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  1. Keep control of the forum Admin ji. But maybe you can give some younger ones admin duties
  2. Chatanga ji, you are correct about the Raja of Patiala. He was so loyal to the English. He was staunchly in favour of keeping India united. When it was clear that the British were leaving most of the Rajput Kings of Rajasthan had decided to band together and keep their independence. But the Raja of Patiala along with another loyal Indian Raja threatened them and ruined their aspirations. Patiala raja was the one leader who had the military might to form a Sikh state but he was so pro Congress and pro India that it was impossible to convince him. His son, Captain is today even a bigger Dusht than the Badals.
  3. There has been a lot of propaganda against Master Tara Singh. This propaganda was especially flamed by Sant Fateh Singh's group of Akalis who were rivals of Master Tara Singh. Pakistanis hated him because he destroyed their dream of swallowing up all of Punjab instead of getting just their demographic share. Many Khalistanis who grew close to Pakistan after 1984 took up the Pakistani narrative of Master Tara Singh of making him into some sort of Hindu agent to divide Sikhs and Muslims. If it wasn't for Master Tara Singh we would have ended up like the Sindhi Hindus. After partition his life was a constant struggle to get Punjabi Suba created. He went to jail repeatedly. He never amassed any wealth and lived a simple life unlike today's politicians. As for Ambedkar, I think his conversion is largely blown out of proportion. Sikhs had welcomed him to convert. A Sikh royal family even offered him the hand of their daughter to his nephew if he converted. Akalis back then opened up a Khalsa college in Maharashtra in participation that he was going to convert. And when he chose Buddhism only a few lakh followers of his converted not millions of Dalits as had been expected.
  4. I don't know about the Abrahamic 'hell', demoness or female satan. But the Dharmik concept of Nark exists as does Dharm Rai and Jamdoots, chitr gupt, paap and punn.
  5. It happened because of the female demand of wanting to marry a clean shaven boy that men/teens began cutting their kesh and beard. All though we say all caste are the same but you can clearly see which girls belonging to which caste are demanding clean shaven boys the most. Jattis top the list. Khatri and RamGaria girls are much better in this regard which is why their boys are more Sabat Surat. J&K and Hazuri Sikhs are probably the best of Sikhs. A clean shaven Sikh is almost non existent in their ranks. Even within regions there is a difference. Doaba is where you will find the most clean shaven boys followed by Majha. Within Punjab Sikhi is strongest in Malwa. Maybe it is due to the high degree of influence of Sants in Malwa
  6. "Demoness", "female Satan", that's a very Abrahamic way of looking at an Indic concept.
  7. The guy on the left wearing purple shirt is an open atheist, I remember reading this posts on Facebook. Thinks kudrat is God. Typical Dhandri-Neki soch. If they don't believe in God then why carry on this Pakhand of pretending to follow the Gurus when they clearly don't. They don't care about evidence which supports Dasam Bani. They have downgraded the status of Guru Granth Sahib ji by simply calling it a Zaria(ਜ਼ਰੀਆ) to achieve a good life in this world and nothing more.
  8. I agree with what you have written. But if you follow what these hardcore atheists believe they don't differentiate between the religions like we do who know not all religions are equal. For people like Nawabi all religions are the same and must be discarded for western atheism. They don't differentiate between Semitic or Dharmic religions. They are just as narrow minded as the followers of the Abrahamic religions.
  9. We should not be too supportive of these western atheists. I saw a video of this guy Armin Nawabi last week where he tore a page of the Quran and then spits on it before crumbling it. Even though I'm not Muslim but I found that very disturbing. After that he offends Hindus by making an objectifying sexist comment on their Goddess. For Hindus they call her Maa Kaali. Maa means mother. He says he is doing this to make religious people desensitized to insults to their religion. If he has a valid point to make he should make it but there is no point in insulting other people's religion which they hold dear to their hearts.
  10. It was a small minor fight. 10-15 guys on either side. I've been in bigger fights when I was in high-school. But what's really surprising is how Hindus all over the Internet promoted this story as if it was the battle of Waterloo itself! Even their major right wing Hindutva news sites like opindia wrote an article about this minor fight between Indian students. In the group fight itself they lost but by attacking a lone Sikh and that too from the back hitting him on the head with a rod they prove their cowardly mindset.
  11. This is the new wave of feminism. They see besharmi as something that should be cheered. We have even seen on this forum a Sikh female who says a Sikh woman should be able to dress in a sluty besharm fashion and if we don't support her then we are "sexist" and backward. Ghor Kalyug. Things will just get worse in this yug
  12. Punjabis won the fight. They jumped him when he was alone after the fight took place and hit him on the back of his head. Hindus (especially Punjabi Hindus) are all cheering this cowardly attack by 10-15 haryanvis on a lone Sikh as if it is a huge victory over the Sikhs.
  13. I have also heard Dhakki wale Sant are really Bhagti wale Mahapursh. The whole place has a very spiritual atmosphere with jungles and animals. Dhakki Sahib is said to have been infested with evil spirits before Baba ji came here to do bhagti. Our heretics like missionaries, upgrades(dhandri/neki) really hate him and do a lot of propaganda against him.
  14. Agree with koi. No need to ban him. When he questions our Gurus and is shown a similar parallel within his own religion he never refutes it or it seems maybe he was unaware of it. He needs to study his religion more and acknowledge these things do indeed exists in his religion.
  15. Mohammad Hijab and Yasir Qadhi together destroyed the credibility of the Quran that all the Christian apologetics could not have done. These two fools shot themselves in the foot. Now they're taking down their videos from YouTube. But it's too late. They opened the Pandora's box. Christians, ex Muslims, atheists are having a field day
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