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Found 4 results

  1. Fateh all! Just me contemplating here. When I was young, parents were like "If you say waheguru, u are blessed. If u fail to say waheguru, u go to hell" (ok ignore the quote marks). Today I ask... why am I Amritdhari? why do I have kirpa n knowledge of Baania plus naam jaap? Am I doing it for a reason or just for you? heck, why am I even writing this here? why are u reading this? DK about u but... maybe am doing what am currently doing is to NOT fall in hell? At least we see animals suffer (84 lakh joon) but what goes on in hell? At 17 after taking Amrit I was old enough to not worry about hell. I read far too many biographs (like, two or three) and was inspired by bios to take Amrit. With kirpa my Sikhi is getting stronger by the day. But what then? will Waheguru see me after life "Shabaaz puth! ehne paat padleh aja hun, tera heaven wich saer karieh." Then I think it's about the future, setting Sikhi seeds here on the planet. Maybe my aim is to have a gist of Brahmgiani? maybe one day I will become a Brahmgiani and spread the word of God, just like Baba Nand Singh, Sant Kartar Singh, Sant Gurbachan Ji did? Maybe am TRULY doing this not to fall in hell, get beaten, burnt and stabbed in the arse? Maybe am doing all this to prove Sikhi is best compared to other religion? Maybe am Sikhi just to pass the time? Whatever the reason only we know why we chose Sikhi and follow it. I do have a plan and will follow it. This plan involves to learn, whatever I do I enforce on myself, NEVER to consider other religions low and slander other religions and to maintain a good discipline in my Nitnem as well as maryaad. I believe something excellent will happen. Maybe am scared of not being reunited with God this life? maybe I no longer fear falling in hell (and get stabbed up the arse) but fear of dejection is now great? Who knows!
  2. Guest

    Kids I Hide I Kaam

    WJKK WJKF Sadh sangat ji. My quaestion is how you deal kaam or sex thoughts with your children. today scenario is completely change. Today kids and children talk about sex with each other. like for example : - talk about sex etc etc because now days its very difficult to control over there because of facebook, whatsapp and youtube. but my quastion is how you people or parent teach your child according to gursikh amritdhari and khalsa need your help. regards, Gur sangat kini khalsa
  3. Seeing so much religious fanatic horror in the world, which has been going on for a while, one just gets sickened and furious, and helpless at the same time. I just can not understand, how after any cruel attack, in their filthy minds, they can say, we have to wipe out the enemies of Allah .... What a big stupidity. How come if that Allah is god, and is supposingly formless at least for me, can he have any enemy? Who can have possibly have any enemity against something which can not be seen, nor reached? Is he so limited, that he fears, and orders some to go and kill in his name? Is his kingdom here on earth, where we are to stay forever? If he is god, and made us so, as we are, as sikhs, as christians, as jews, as hindus...or whites, blacks, brownies, then, in which way are we to be blamed, because, he has made each one of us so? Is he so imperfct, that there is some other god, who made the rest of the beings, and he is only related to islam or muslims .... then better he fight with the other gods, and see if he comes out winner Of course, I do not believe in all this, but it is the foolish and really mad people, who commit such horrible attrocties...be them of any race, color or creed. Really absurd !!!! Where has the common sense gone? If I was a muslim, and I was told all this preached rubbish, I would give them a big kick, because it has nothing of a minimum rationality. I wonder why, all are so brainwashed, and none has the guts to stand up, and say, enough of foolish stupidity. Just as the sun rises for all people without any distinction, so is the grace of God for all, give Him any name, that does not change His nature of being so lovable and merciful. For example, in our Bani, in the first begining, beautifullydescribes for us, the real values of God, who otherwise is unperceivable: Ikoankar: He is One. Satnam: He is Nam, and is eternal Karta Purukh: He is the doer of everything. Nirbhav : He is fearless, He fears none. Nirvair: He has enimity with none Akal Moorat: His existence is beyond time Ajoonee saibhang: He is birthless and deathless, and self supportive, depends on none Gurparsad Jap: He is realized by his Grace, by doing the Jap of His Nao. This is the real description of God, irrespective of, if one is a muslim, a hindu, a sikh or of any other dharma. Sat Sree Akal.
  4. in akal takht rehat maryada eating jhatka meat is allowed but damdami taksal and akj forbid eating meat. what are your views on this topic and also can we read bani after eating meat.
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