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  1. It is an appropriated word. There are words in Bani that give a far more fuller meaning than the English word. The more Bani you learn and understand, the more you realise that the English words are not sufficient enough to explain the full meaning. For example, I got into a disagreement with a gora with the word "karma " as dharmic words have come into the English language and he mentoned karma but used it in the wrong way. I had to explain what karma is. Because this guy twisted the meaning to the point it did not mean what it should have anymore. Karma in the west has taken on a meaning as a consequence of what has been done but karma just means action. The eptymology of the word "kar" means to do or create. Kar is seen in "Kartar" Purakh and Ik-Ong-Kar. Ik Ong Kar has taken on the meaning ," There is one god" but that is not what it actually means when you break down the words. The more correct meaning would be Ik (One-ness) Ong (vibration ), Kar (create/do) The one-ness through vibration created the universe. Through three words you can see the wonder and splendour of Gurbani. This is above and beyond what any westerner or Abrahamic can do. The westerner/Abrahamic has to try and appropriate, verbal gymnastics and try to revise their texts to get this meaning which our gurus explain in 3 words. Your understanding of concepts begins to change I will look into the proper meaning of Paap and Sin but expect to see the same.
  2. I do not like this topic header because the way it is framed is very christian like. Our dharam has been abrahamised. I do not think the word "sin" is really appropriate to describe "paap " as our concepts go into far deeper level.
  3. Tfr (Total Fertility Rate ) has to be above 2.1 which is the replacement rate. The Sikh population tfr in Indis if I am correct is about 1.6 I suspect it has partly to do with the education of Sikh women. Educated women marry later and have less children. Also I suspect family planning is probably playing a part as well with knowledge of contraception. Having less children Is seen as being modern and advanced (progressive ) I suspect also with scans to tell the sex of children, if there is a boy born, a couple will stop having any more children saying that their family is complete. That phrase is used quite a lot "family complete". But is a worldwide trend.
  4. Muslim countries fertility rates are dropping as well. Just not as fast as in western countries. It is subsaharan African countries that have increased significantly. Likely because being the least developed and with immunisation that reduces child mortality.
  5. Infertility rates are increasing around the world Sperm counts are dropping. Post vaccine Covid, birth rates have plummeted with increased rates of still births etc (not insinuating anything here hmm..hmm.) Testosterone rates are dropping in men over the decades (apparently this is due to the increase in plastics and all those xeno-estrogens ) Currently the world population is 8 billion but I reckon this will drop in the next 50 years.
  6. An economic migrant brings money in. I think the influx of the population has come from all the student visas.
  7. Very interesting how the Hindu population is also increased quite considerably. It is no coincidence that the significant increase of Hindus has impacted the Sikh political protests. Whereas previously Sikhs in Canada had little open opposition (my observation ) , there does seem to be an influx of Hindutva types in Canada. It does seem that the India Hindu groups have begun to assert themselves in western countries like Canada and Australia. I suspect when the UK census comes out, the Hindu population is going to be a lot higher. This seems to have played a part of the increased Hindu assertiveness against the muslims in Leicester. A lot of the Hindu mob like behaviour in the UK (as per some reports ) come from more recent migrants and they seem to come from particular parts of India. There were Sikh-Hindu in Australia and the Hindu migrants came from Haryana. Typically Hindu migrants (India not Sri Lanka)came from certain areas like Gujurat, Punjab, they are now coming from all other areas and they are not all white collar IT types. Hindutva India seems to be strategically migrating people to keep overseas diasporas in check.
  8. I don't think he would care to tell you the truth. The elites have selected him. They could care less if he is Indian. If he does a 2 year stint to take then to the general elections and if Labour get into power then he will become Lord Sunak of Harrow, lol
  9. These types are lost and deluded They are caught up in maya and all the attachments with those 5 thieves. 1 of the 4 Vedas is about occult practices. That was quite an eye opener for me.
  10. Personally speaking I find myself quite indifferent to Rishi Sunak as PM. He was selected by the elites to become PM. Before Liz Truss became PM, the Tory MPs wanted him as PM whereas most of the Tory Party members chose Truss. If that does not tell you the inner circle and the outer circle of the Tory party. The fact that they chose an PM within 1 week compared to the 6 weeks also tells you that they were not going to make the same mistake. Compared to the other MPs during lockdown, he probably shown more competency as Chancellor than Patel or Hancock etc in their respective roles. But if there is one thing you can realise is that the PM does not run the country.
  11. Though this Karvachauth is the least of our worries. The question is what are the other occulty things do our women folk get up to that our men folk are not even aware of.
  12. According to Hindu scriptures, the Trinity have appeared multiples times in multiple universes and everytime they appear there is a new Puraana that is written. It is almost like they are clones that are replicated in every new universe that is created. Another theory is that the trinity are basic constitutions of the neutron, proton and electron. Though I am not a physicist. Though as a Sikhi we are above and beyond and worship the Akaal, Hindu scriptures are fascinating stories.
  13. Political power of the elites in the case of European countries to a large degree. However, as Europe becomes a post Christian society they are going back to their pagan past. Japan resisted Christianity in 16th/17th century and had imposed two centuries worth of isolation before the Meiji restoration. The muslim South East Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia still have Buddhist / Hindu undercurrents in their society.
  14. This Karvachauth if I am correct got popularised from Indian Soap operas. I don't think anyone knew what it was. It is completely anthethical to Sikhi. It provides no benefit.
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