what solution to rally behind. No one here is naive enough to think it will spark the conscience of the fake leadership into action. The suggestion above is one people from all political backgrounds can support, if im wrong please offer your scrutiny, its all i ask ??
  5. +the Khalsa is a standing army, if a structured leadership was there 100's of thousands would mobilise under it. A highly skilled core of 500 would be able to mobilise the khalsa most effectively.
  6. If u agree with the concept please push the petition. This petition is about reawakening and creating awareness of the correct and most practical purpose of AT. Events in Delhi make it relevant right now...
  7. Please share widely, make as much noise about this issue as possible its heart breaking watching the few sikh jawan and many siaane getting picked off by the fanatical rss/bjp supporters and police. The protesters will stay at protest sites until the end, we need to ensure their safety however we can.
  8. Ps Yes reinforcements is exactly what are needed, the Sikhs at tikri n singhu border are sitting ducks and under attack. Its no laughing matter.
  9. More than likely it will do nothing other than remind people of the responsibility of the institutions our gurus created. Akal Takht is our Pentagon, our Whitehouse and our Senate. ...Or lets all just let the clowns sitting in the house that guru hargobind ji built carry on milking it without even feeling besharam. Giani Harpreet Singh is in the seat of the likes of Akali Phulla Singh, generals that led from the front. Great Sikh Martyrs. Those that dont know that need telling and those that have forgotten need reminding in the hope that our institutions built by our gurus reclaim their glory one day. Raaj karega Khalsa one day brother and dont you forget it! The words of Dasam Pita. Ps. Remember to sign and share the petition. Believe in the butterfly effect.
  10. Sign petition to get Akaal Takht to send reinforcements to Delhi http://chng.it/ctyWDGTkB9
  11. Sign petition to get Akaal Takht to send reinforcements to Delhi http://chng.it/ctyWDGTkB9
  12. Sign petition to get Akaal Takht to send reinforcements to Delhi http://chng.it/ctyWDGTkB9
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