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  1. We don't how Maharaj's hukam works in it's entirety. Man is part of nature too so it is possible that man's interaction with animals creates adaptation. Dogs came from wolves and they would not be what they are if it was not for humans.
  2. "It is the mark of a charalatan to explain a simple concept in a complex way."
  3. One of the examples you can see Ahankar and Nimrat that can be seen working together is with sportspeople. I have always wondered why sportspeople can seem full of themselves, quite arrogant and cocky. But I guess the nature of competition does this. Having Ahankar has a part in the competitiveness. Then question is then does having Bir Ras have level of Ahankarness. But when 2 ego-heavy come against each other and there is conflict. You see this with boxers a lot. But after the fight, you see the humility and mutual respect.
  4. This is something that has mulled me for a long time. Even though Ego is a vice and Humility is a virtue and you would think they are complete opposites and have nothing to do with each other. I have come to the realisation that these two are related to each other. I see them on a see-saw in that if one of these goes up, the other one goes down. However, I think the ego is another necessary vikaar (it does serve a function) because too much humility can make one like a doormat. These two need to be seen in their contexts and they need to be balanced like yin and yang.
  5. Gretadeep is the type who accuses you of beadbi if you accidently drop parshaad in the gurdwara.
  6. Modern Science talks about emotional stress and how it impacts the nervous system. You have sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Anger/Krodh is an emotional stress that maybe has a short term function but can cause health problems if it is prolonged. Now psychologists talk about meditation as an aid to calm your nervous system and to help manage stress? What do you think Gurbani does? What does naam simran do? It helps to calm your nervous system, it helps to manage stress. Gurbani not only helps you spiritually but also mentally and physically too.
  7. I read a lot of stuff from a western psychological perspective. It's what makes me value and appreciate gurbani even more. Bani is so far ahead, modern science is trying to catch up.
  8. I am all for renewable energy. But sometimes I do wonder about it's reliability. I do wonder about whether the environmentalists have thought things through properly. I don't want to fight with the Gretadeep Kaur Thunbergs though.
  9. This is an example of Krodh from Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump. He was a fauji and he wanted shaheedi like his father and grand father but he lived but lost his legs in the Vietnam war and he was angry with Maharaj. He was in a storm and his anger came out: But he had to submit to Maharaj's hukam and he found Sukh:
  10. Krodh is a very peculiar vikaar. Me personally, my Krodh can be directed towards Maharaj because I sometimes feel there is great injustice in the world and I sometimes feel that the least deserving get the best outcomes and the best people get the worst outcomes. And I do ask Maharaj, "Why the great paradox? " In life, I understand there are obstacles and struggles and they must be overcome. Otherwise if life was smooth sailing, there would no point in being here. We have a part to play. I have had to change my perspective on the way I look at things. This has only ha
  11. It is Maharaj in his kirpa that can decide whether a Non-Sikh will go to Sachkand. Maharaj's hukam is universal. It is not for us to be able to assume whether a Non Sikh will not go/ go to Sachkand. A non-Sikh has to be answerable to their karma like the rest of us. This is between the Non-Sikh and Maharaj.
  12. Depends where the solar panels are placed. Is it going to be a blot on the landscape? What's next? Wind Turbines?
  13. The only way they could make it £299 is to make it like an Indian bus and have 900 standing passengers. And I can bet you that if parachutes were provided, someone would say that they can see their pind from 20,000 feet and you can drop the hatch and they will skydive from there
  14. They don't tell you about the taxes that will go with that price. It will more like £500 to £600.
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