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  1. Youtube is owned by Google and like Facebook and twitter, a lot of these platforms are being pressured by the authorities to conform.
  2. Being exposed as a paedophile forces them to come out as gay as some damage limitation. Same thing happened with Kevin Spacey.
  3. The Celebs live in a bubble where there is a very high proportion of their environment is LGBTQ . For them it is normal.
  4. The Entertainment industry has a disproportionate amount perverts, paedophile and gays. The political establishment also has a disproportionate amount of these types as well. The entertainment industry and political establishment are connected.
  5. Philip Schofield started as a Children's TV presenter in the 80's. If anyone old enough remembers Children's BBC. He had his hand up Gordon the Gopher's backside and he was stuck in a closet! After leaving, he went to do Musicals in the West End The signs were all there!!
  6. Boris Johnson has got Michael Gove in his cabinet as well. And Michael Gove shafted him in the leadership contest when Theresa May became PM. I guess it is about keeping your enemies closer.
  7. Well you said you write for a living. If you write for a living, then surely you have something published? Either that or there is a hint of Walter Mitty about you.
  8. These CEO's just run the company, they aren't necessarily the owners (major shareholders) They are just like politicians who have gone up the greasy pole of corporate life.
  9. Rishi's father in law is the CEO of Infosys I believe. He replaced Sajid Javid because Dominic Cummings (one of PM's advisors) wanted Sajid to get rid off his civil servants but Sajid wasn't having any of it. Rishi does like a bit of a 'yes' man, but at the moment particularly in this pressing times he has seemed to have conducted himself quite well. But he hasn't really under the cosh yet. Priti is a hatchet woman who is there to do the dirty work before she gets disposed of. Both Rishi and Priti are East African Asians.
  10. It will help. She may need to distance herself from patients and their relatives because she is taking a lot of their emotional baggage and energy. It can have a detrimental effect on your health. A lot of medical staff who deal a lot of this on a daily basis develop compassion fatigue.
  11. This topic should be in gupt section for starters. You are handling it wrong. You don't criticise, you say it was tasty but maybe she could have added more salt or less mirch or however you like it. Learn a bit of tact.
  12. Like I said previously, Ludhiana has 25 percent Migrant population. Jalandhar will follow suit.
  13. In Slough with a very large Asian population and with many having pre-existing conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure etc, it could very well be a ticking time bomb.
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