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  1. I don't think they are worried about Sikh taking over. They are actually very aggressively promoting religious tourism among Sikhs as that can be very beneficial for their economy. Plus they have befriended Khalistanis. Their political religious organisations like Jamat e Islami has also promoted closer ties with Khalistani Sikhs since the 80s. ISI, Pakistani army is also doing its best to neutralize Sikhs. They want Sikhs to either be on their side or be neutral when they start their Ghazwa against the Hindus. There are how ever a few people like Khadim Rizvi a Barelvi preacher who for some reason is very hostile towards Pakistani espablishment trying to befriend Sikhs.
  2. Meanwhile Indian Muslim leaders laugh off this attack on Sri Nankana Sahib and say this is not an issue while we Sikhs in the thousands are showing Indian Muslims support by protesting the CAA and NRC bills in India. The biggest retards are the Sikhs who comment on the videos that RSS must be behind this attack! Pak government of Imran Khan to their credit have taken the situation under control. Every Pakistani in the section has also condemned this attack.
  3. The term Bandi Chod Divas is not even that old. I haven't been able to find reference to this term before the mid 90s when it became popular after the fall of the Sikh Kharku movement. All the puratan letters of the Gurus and even Bhai Mani Singh jees letter refers to this day as Divali. Nothing wrong with using both terms interchangeably but I find it highly strange when I see some missionary influenced Sikhs start to accuse you of being an RSS agent if you refer to this day as Divali.
  4. I'm sure that might be the case in India but certainly not in the West where Sikhs are in no danger of reverting back to Hinduism. In the west the ideologies of Christianity and western secularism is what many people end up assimilating into Sikhi. Celebrating Christmas is back door entry to both those ideologies. Opening up your family to Western secularism or western universalism is more dangerous than Christianity which leads one to becoming a secular followed by agnostic or worse atheist.
  5. I've seen Sikhs who have a huge problem celebrating a cultural day like Rakhri because they say it is a Hindu holiday or even make a fuss over calling Diwali as "Diwali" instead of Bandi chod Divas but have no problem celebrating Christmas with their whole family.
  6. One should not try to see negativety in a positive report. It's not about being softies but showing Mehman Navazi which is part of our culture of serving guests. When Indians go to Pakistan or when Paks come to India they are treated very warmly. This Sikh taxi driver who grew up in India carries this culture even in foreign lands. The Indian restaurant owner I've heard refused to charge money from the Pakistani cricket players.
  7. All books by Bhai Veer Singh are worthy of reading. I fact we are very fortunate that a lot of his books are now in audio book format so one can listen to his book while commuting. If you find the narration speed too slow you can always increase the playing speed as I do. In this way I have listened to books of Bhai Veer Singh Ji and Bhai Randhir Singh Ji. I wish books by Satbir Singh ji would also go audio format since he has written excellent biographies of the Gurus.
  8. Traditionally in India the 3rd gender refers to the hermaphrodites who are physically both male and female. In India they are commonly known as the Khusra community. The modern lgbtq community as we see them in the West is not this whose problem is mental not physical. They have taken things way too far when they try to target our kids with indoctrination. It's largely a white man's disease. But they are trying very hard to infect Asian and black men with this disorder.
  9. This is the evil of the lgbtq community. At first they said they just want equal rights which they got but they didn't just stop there. Now they are targeting kids by indoctinating them at school at a very young age. This is Kaliyuga in full force and it is only getting worse. Sad thing is when you see misguided Sikhs standing up for these reprobates as if they are doing something very Dharmic. They don't realize they are standing up for a Paap filled lifestyle.
  10. No doubt homosexuality is overwhelmingly a white man's disease and they are trying to spread it and force it on men all over the world. And yes it is a mental illness. Homosexuals are not reproducers, they are recruiters. Black men to their credit are staying strong so are the Muslims(of all races). Hindus have legalized this illness in India. While Sikhs in India find this act disgusting but sadly the new generation of Sikhs in the West are being brainwashed into accepting this paap filled lifestyle.
  11. True. At first I did not know much about Sarbloh Granth. But after reading some of it, I've come to realize it is truly an amazing Granth. Just wish Bhai Gurwinder Singh Nangli ji would do Katha faster like how Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale ji did who would do Katha of an entire Ang in less than an hour. But rare are such Kathakars. Now everyone spends an entire hour doing Katha on just one Shabad. Giani Sher Singh ji is an exception though. He does Katha the traditional way. Most of todays Kathakars have become lecturers rather than Kathakars. Sorry for going off topic.
  12. Lack of Sharam is what it's all about. This is all the dark effects of Kaliyug. Besharmi is now supreme. Free sex before marriage, shockingly reprobate lifestyles like homosexuality have become normalized within our lifetime.
  13. Kashmir is a liability for India. Kashmir valley itself is a small part of the entire j&k state. Almost all the Kashmiri Muslims are concentrated there. India would be better off separating Jammu from Kashmir and give Kashmir valley to Pakistan and keep Hindu Jammu and Buddhist Ladakh for it self. https://images.app.goo.gl/2bQZXGzWiZnhe7E18
  14. I'm so glad reading the messages here of most Sikhs still being opposed to the Kalyugi lifestyle of Homosexuality. Homosexuality and other sexually perverse lifestyles will only grow stronger in Kalyug. Dasam Bani mentions that before the advent of Kalki Avatar, even incest will become common practice. We are already seeing the beginnings of that starting to happen, like here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/germany/11119062/Incest-a-fundamental-right-German-committee-says.html This is how homosexuality started to gain acceptance in the West.
  15. All religions are facing non religiosity. Muslims are least affected compared to others. But it is increasing in their ranks as well now.
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