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Found 6 results

  1. I won't beat around the bush. There are a few members -- from what they've shared on this forum -- who are going through a rather tough time in terms of spiritual issues related to their personal lives. That's probably an understatement. But it's at times where we begin to feel doubtful about certain things; when we feel alone and abandoned, the vulnerable of us are the most susceptible to outside forces that choose to capitalise on that vulnerability for nefarious purposes. These so-called beacons of hope offer so-called support and understanding; a shoulder to cry on. Don't fall fo
  2. Guest

    Ripped off

    I’ve been ripped off by a fellow Punjabi in a business deal. I know I’m to blame as well as I trusted this person when I shouldn’t have. I don’t even care about the money even though the damage done is close to 6 figures, but am feeling really bad about how I’ve been treated. I thought I could trust this person but he just saw me as an easy target and dollar signs. My family members are telling me to forgive and move on but I’m finding this really hard to do as I think about it all day. Any suggestions on how I can move on?
  3. To all my sikh brothers & sisters on this site... there is no point in talking to a Muslim & there is certainly no point in ever trusting anything that comes out of their mouths! They consider us as Kafirs (non believers) and therefore are permitted under the laws of Islam to practice what is known as 'TAQIYYA' when having any dealing with us. I urge you all to research & learn about TAQIYYA for yourself but have added some info below. Also remember that Guru Gobind Singh Ji explicitly said the word of a Muslim is never to be trusted. Remember how the lowly dogs of
  4. Benti to Tapoban Singhs of Toronto, There are serious doubts raised about confidential trust issues with you. Have any of the Tapoban SInghs of Toronto Canada ever been guilty of doing sewa in Panj Pyare and then breaking trust by talking about any peshi outside of the amrit sanchaar? Those who do sewa in Panj Pyare must be held accountable to Panth and Sangat. Remember it is a big sin to lie on such a serious issue. So do not lie and be honest. Just give us a simple answer. The sangat deserves the truth. If ANY Singh of any group is guilty of not being trustworthy i
  5. Guest

    Bullied And Trust.

    I remember when I was in school I had awful days, my best days were in primary. in secondary my mum used to make me do a plait.. I had long hair lol and still do! but anyways i used to go to school and yh the boys in my class used to call me hairy!!! when really there were 2 Muslim girls who had the most bushiest eyebrows and sideburns!!!!!!! my school was a mixture of races.. white, black, Sikh, Hindu but majority Muslim. the Sikh boys were a disgrace and most of the girls were slags. they used to drink, do shisha, smoke, do weed etc etc.. don't get me wrong i had friends but my school had
  6. Guest


    SikhSangat Ji My question is simple. How do you Trust someone? If you have a little doubt about what someone is saying to you - What goes through your thoughts? AND How do you deal with this feeling? I am specifically referring to a Husband and Wife relationship, but the Principle is similar to many other relationships. What are your thoughts please? Thank you
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