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  1. A lot of people want to go for names that no one else has so they are "unique" There are also people who want short names so they cannot be shortened.
  2. I am not necessarily talking about Saints but more like ordinary everyday people who would typically be Satyugi type people. These types of people might be completely unaware of what they are but find themselves out of sorts in the type of society we live in. I sometimes get the feeling that Maharaj's hukam works paradoxically in some cases as well as linearly and cyclically. It must be some kind of test to see how these Satyugi types cope in a scenario in which they would typically struggle in. Conversely for all we know there may have been Kalyugi types in Satyug era.
  3. I don't know about this trans stuff, but I truly believe that there are people born in the wrong yug. Must feel like a fish out of water.
  4. No one looks down on them. The fact that earlier generations give them advice is because we want them to succeed and not make the mistakes we made.
  5. What is the gora expression "We told you so!" Or " You can lead horse to water but you can't make them drink" We have done what we can, but they think they are more clever than us. Let them learn the hard way.
  6. Gen X fudoo blokes with all their cluelessness happen to be this way because of how they were brought up. We are not one mass of people, we all migrated out of Punjab at different stages and our circumstances and values dictate of our tempremant, personality and outlook. Gen X grew up at a time with mothers out of the 1960s who are a different breed compared to the ones who came in the 1990's. This generation was brought up with tinted glasses because you might have gone to Punjab for holidays and people were very different then and you did not see the mass migration of freshi
  7. Depends which branch of us who does this more. People who tend to be more recently arrived are more materialistic or people who have never seen or had consumer goods in their lives are far more materialistic. Those amongst our people who have lived with materialism for decades tend to be less balleh balleh. Like the bhangra music videos. In the old days of the 80's and 90's, twhen it was the UK that dominated the scene you would not hear about the flaunting of this wealth. Now bhangra music scene is dominated by Punjab and recent Punjabi migrants to Keneda and it is the
  8. Puff piece "study" People from Punjab and Tamil Nadugo to work to Lebanon to work because they are low income and want to work for more money. Yawn..
  9. The Pakistanis do enjoy themselves and are not averse to materialism. There have been any conversations amongst our Sikh women how Pakistani women wearing lots of gold. Pakistanis also now drive better cars. You do tend see brand new Land Rovers parked ouside some chicken shop.
  10. When a non Sikh goes after a Sikh our kes is always the target. They want to knock off our dastaar and then cut off the kes. It is equivalent of wiping a cow's blood on a Hindu or pig's blood on a muslim.
  11. There are particular phenotype that distinguishes us from a Keshdhari Hindus. It goes beyond the kes
  12. I suspect they think that cutting off our kes is more humiliating than death since we do talk about our shaheedi. Since we pride ourselves on kes and having a dastaar since we always harp on about how important our kes is and how our dastaar is our crown, they target it. It's a psychological thing more than anything else. It would be the equivalent of us forcing them to eat a bacon sandwich.
  13. You resort to insults when you cannot discuss or argue. Then normally you get schooled and then you go quiet for a while with all the pleasantaries before you start with your barrage of insults. You also pick up a few new words and think you are clever not even knowing what they actually mean. You also mimic other people's writing styles and style of posting. You are void of any authenticity. You play the tough guy act, you are an old man in his 50's trolling and threatening kids. If you met their parents you would get your head kicked in. You would not dare say w
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