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  1. That baseball cap guy on the right reeks of arrogance and with his steely no-blink predatory look. They know how to pose for a photo, I can bet you has the latest i-phone and probably uploads on tik tok
  2. content://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/1627857106584-551704679.jpg I know it's only a picture, but if you look at the guy with baseball cap, you can see the arrogance of him and the no-blink predatory look that a lot of these types have.
  3. It's quite sad when you cannot reason with these types. Once you notice the signs, the best course of action is to keep things cordial but keep them at arms length. The level of narcissism and sociopathy is off the chart that it is best to avoid them.
  4. They have the best networking abilities I have ever seen Shittar is the only language they understand.
  5. 100 per cent agreement here. People (particularly us outsiders) fail to see how well connected these guys are with their mobile phones They have friends and relatives all over the world and know every country's loop-holes as they share this information amongst themselves. Even bibian in Punjab who has never ventured outside knows exactly what type of visa is needed for each country and what kind of work they have. They know exactly what they are doing.
  6. I don't think narcissism is on their increase per se I think that narcissism was always there in people and all that has happened is the narcissism is now out in the open. It has been amplified. Similar to how people who become rich become arrogant and obnoxious. Money did not change them, it just exposed them to show they really are. We had social controls in society that shunned narcissist aspects so that it got buried. With social controls now being untangled it is no longer taboo and with social media (instagram and tiktok ) it has upscaled attention seeking and the narci
  7. It is our people's fickle nature. It is whatever floats their boat at that particular moment in time and then doing a complete 180 five minutes later
  8. For our people, faking, lying and bragging is seen as a good thing. Being humble is seen as foolish Perception and self-deception is everything
  9. The Rural Types also know what works and what does not. It's called Lindy, these are tried and tested methods that have lasted the test of time. When the green revolution took place, I am sure some very intellectual types told these rural types about what types of grain to grow which resulted in mono-crops and reduced the diversity somewhat. This is what happens when you look listen to people who have no skin in the game. What farmers began to do afterwards was grow 90 per mono crop and keep 10 per cent pre-Green revolution. It is the intelligencia that would have introduc
  10. Higher Level Academia like in the west have become largely indoctrination camps. All it develops as Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls them are I-Y-I , "Intellectual Yet Idiots"
  11. If there is one thing I learnt about academia, they are not there to develop economies
  12. The probability is that the Green Revolution in it's initial years provided great yields. What do people do when they find a successful method that gets results? They do more of it and then increase the intensity. If one person sees the another person be successful they try to mimic that template. In a place like Punjab, like a lot of other places, people tend to copy each other. Why you think going to University and getting an education is so important amongst our people? The Israeli water use is a result of necessity because it is an arid desert area. It is the ne
  13. No one can force one to overuse the water on your land. However, if the new hybrid seed from Mexico provided a greater yield, but it was more water intensive then any farmer's concern about depleting water table could be overriden.
  14. How do we know that conservation of water wasn't an important knowledge known and practiced by farmers pre-Green Revolution and some very clever,intellectual people insisted in new methods which in turn created an issue with depleted ground water levels?
  15. The older generation may not be educated in the academic sense, however they are educated in what works, particularly if they have worked in agriculture since practically birth. They have particular knowledge that maybe academics may not have and they have particular insights as they have tradition of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindy_effect I think that the older generation may be set in their ways but we should not necessarily discount their wisdom.
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