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  1. That's one of the weirdest Islamic practices. When Bedouin Arabs did cousin marriages 1400 years ago it was probably due to the fact that each family and tribe lived in isolation from one another. So they had no choice but to marry their cousin sisters. But what compulsion are desi Muslims facing that they copied this semi incest practice from the Arabs. It's neither good for their gene pool.
  2. It's a shame they're doing this. They don't even think about the children they are bringing in this world who will never see their father. And studies have shown being a fatherless child is not good for the over all development of a child. They carry psychological effects of being fatherless for the rest of their lives. In the West this became very prevalent since the 1960s. That's when a whole generation of beta males and girls with daddy issues were born. Rise in homosexuality in western men can also be seen from this era. But among apne this seems to have become a problem since 2000. Before that having kids out of wedlock was rarely seen.
  3. I once knew a guy(a Mona). He got a white girl pregnant. She was a good natured girl and compared to him she was really much better looking too. She wanted him to marry her, and she would hang around him during her pregnancy with the hope that he would marry her but he never did. Even the guy's father who was an Amritdhari Singh wanted his son to marry the girl since he didn't want his grand child to be born out of wedlock. But his son was a worthless loser. These are all Nishanis of Kalyug. An increasing number of children will be born out of wedlock as we are seeing in our lifetime.
  4. That's how it started off. All these Kalyugi groups Gays, Lesbians, Trans, feminists joined together to destroy the moral and ethical fabric of society. But now that they have largely achieved their goal of dominating society with their sinful ideas they are turning on each other. Gays and lesbians don't like each other. Both Gays and lesbians don't like Trans people. And feminazis don't like trans people since trans are basically men pretending to be women and are beating real women in sports like MMA. Trans athletes are ruining women's sports.
  5. It's one thing for an atheist girl doing this what but what's even more disturbing is when a dastar wearing Singhni supporting her and cheering her on as if she is doing something heroic. They all keep saying vahiguru lives you but don't they know Vahiguru has also created Dharm Rai and Jamdoots who will show them the real meaning of tough love in the worst place imaginable.
  6. I think we must take into consideration that one of the factors which shows such a low fertility rate for Punjab is because so many youth are going abroad compared to the other states. If this was not a factor then our fertility rate should probably be near same as Haryana's.
  7. The gay community started off by saying they just want equal right. But once they got that they then started to impose their agenda on society with their disgusting x rated pride parades. From there they then went on to impose their sinful agenda on children by indoctrinating them with sex Ed classes. Their agenda is always trying target children. Trying to destroy their innocence at an early age through sex ed. They have blocked freedom of speech. If you say anything against homosexuality using your real name on social media you can get fired from your job if they find out where you live or work. They impose the trans movement on society where we all have to pretend a crazy man is a woman if he says he's a woman. They try to impose their agenda on science by first taking homosexuality out of the list of paraphilias or sexual deviancies. They tried their best but to this day they still cannot prove someone is born gay by finding the gay gene. Kalyug is working through them to keep humanity away from living a religious life.
  8. Our ancestors kept some rehits which protected them from dissolving and assimilating with non-Sikhs. Some of these rehits are no longer practiced and we can see the results In the coming decades I think Sikhism in the West will be only followed by those who are part of a group, sampradah, jatha. Mainstream Sikhs are dissolving and assimilating into westernism. Already we are seeing how manmat like homosexuality, inter religious marriages are being accepted by the new generation of mainstream Sikhs.
  9. There is a theory that when the religion is weak in it's country of origin it will weaken every where else. When India was occupied by Muslim invaders and Hindus were brutalised by them for 800 years. This weakened Hinduism outside of India in places like Indonesia and Malaysia which eventually left Hindu Dharm for good and today they are Muslim. Same thing had occurred with the Sikhs after the fall of the Sikh empire. Sikhs were dissolving into Hinduism but thanks to Singh Sabha movement it was delayed because Singh Sabha movement permanently etched paranoia of Hinduism in the Sikh psyche which has saved us. Today our situation is that we are still a stateless people. But this time instead of Hinduism we are in danger of being dissolved in western cultural norms, western atheism and western universalism. Situation is the same but we now have a new opponent that we need to be aware of.
  10. Sadly the cultural changes are getting more and more Kalyugi and dark. Hate to see what is in store in the coming decades.
  11. I don't know if he's gay or not but one thing I always notice of these orientalist western influenced historians is how they always try to sexualize the matter to the point where it just feels disgusting and wrong. I remember reading about Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The writer suggested that just because his daughter was devoted and loyal to her father that means they must have had an incest relationship. These Europeans and brown people influenced by them do this with every religious and royal figure trying to paint them as gay, bisexual or indulging in incest. It's almost like they are trying to project on to others their own sexual depravity. Now they are trying to do it with prominent Sikh figures.
  12. They are reprobates trying to justify their sinful lifestyle. There is a movement among gays that is trying to change history to show that every great figure in history was either gay or at the minimum bisexual. Among the Sikhs right now they don't come out in the open but they try to give out hints or give suggestions like this Moorkh Amandeep Madra. A few years ago there was a another moorakh who is a prominent figure in a certain Jatha and he is also a big supporter of gays. He said that Baba Deep Singh ji was gay because he didn't marry. There is no limit to how low these reprobates will go. According to them all celibates are gay and if the person married then he must have been bisexual. Either way it's a win win situation for them in promoting their gay agenda
  13. Truth of the matter is most of the Biharis died when the Chinese attacked them. The Sikhs died when they led the counter attack and that is also when most of the Chinese casualties occurred. In other words the Bihari's were massacred by the Chinese, when the Sikh soldiers retaliated, they massacred the Chinese. Yet Bihari's got almost all the glory and praise of this border skirmish.
  14. True. I wish that M Ranjit Singh arrived 10 years earlier when the British were still far away. This would have given the time needed to consolidate the scattered Sikhs into a united force. Another Sikh ruler who could have united the Sikhs was Sardar Hari Singh Bhangi. He expanded the Sikh rule west wards towards Attock in areas which were almost purely Muslim, fighting against Gakkars, Janjuas, Awans. He was the most powerful Sikh ruler of his time. Afghans, Baloch all feared him. Had he not been assassinated early he would have brought Jammu, Bahawalpur, Multan under Bhangi rule. Even his sons were good rulers unfortunately they also died early and the fortunes of the Bhangi misl began to decline from there.
  15. So what you are saying is essentially what Proactive ji said earlier that Sikhs settled within India outside of Punjab are hostages who cannot agree to Khalistan or else they will face the wrath of the Hindus.
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