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  1. If anyone is following the news about the London School headteacher Katherine Birbalsingh having to ban prayers in her school because of the intimidation by muslim pupils the and all the muslims who pray on the street, particularly during the Gaza protests. Their prayers seem to be quite disruptive We have our morning prayers, Rehra and Sohila path and our prayers never seem to be disruptive. I guarantee that the quality and quantity of our prayers is greater than theirs
  2. Reading the reports on the media, Nov 11th (Armistice Day) is coinciding with the protests. Will be interesting to see what will happen . The Jewish supporters are pointless in doing their protests. Israel are going to do what they feel like anyway. Why put yourself in the way of trouble. Let the Goy fight amongst themselves. Their energies would be better placed elsewhere in my opinion. In 2003, before the Iraq war. There was a 1 million march and it did nothing to stop the invasion.
  3. No I do not think so. Most Sikhs would prefer to live under a racist white regime than under Sharia rule.
  4. Their unity is based on having an enemy. When they cannot have an enemy , they turn on themselves
  5. The problem is a semitic problem. Globally both sides are as bad as each other. They are sadistic and evil as each other. You can empathise with a Palestinian to certain extent but make no mistake those innocent Palestinians can turn on you in an instant. That is why you have to mindful of the compassion you show towards them. And if the tables were turned with Israel you would see a completely different side to them. The muslim approach is to behave in an orc (Lord of the Rings)like manner . The Jewish approach is to infiltrate the upper echelons of their host societies. In the west, you are very unlikely to interact with a jew unless you operate in the upper circles. The only way for the world to get better would be de-abrahamise and de-arabise this region.
  6. Our capacity for violence is greater but we have different attitude to living by the sword than they have. Our relationship to the shaster is one of reverance and respect. But in your reply, you have shown a quality that Sikhs typically have that muslim in general don't. And that is the level of humility and introspection to look at our own flaws.
  7. They are a violent people, the tried and tested way is to mete out even more violence against them. That is the language they understand. The more violent you are, the less violent and more reasonable they become. You will see how quickly they capitulate and go into "treaty" mode. Our violence comes from defense, theirs come from where there is no resistance. They are bullies.
  8. It gives an interesting insight into the muslim psyche. Muslim kill Muslim: no outrage Muslim kill non-Muslim: no outrage Non-Muslim kill Muslim: outrage, but this is conditional. Broken down to: Non-muslim kill non-Arab Muslim: some outrage, but down the pecking order. Unapologetic Non-Muslim kill non-arab Muslim: even less outrage as Muslim gets scared. Non-muslim kill Arab muslim: complete uproar. What needs to be seen is how a non-apologetic genocidal ruthless non-muslim kill arab muslim. People may think the Israelis are, but the Jews could easily wipe out the Gazan population if they wanted to. If the Jews were sadistic, they would flood those tunnels where the Hamas are holed up. However, there are calls for a ceasefire and the concern is those 2 million Gazans being refugees and shoved into Europe. We are seeing what is happening with all these Syrians and Iraqis coming into Europe.
  9. The muslim countries do not care about the Palestinians as they are quite troublesome. However, because Israel is there then they seem to show some care for the Palestinians. The muslim's problem with Israel is that it is Jewish. The Gulf countries (with exception of Qatar) are more interested in fermenting economic links with Israel. Here some facts about the Palestinians. Most of the population of Jordan is Palestinan and they tried to overthrow the monarchy there. Read up about Black September. Do you know who helped out the Jordanians, the Pakistanis. Lebanon had a civil war from about 1975 to 1990. Do you know how it largely? The very large Palestinian refugee camps there. PLO was based in Lebanon. Kuwait had a large Palestinian population. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, who did the Palestinians support? The Iraqis. The Kuwaitis expelled the Palestinians. Now with the Gaza war, there is pressure for Egypt to accept the Gazans by opening up the border. Egypt is reluctant to, even though between 1948 to 1967 they controlled Gaza. That is because once the Gazans leave for Egypt, Israel will never allow them back. The Israelis in my view are playing a very clever game. They allowed for Oct 7th to happen, so they can create the circumstances to push the Gazan population to the southern part. My observations is that they will probably reduce the Palestinian population drastically not through genocide but by pushing them into Egypt. Northern Gaza will probably be some militarized buffer zone and Hamas will largely be eradicated. What remains of Gaza will be a rump strip even tinier than before. Once they have dealt with Gaza, they will try to normalise relations with Saudi Arabia. Then they will either go for Iran, which if there is ever a regime change there could mean dried up support for Hezbollah which means Israel will shore up their Northern borders.
  10. The Gulf states are run by the kaffirs. They are ones who keep everything running. If it was 100 percent momins, it would not run. There is no real alpha-ness with muslims. It is just bravado and cockiness. The moment they get stood up to, you see how quickly they back down Those orthodox jews are only against the state of Israel because they are waiting for the messiah. They will be waiting forever to happen. Yet at the sametime they go and live/visit Israel anyway. Watch what they do, not what they say.
  11. You said in a previous if this was period of swords and houses and I showed you an example that this was not always the case.
  12. No they won't In an era of horses and swords, our ancestors beat their a$$. "Jo Bole So Nihal" is a far more frightening battle cry than "Allah hu Akbar" Even in that era, people less in numbers can defeat people of larger numbers.
  13. I think this true. The only real celebrity converts they get are the black ones, who think that they are escaping their slavery roots whereas the Arabs were extensively involved in slave trade. You see the white female ones and they start off with hijabs, over time they get lax with it and eventually the hijab comes off. I would say there are far more neo buddhist whites than white muslim converts but because they don't brag about it, you won't hear about it. Also, buddhists are far more synchretic, but this I mean you can attach it to any culture, you will still be attached to your cultural roots. Whereas Islam ,you no longer have any attachment to the culture you come from as you shift your allegiance to Arabism. The shift in European pre-Christian religions is already taking place. What muslims have is their hubris, and you are quite correct in that if whites took the gloves off, they would wipe out the muslims. But from our perspective, we do not wish to be part of the backlash.
  14. No, I don't think so. The number of coverts they do get, they lose quickly afterwards. It's just they publicise it more when they get one. Don't fall for the algorithms.
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