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  1. People are turning off Bollywood in droves and Punjabi cinema seems to be booming. What you are seeing is the burgeoning of regional cinema, localism seems to be the priority over the centralised Hindu speaking media. So much that the Hindi speaking Mumbai Punjabis in the Bollywood film industry have suddenly discovered their Punjabi roots.
  2. The problem with some white people is that they fail to acknowledge where a lot of the ideas and concepts came from originally. What is deemed as European civilisation is really Mediterranean civilisation (as per Nassim Nicholas Taleb) which has been appropriated by the Nordics. The Meds always looked east. The problem with us Eastern folk is that some of us have become smug of what we were and we have stagnated. Even that fellow civilisation China was smug calling themselves "The Middle Kingdom" What the white man has done has taken our knowledge , enhanced it and have surpassed us in the last few centuries. I think that is what pisses a lot of us off and that is why you China making huge strides in their economy and technology to get back where they feel they belong.
  3. India in it's current political format is. But it definitely exists as a geographical entity or even as some civilisational entity and is far more connected than what Pakistan is. The strands that keep it together are more indigenous. Islam and not being India is what makes Pakistan.
  4. It is because Pakistan is an artificial state that was cobbled together. India's history is their history. They don't really have their own history.
  5. I think in the hind brain of many Pakistani muslims is the existential fear of being dominated by hindus. They are feeling very threatened by a resurgent assertive hindu India. Their fear is being forced to become hindu and believing in many gods which is why your muslim colleague talks about one God. At some level in their heads they are thinking if a Hindu India forces them convert out of Islam and if given a choice they will choose Sikhi over being Hindu. Of all the peoples many Pakistani muslims have the most affinity with is are us Sikhs, even over other subcontinental muslims.
  6. It's only the beginning. Modi has a line of succession. After him, there is Amit Shah and after him there is even a more hardcore Hindu guy (cannot remember the name) Hindutva is planning and they are planning decades in advance.
  7. Check this tweet: During this summer The Sikh Community in the UK Pledged to Invest £500 Million Into Pakistan. Sikh businessmen around the globe will invest millions of pounds to promote religious tourism in Pakistan. #GNGST #Gurdwara #GuruNanakSewaTrust #NaamJapo #KirtKaro #VandChhako #Sikh https://t.co/Z6ZgL7bghE If these businessmen spent even 1 per cent on the 1984 widows, how much good can be done. Money has never been a problem, the allocation has
  8. Hindutva is on the rise in India. The Ayodya site has been awarded to the Hindus and Article 370 has been gotten rid off in Jammu Kashmir with it being split into two. These are two big steps that have been achieved. First step is that with Ayodya being settled the Ram temple can be built and it means for the hindu that a perceived injustice meted out to them has been overcome. The second step with Jammu Kashmir is that non Kashmiris can settle there now and turn it into a non muslim majority. In reality it was the Kashmir Valley that is problem for India. Jammu is mainly hindu with a large muslim minority and Ladakh is mainly buddhist with a large Shia minority. It will be interesting what would be the next steps. The Pakistani elite are probably very aware that it is going to be even more difficult for them to send their Jihadis over. I think at some level they are leveraging our emotional attachment to our historic sites. By creating these corridors is a way to split our loyalties. It seems they are looking for some soft spots to exploit. I think that Sikhi in the coming years MAY become the stabilising force on the subcontinent.
  9. The Pakistani government seem to be pulling off some master strokes. They understand very well the power of Sikh tourism. First with Nankana Sahib and now with Kartarpur. The question is other than the puppi-jhappi what are the benefits for Pakistan? What are the long term goals from Pakistan, is it a big 2 fingers up towards India? It seems clear to me that Pakistan are clearly using Sikhs to help develop the infrastructure in their country. It seems that the Sikh diaspora already is providing more impetus to their economy than the Pakistani diaspora. What is very interesting to me was the tens of thousands of people at Nankana Sahib and as I looked closer at the crowds they cannot all be Sikh, I suspect the vast majority were local muslims. And the first thought that cropped into my head was "Ripe for Sikhi!"
  10. How many Sikhs do live in Pakistan and where in Pakistan do they live? It would be a logistical problem for a miniscule number of Sikhs to maintain the gurdwarae if they are spread over a large area.
  11. I think we need get past this trope in being in a man's world living in a patriarchy. She was power hungry end of. Women should be judged on their own merits and their own conduct of behaviour and chatacter as individuals . If I recall her younger son Sanjay Gandhi played a big part in that. Rumours also suggest that she had her own son killed off as well.
  12. Politically naive. We Sikhs are an idealistic bunch. We need to see things as they are.
  13. Attention is the currency in girl world.
  14. When she was young and attractive, she uses her sexuality to get ahead. Even 20 years ago in her 50s she used her sexuality and used to play on it as a sex symbol. She never had problem being objectified. Now she is in her 70s and is getting on a bit and is not attractive as she used to be (maybe she is not getting the acting parts that she used to) , it is a problem being objectified all of a sudden.
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