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Found 4 results

  1. A big story was going on this yr about thousands of Panjabis workers in Iraq stuck or getting kidnapped and killed by ISIS. The biggest thing I was surprised about was the NUMBERS of Panjabis who were in the middle east . We all know Pakistanis all love going to middle east to clean toilets of the desert donkeys with oil money, infact most of the south asians in Middle east are south asian muslims. I went to Dubai in Jan this yr [ my mom's sister lives there ]. Dubai has a huge indian community, it practically felt like little india. But this is about laborers from India who go to these places
  2. The silent drama of Indian migrant farmers in Italy: ‘We are living a second hell on earth we never imagined’ October 6, 20162:51pm Italy is particularly affected by the Mediterranean migrant crisis. Picture: Aris Messinis Silvia Marchettinews.com.au AS THE bodies began to pile up on the wobbly train, they were simply thrown out of the carriage. When Rajinder Singh, a Sikh farmer from Punjab, decided to flee Ind
  3. Disturbing video of ISIS fighters having a discussion over buying and selling female sex slaves. Notice how excited these demons are. They are talking about female slaves like they are talking about a piece of meat. This touching video shows a Yazidi girl who was sold to an Iraqi man, but that man was kind enough to not do anything bad to her and even re united her with her father
  4. This world and most of the religions discriminate between Males and Females - I am OP of this Thread I am a Female..... I question some religions of this world for the way they interpret women........... Buddhism Says: “Women can be the cause of great suffering. If desire is destroyed, there will be everlasting happiness. The dead snake and dog are detestable, But women are even more detestable than they are.” Christianity We can easily find quotations of women’s oppression from the Bible , for example, I Timothy 2.11-12, where it says “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. B
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