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  1. F907E9EF-9C77-42E0-8486-92246BE344EF.MP4 4BF6BFA8-C18A-4578-8042-CF5025DF120C.MP4
  2. A couple of videos let's talk about how this affects sikhi and our future, what can we do to avoid slavery like the sheep
  3. Was it aliens? How were they so advanced? How did they make pyramids then? Were they using powers/ridhi sidhis? Was it deities who were involved? Did giants exist? Were egyptions aliens? Superhumans???
  4. For those who miss apnay Tv channels, there is an application for smart phones, tabs, to view most of our Punjabi channels, as well as other countries also and a special section for sports. It can be downloaded through Play Store It is named Swift Streamz. For those who do not have Satelite decoders and still wish to see PTC punjabi, Sikh Sangat as well as other news or dharmic channels on their PC, they should first download the programme Blue Stacks, and then the Swift Streamz apk application, and view all of these channels on our PC. Enjoy. Sat Sree Akal.
  5. India launches world record 104 satellites into space in single mission 'This is a great moment for each and everyone of us. Today we have created history' India has successfully launched 104 satellites in a single mission, setting what its space agency says is a world record of launching the most satellites at one go. Of the 104, 101 are foreign satellites to serve international customers as the South Asian nation seeks a bigger share of the $300 billion global space industry. “This is a great moment for each and everyone of us. Today we have created history,” said B. Jayakumar, the project’s director. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted his congratulations on the launch conducted by the state-run Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) that went off smoothly and was carried live on national TV news channels. “This remarkable feat by ISRO is yet another proud moment for our space scientific community and the nation,” he said. “India salutes our scientists.” Modi is bullish on India's space programme and has repeatedly praised the efforts of scientists who three years ago pulled off a low-cost mission to send a probe to orbit Mars that succeeded at the first attempt. ISRO's low prices attracted international customers to launch 75 satellites last year from Sriharikota in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. The launch of PSLV-C37 in a single payload – including the Cartosat-2 series and 103 co-passenger satellites – together weighed over 650 kg (1,433 lb). Out of 101 nano-satellites, 96 were from the United States and one each from Israel, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/india-isro-104-satellites-launch-space-agency-world-record-single-industry-a7580871.html
  6. I saw this article, and I have read something very similar to this before: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/scotland-trial-universal-basic-income-universal-credit-welfare-reform-a7435926.html%3famp Just wondering how this relates in the context of Sikhi. I know this is talk in terms of welfare but I can see wider implications . There has been much talk about how technology/automation is replacing jobs. When we do shopping, we increasingly go on-line. When we shop for groceries in the supermarket, we increasingly see self-service checkouts. Self-drive cars in the future will remove our need to drive. 3D printing will also remove most human interaction in making/producing . Just wondering how society will be like in the following decades as there will be no jobs and there could be a situation where something like a universal income maybe used by society to sustain the population . In the context of Sikhi , our pillars "kirat karna" and "vand shako". Will this disappear if automation/robots replace everything we do? I know that Sikhs in general are not luddites and we embrace and utilise technology but I wonder how this will impact the sangat. If there was no work to be done and we were paid to do nothing, you could say that it would it free people's time to read more bani, more paath etc. But it could make people more lazy and idle which can be dangerous.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/BaruSahibHP/photos/a.312356885474161.72764.294820193894497/1017790444930798/?type=3&source=48 What's Sangat's on this?
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