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  1. I find the writing from right to left in some squiggly script very strange.
  2. If I am correct, Gurmukhi is based on Landa script which came from which is today's Pakistan. So basically Shahmukhi is a foreign script where Pakistanis are bowing down to their Persian and Arab masters. Us Sikhs do best when we lead and do our own thing rather than trying to acommodate and appease. Appeasing these lot gives us no benefit.
  3. In Islamic Jurisprudence there are many levels to lying and deceivIng. It is not only practiced by Shias.
  4. Another pointer: You are not only marrying the person, you are marrying their family. If you are marrying a woman,you are also marrying their friends.
  5. I always found term "liberal" used is very subjective. These types can be very authoritarian when it suits them and depending on the particular segment of the population they are targeting. These liberal hindus are merely dhimmis. But there is a scale and pecking order with these types. They favour Christians, Commies and Muslims over the Hindu but all these groups are favoured over Sikhs. Question then remains: out of the Christians,Commies and Muslims who comes first? They like Christians because they arsel1ck anything western related but does that usurp their
  6. Barkha Dutt is the archtype of the Urban Hindu Punjabi woman (particularly the types with the short hair and the gruff manly voice. I have these types before) that are virulently anti -Sikh but are very pro-Muslim. They are anti-Hindu when it comes to Muslims getting beaten by Hindu mobs via retaliation but suddenly find their love for India when it comes to Sikhs.
  7. This is quite contextual. Unless you are a male with lots of sisters or one of those players, I guess you pick up and learn a lot about female nature living with other females other than your mother. Most guys tend to use their mothers as a template of how women should be. However, they make the mistake thinking that their spouses are going to be exactly as their mothers. Your mother is your mother and she gave birth to you and will treat you different than your wife. The aspect of your mother that has something in common with your wife is the context of how your mother treat
  8. Here's my reply to those Hindustanis: Pardon my French :
  9. If you expect Western Punjabi youth to get into speaking and understand Punjabi then it should be in things that they are interested in. They are not necessarily going to be interested in Pardes/ Des Gippy Grewal type stuff. Though youtube has been a God send. I like watching some off the track travel shows on youtube. Got watching some Punjabis like Navdeep Brar who is travelling around the former Soviet Union. It's conversed in Punjabi and you can watch it with the elders as well.
  10. Well we have internalised the following : 1.) 1 Sikh = 125k non Sikhs 2.) As Sikhs we should protect the weak 3.) Seva - "Self-less " Service These are virtues but these have been taken out of complete context by our quam.
  11. We Sikhs love an underdog. What we need to realise is that the "oppressed " can become "oppressors "
  12. So basically the Khatris dropped the sword and picked up the cash register. They have bred themselves from being lions to becoming tabby pussycats.
  13. Not going to happen, there is a difference in what should happen and what is happening. There has to be another approach
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