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  1. Ranjeet01

    Bhai Maharaj Singh- freedome fighter

    Not had time to see the clip, but if I am correct he was sent to Singapore as a prisoner. He was the first Sikh in Singapore in 1850. Nearby where he was a prisoner is Silat Road Gurdwara. The oldest gurdwara in Singapore which was open in the 1880s I believe.
  2. Ranjeet01


    Were you aware of what your friend did at the time or did you realise afterwards?
  3. Ranjeet01

    Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa & Bibi Bano

    I think the term is "honey trap"
  4. Ranjeet01

    Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa & Bibi Bano

    This is a very tribal thing where one tribe attacks another, kill the menfolk and take the women. You take the womenfolk because they have reproductive value. The elderly are discarded because do not offer any value. And you kill off the children because they grow up and may take revenge or you co-opt them and brainwash them. It is a very base animal thing as you see this in the animal kingdom as well. Our Sikhi rises above this base animal ways. Which makes it hard for our quam because it feels like you have to stoop down to a lower lifeforms level.
  5. Ranjeet01

    Crying like a baby

    Bani can bring suppressed emotions to the fore. I think Bhai Jagraj Singh mentioned something called Bhairag, your emotions come out because your subconscious has been longing for connection to Waheguru. The more you become spiritually aligned the more things you begin to see and feel. You feel a connection to nature and all things around you.
  6. Ranjeet01

    Punjab floods

    Ronald Reagan who was U.S. president was an actor in the 1950s. Actors make the perfect politicians because they pretend for a living.
  7. Ranjeet01

    Happy Ganesha festival to all hindu-sikhs .

    No us UK Sikhs have got Nellie The Elephant and we submerge her into our holy River Thames Mata.
  8. Ranjeet01

    Patiala "royal" family

    Like I have said before, we love to blame the British for all our problems but most of the problems lies with us and our good old subcontinental mentality of backstabbing and betrayal. The British Empire conquered mostly primitive populations but the icing on the cake was conquering a more ancient and more sophisticated civilisation who should know better. Glad more posters here are realising this.
  9. There is a thing that men and women can never really be friends in the platonic manner you ascribe to. Sex always gets in the way. When a man is a friend with a woman, his intention is not to be her "friend", it always in the intention to be something more. A woman can have many male "friends" even in a non-sexual manner because she is getting the thing a lot of women value and that is attention. Attention is their goal not sex.
  10. Ranjeet01

    Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara Slough Amrit Sanchar

    If the outer walls are glass and it was re-modelled from the inside. How could it have been pulled down? Unless Segro sold that land off, I very much doubt the gurdwara owns that land. Segro has found it very difficult to occupy these office spaces and now they are using office spaces for apartment, schools, gyms. The head office for o2 is opposite the gurdwara and when they developed it, o2 spent a lot of money on it but it is leasehold. I think the gurdwara is also leasehold.
  11. Ranjeet01

    Kashmir - who does it belong to?

    From an Indian perspective, it is a master stroke. Their goal is to keep india intact. By removing article 370, they can turn the state into a non-Muslim majority. Also note that Indian controlled Kashmir is three parts (Ladakh- mostly buddhist), Jammu - mostly Hindu and the Kashmir valley. I think the Jammu and Ladakh people's are probably fed up of those valley folk hogging up all the benefits and political power and might be grateful for this. If there is going to be insurgency (which is propped up by Pakistan) , it will be a short term hit for long term gain. It's not as if Pakistan Occupied Kashmir hasn't been swamped with non locals eg in Gilgit and Baltistan.
  12. Ranjeet01

    Where to go travel in England

    There is so much to see and do.Come over.
  13. Saville being a paedo abuser was well known in the BBC. The reason Saville got away with it for so long is because he threatened to take down / expose all the other paedos in the establishment and the BBC. This is one of the things that I do not get. Some people say karma gets you in your lifetime. How did Saville not suffer for his sins in his life. Could be because of all the charity work offset all the despicable things he did. Maybe he is getting what he deserves in the afterlife.
  14. Ranjeet01

    media brainwashing

    I see what you mean: Probably a combination of factors. The plant is very easy to grow. The more liberal laws of Canada in regards to marijuana. The huge market in the US. The facilities already available amongst our people, such as the land/greenhouse to grow the stuff and the trucks to provide the logistics. The fact that marijuana has been legalised in a lot of the US states has meant that revenues are probably down for BC Bud. That is because marijuana can be grown in those US states. There has probably been a shift into other drugs to make up the shortfall. Marijuana is also seen as a gateway drug which probably creates opportunities with coke, meth etc. I believe that is what happened for Mexican smugglers. I am no expert on drugs as a good Sikh I refrain myself from even thinking about it. However, it is interesting from a business perspective. Because in the end of the day it is a business, it's just one that destroys peoples lives.

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