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  1. Having money does not necessarily equate to having power though it can help. If wealth was all that was needed to be powerful, India would not have be invaded so many times and occupied for over 1000 years.
  2. Sikhs collectively tend to have "nice guy syndrome " , we want to be liked. But sometimes you can't be liked by everyone.
  3. It is natural for a Sikh to help others. It's what we do, it's the way we are particularly in the context of non-Sikhs. There is nothing stopping black people helping out if they so wish. Actually, there is nothing to stop white people helping out either. But this is not a Sikh problem, this is a problem with elements of the British white community and certain elements of the black community.
  4. I think the likes of Khalsa Aid and any other Sikh related charities are becoming international emergency catering organisations. We are going to be known for handing out free food.
  5. There is twitter/tiktok/email/watsapp. If they block the servers, then then there are VPNs. It just has to leak into one country before other countries.
  6. Maybe stay away from your nankeh might be your best course of action.
  7. Social media changes everything. Even if there was a mainstream media blackout, social media would leak out everything that was happening.
  8. I am hoping that those years are in dog years!
  9. Open Cuckholdary is a feature of Kalug. They will be pushing it as far as they can get away with it. Normalising paedophilia is the next step. This is the consequence of normalising transgender children and sexualising them.
  10. Pamela Stephenson Connolly, that's (Scottish comedian) Billy Connolly's wife. She became some psychologist /relationship counsellor in California
  11. It's called "game". You have probably heard about PUA's. I was watching a podcast with these guys and they approach hundreds and hundreds of women. For every hundred women they approach they maybe get two or three phone numbers. It's like sales. They get rejected far more times than success but they keep at it and they learn how to play the game better. It's like a skill. So even if they are ugly, they learn these skills. But confidence plays a big part. The age of the woman makes a big difference. In terms of what they are looking at the particular stage of life.
  12. As a proportion of the overall number of men. Probably only 10 percent (this may be a generous number). These narcissist types are what most of women are aroused and attracted to. There's a reason why 50 shades is a best seller.
  13. Very few men are actually capable of bedding and dumping lots of women. The men who are able to do this tend to be men who are very good at understanding female psychology. These are types who can manipulate. Most men do not have a clue.
  14. No. Vitamin D plays a big part. It's because we did not know as much 10-15 years ago.
  15. If they instigate the break up, they get over extremely quickly and discard you. If they get dumped then they get bitter. More men get dumped and rejected by women than the other way around. Historically, women are the sexual selectors so if they are on the receiving end then it hurts their ego.
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