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  1. Your ancestors weren't angels (no one's are either) but I like to know what the history of Patrick was to convert the Irish to Christianity. What was the true story and not the propaganda.
  2. Abrahamic ways are limited. It's only when the European started to take on the Eastern ways that any technological progress was made. Your Celtic people are really a Dharmic people. That is where your true roots are. The RC church does not fit well with the Irish which is why there is such vitriol against the Church in Ireland. The Irish need to come back to Dharma
  3. Enlightenment means dumping the Christian texts and then stealing Eastern knowledge and then claiming that you came to it all by yourself.
  4. I saw that one over the weekend. Very interesting. Particularly with the light leaving and light coming. Much we do not know. Out of body experience is one common thing that is always mentioned. Also, it can change perspective on many things,particularly how one lives their lives.
  5. The Plaid Shirt..very Canadian He needs to be joined by a moose, a grizzly bear, a mountie and a lumberjack
  6. Better to have Registry marriage than sully Anand Karaj.
  7. You will never get a straight answer on this. A lot of this is based on some level of virtue signalling and partly on some LARPing fantasy.
  8. Just an attention seeker Best to ignore
  9. In the olden days, people never went to college and started working early. They did not live in a society of extended adolescence.
  10. Sometimes the next generation is quite sh1tty and not be up to the standards of the family reputation. We assume that reputation gets passed onto the next generation automatically, however the values need to passed down. A lot of the next generation can become quite narcissistic because they benefit from the reputation but not understand that the reputation has to be earned.
  11. Downvote I see. Butthurt is Butthurt I guess.
  12. Done a quick Google map. The distance between Harrow and Brent Sikh Centre is like 4 miles.
  13. Gurdwaras in my opinion in the UK are coming across 2 types of Sangat. The weekday walking Sangat and the driving in weekend Sangat. Typically the weekend Sangat are the more social event types (akhand path/sukhmani path/anand karaj) Future Gurdwaras have to take these two types into consideration.
  14. The reality is that even so, the mother will still pick the son over the daughter.
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