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  1. Bigger culprits than SGPC are the Kar Sewa Babas who are destroying our history.
  2. It's all destroyed. They'll probably build a brand new marble structure on top
  3. The Bhagats whose Bani is in Guru Granth Sahib ji were all Sikhs of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji.
  4. Gatras were always around back then. If one looks at the early pictures of nihangs from the late 1800s or even earlier sketches/drawings Gatras are always part of the Sikh attire. Another method was that many Puratan Sikhs used thin rope Gatras to support their Kakkar Kirpan. The Kakkar Kirpans of Puratan Singhs are still around. That's is how Singhs did ishnan by tying their kirpans around their dastars since a Kakkar cannot be separated from the body. Using a belt for holding a Kirpan is basically because we no longer wear Banas. We have become Pant wearers for which a belt is used.
  5. Ever since the rise of adjustable Gatras about a decade ago people are increasingly wearing their Gatras like belts instead of over their shoulders. I guess it was just a matter of time before Sikhs today would do away with the Gatra altogether and wear their kirpans in a belt. I know in some places like Taksal they do not let you take Amrit with an adjustable Gatra. It all comes down to puratan tradition, ਪਰਮਪਰਾ. We can do innovations all we like, like wearing stainless steel kirpans/karas instead of Sarbloh ones, wearing adjustable Gatras, belts instead of traditional Gatras. Or wearing a Patka instead of Dastar. We have made many changes in our lives but I feel Kakkars should be left the way they are. Surely our lives are not more difficult than the lives of Puratan Sikhs who held on to the traditions of the Gurus. Maintaining the tradition of the Kakkars is a form of Bhagti in itself. It is a Shingaar the soul bride maintains for their Guru because the Guru had established it. What is pleasing to the Guru matters more than any minor inconvenience.
  6. It shows their mindset. After 26th January many of these Hindutavis on social media were demanding that Modi should give a shoot at site order or apprehend and torture Sikhs, especially Nihangs since Nihangs heroically saved farmers against police brutality. In other words they want another Sikh genocide to occur. But to justify the genocide first they are preparing the foundation by spreading propaganda that Sikhs want to break up India by protesting these farm bills. This is how it all happened during the Dharm Yudh Morcha.
  7. The thing is for Sikhs protesting these farm bills they are doing it because of the bills but what reason do these Tiranga rally supporters have for protesting? If Sikhs protest in India they are labeled as terrorists, Pakistani agents. They will not even spare loyal Sikhs like ex soldiers, father's of soldiers or even those Sikhs whose fathers died while fighting against Khalistanis during the 80s. For Hindutavis anyone who raises his voice against Modi is a traitor and Khalistani. Perhaps this was the slap in the face Sikhs needed to wake them up from their deep sleep. Actions of these Hindutavis has shown Sikhs what their Aukaat is. If we fight against Muslims then we are hailed as heroes but if we protest against unjust laws then we are labelled terrorists.
  8. Hindutva Hindus have become very Hankaari and drunk with power to the point where they are forcing their religion on others. The BJP gov IN UP under Yogi is now trying to force Madrasas to teach the Gita and Ramayan. Sikhs are now being demonized in their propaganda war along with good hearted Hindus who they term as Urban Naxals.
  9. Modi is truly the worst thing to happen to India since Indira Gandhi. He's divided India along religious lines. If any one opposes Modi he is declared a traitor to the nation. A Muslim is called a Pakistani, a Sikh is Khalistani and a Hindu opposing Modi is called a Urban Naxal.
  10. In the West many modi supporters aka Andh Bhakts/RSS goons are carrying out tiranga rallies with the intention of provoking Sikhs and even attacking them. In Australia they even did a rally in front of a Gurdwara, and recently Sikhs were attacked. In Canada they tried something similar but had to flee. It might be a trailer to what is about to come. They want to teach Sikhs a lesson. They might even try something similar to Sikhs outside Punjab in India. If you see their videos on YouTube and read their news articles in Hindi they are seething with hate against Sikhs that we never saw before. Sikhs who are protesting farm bills are being painted as traitors, Khalistanis, anti nationals, Tukde Tukde Gang. This kind of propaganda usually occurs before a genocide occurs against a group.
  11. Nihangs translate Bhaang in that Tukh to mean Chicken and not Marijuana. Even Bhai Randhir Singh ji who was a strict vegetarian translated Bhaang in that verse to mean Chicken.
  12. I saw this serial last year. It was quite interesting. Although I feel the director has tried to justify the bad guys to some extent.
  13. I feel Deep Sidhu is a victim of viscous propaganda. He got there after the Nishan Sahib was already hoisted. He was part of the crowd not the one leading it. Yet he alone and to a lesser extent Lakha Sidhana have been turned into scape goats by the Kisan union leaders.
  14. Although I feel it was not necessary for the Kisan morcha to go to red fort but even if it has been done the propaganda of Godi media is disgusting today the least. But I'm not surprised since lying and twisting the facts is their main trait. They lied by saying inflammatory things like calling the Nishan Sahib as Khalistan flag. Even though this same flag (nishan sahib) has recently been hoisted by Sikh soldiers in Ladhak, then they don't call it Khalistan flag. When this flag is used to defend Hindus and India then it is called patriotic but when this same flag is used for defending one's own rights it is seen as a flag of terrorism. They also lied that the Indian flag was thrown away before the Nishan Sahib was put in its place. Nothing like this happened. Modi is playing a very dangerous game. He's literally pushing Sikhs against the wall even though Sikhs were sitting in Shanti for the past 25 years.
  15. They don't believe in any of the core Sikh beliefs. They don't believe in Naam Simran, Amritvela, concept of reincarnation or even concept of bad or good Karmas (paap or Punn) in relation to reincarnation. They talk against doing Yatra to historical Gurdwaras. Whenever Gurbani mentions anything they don't agree with they call it metaphor. His Chellas are the worst people I have encountered. Worse than missionaries. I have encountered his Chellas who insult Kharku Singhs on Facebook. Dharma is a GOI agent like Dhandri.
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