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  1. You need to Google MacCauley in the Indian Education system.
  2. Brown Sahib /McCaulyite. His background has everything to do with it because it makes it easier understand his viewpoint.
  3. Good for you. I am going to use the 1st amendment and say that you are suffering from "white guilt "
  4. I don't know they call it Azad Kashmir, they are not even Kashmiris. A more correct term would be Punjabi speaking areas adjacent to Jammu.
  5. There was a lot more going on. We are barely scratching the surface.
  6. It all kicked off in Rawalpindi. Sikhs in those areas were predominantly Urban Sikhs rather than rural ones.
  7. However, Sikhs were minority in West Punjab but owned huge swathes of land with Hindus owning lots of businesses. I think the difference was the Muslims in West Punjab were big land owners and they were quite feudal in nature.
  8. The reasons why a lot of things happened to muslims in doaba is because there were refugees pouring in from West Punjab telling all the things that was happening like rape, murder etc so a lot it was retaliation. The crazy things that was happening was Sikhs were protecting muslims in their own villages whilst killing muslims in other villages.
  9. The muslims of doaba were not big land owners like in West Punjab. They tended to come from the lower stratas of society. From what I remember in Jalandhar they lived what are called bustees. If you want to ever meet muslims from Jalandhar or Doaba in general, a lot of them moved to what is now Faisalabad in Pakistan. Jagsaw is a Doabite and would have far more extensive knowledge on this.
  10. My definition of coconut is bit different to yours. There is a term that is used for people like him in India. And he still has a bit of the accent that you don't lose after you live your formative years in the motherland.
  11. Sunny and Jagraj were both born and raised in India, I think Sunny was 12 when he came over to the UK. He would be a pretend coconut.
  12. A lot of suffragettes were upper class women and were pis*** when men from the lower classes got to vote.
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