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  1. Ranjeet01

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    The biggest part of communication is what is not being said. It's called reading between the lines.
  2. Ranjeet01

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    From his parents POV they want grandchildren. He probably be better coming out and paying some surrogate mother to have kids. That would probably be the best case scenario.
  3. Ranjeet01

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    When I tried to give him some advice, I told him to take accountability for his actions. I got accused of being homophobic. And a whole load of other abuse. If he just wants to air his problems and not want anyone to give any feedback he's better off contacting samaritans. Maybe he is better if going on a LGBT forum. If other gays tell him to sort himself out then he cannot accuse them of being homophobic.
  4. He seems to fit the profile of a narcissist. He probably a sociopath as well.
  5. Would not be surprised if he is. If it is the case, is he just trying to be too clever for his own good.
  6. @AjeetSingh2019 What are you trying to achieve by airing your laundry on this forum. Are you looking for attention, sympathy, advice? What is it that you are looking for from us? It seems clear that the underlying theme here is you want out of the marriage. This fever/abortion issue seems to be an excuse.
  7. You should. Travelling is good for broadening your horizons.
  8. Ranjeet01

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    What our people have misunderstood is that you do not need to swing 100 per cent one way or the other. Discernment is key. There is a time to be intellectual and there is a time to be "physically confrontational " for want of a better word. Sometimes you don't have to be violent. One just need to stand up and stand firm. The message you portray is that is not that you will be violent, it is that you could be violent. This is the message Sikhs of the past sent out.
  9. Ranjeet01

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    That is one part of it for sure. Some of our people are too comfortable. Our forefathers did not get where they were without stepping out of that comfort zone. We as a community over intellectualise too much (particularly on this forum) It creates analysis by paralysis. That is one thing that the pendu unparh types have over us and that is take chances and not fear failure. It could be due to them having nothing to lose, it could be due to their hunger and desire. However, us intellectual comfortable types may need some discomfort if we want to maintain and appreciate the lives we have created for ourselves. You see this white collar boxing thing taking off with these guys that earn 6 figures. There is something clearly lacking in us. We need to get it back.
  10. Ranjeet01

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    I don't know how many times this topic keeps cropping again and again and again. You wimps know what you need to do, just do it, stop making BS excuses. Go to the gym and improve your fitness, lift weights. Take up boxing and martial arts, learn to defend yourself. It's not that hard, it is simple, just get off your ****
  11. Some people should travel more.
  12. Yes I have.
  13. Have you ever been to L.A?
  14. Ranjeet01

    A Guru Nanak Glossary - Christopher Shackle

    Apneh particularly the rural types are interested in books and education where it coincides with social advancement. It is only where it serves their purpose (ie material wealth) However, they are not interested in gyan for gyan's sake. They have no intellectual curiosity.
  15. We don't know but if we do not understand how he came to his conclusions, how will we never be able prevent any red flags that might crop up again. Some of the best lies are mixed in with truths.

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