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  1. What a load of rubbish! Coconuts are used during Dasam & Sarbloh akhand paths.... especially during Dasam. According to these 2 clowns Tilak is ok but coconut is brahminvaad.... hahahaha..... Brahmins also do tilak brahmins also believe in amritvela, ishnan, Kirtan, naam..... won’t be long before our ‘Dr’s & ‘professors’ start calling these brahminvaad For the few on this site that may have some brain cells that work, please read Gurbani paat darpan by Baba Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale to learn why coconut is used. Might be a good idea to learn what ‘bipran ke reet’ actually is before denouncing everything as brahminvaad
  2. Maybe you should have a look on this site & see what I have posted in the past regarding the use of cannabis & medicine containing alcohol.... Your original post did not sound like it was referring to medicinal levels of alcohol.
  3. Listen MahanSula.... if those are your views then goodluck to you.... knock yourself out & enjoy all the sex & alcohol you want if they bring you happiness. Your right.... mahraj does give all answers so why don’t you take your questions direct to mahraj?! This forum is used by young people.... I know exactly what your angle is... but won’t work here.....
  4. It was Laxmi who took avtar as Raja Janaks daughter Sita.... not mahalaxmi. Theres a big difference between Laxmi & Mahalaxmi. Whenever I come on this site there’s always same lot commenting on every topic regardless of whether they have enough knowledge on the subject of the topic or not.... it’s pathetic that some people either think they are possessed with so much gyan that they can answer on any topic or that they have nothing better to do then spend most their time on a website that has become an accumulation of the dumb & retarted. If anyone is under the illusion that the panth is headed in the right way they should come on this site & read the utter bakwas on here.
  5. Maybe you should go and read Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s account of what happened between Indra & the Brahmins wife before giving the maha-gyani speeches on here..... your version of events is based on granths written by Brahmins & the rubbish they show on modern adaptations on TV! As you pointed out to a member above that Sanskrit is not our heritage.... Brahmins & their granths are not our heritage... the Bani of Guru sahib is. Read what Mahraj says about Indra & the Brahmins wife.... see who tricked/enticed who.... sure you and your feminist lot will enjoy reading it
  6. Where in GGSJ does it say wear 5 kakkars?! the khalsa’s maryada does not come from GGSJ Your mother who gave birth to you also has the above inclinations.... but as a child you consumed her milk... and was born from within her body This site needs to be renamed ‘Spastic Sangat’ Stop wasting your time on here talking utter bakvas.... go read Bani & do some simran & build your avasthas
  7. Mahakaal96

    GUYS and kaam

    Not true. Your question is a reflection of the type of men you keep sangat with, look up to & learn from. Read Charitropakhyan & you will realise the lengths women had to go to in order to seduce a real man.
  8. No, Bedi lineage links back to Kush (Son of Ram Chander) Trehan lineage links back to Lakshman (brother of Ram Chander) Bhalla lineage to Bharat (brother of Ram Chander) Sodhi lineage links back to Luv (Son of Ram Chander)
  9. Bedi, Trehan, Bhalla & Sodhi are all descended from Raghu lineage, which is from Ishvaku lineage & links back to Surya lineage.
  10. Not true. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was Bedi lineage Guru Angad Dev Ji was trehan lineage Guru Amar Das Ji was bhalla lineage Guru Ram Das Ji to Guru Gobind Singh Ji were Sodhi lineage Read bachitter natak, it covers how long the gurgaddi would stay in the bedi lineage & the Sodhi lineage.... once you get a grasp of that you realise the sons of Guru Nanak were never meant to get gurgaddi..... so people who say Baba Sri Chand & Baba Lakmi Chand ‘failed’ as the sons of Guru Nanak don’t know what they are talking about!
  11. Mahakaal96


    This site should be renamed as Spastic Sangat
  12. If I remember correctly are you referring to the 14 attributes the kathavachik should possess & the 14 attributes the listener should possess? Goodluck in this time & age.... a handful of old kathavachiks do possess the attributes but majority of sangat these days are a bunch of stupid dhangers with no intelligence... just have a look at the state of this site. Even those people who cant even recite penti, have no kamai & never learnt from a Sant or mahapurekh think they know it all.
  13. When the maharaja of patiala sold out to the British and tricked the Nihangs into attending a meeting where close to 30,000 Nihangs were murdered whilst they slept what did the sikhs do to help the Nihangs? when the British adopted a shoot on site policy to deal with any Nihangs who survived the massacre at patiala what did the sikhs do to help the Nihangs? When Nihangs were forced to go into exile to Hazur sahib did the sikhs in panjab do anything to support thier Gurus fauj? When the sgpc was formed & Nihangs were being forcefully removed by sikhs & even refused langar at gurughars where was the panths support for Gurus fauj? Nihangs were denied any money from Gurus golak despite Guru Sahib giving a hukamnama that his fauj had first rights to funds from the golak for the upkeeping of fine horses & weapons why did the panth forget about the fauj? fast forward 100 years.... the panth & sants who had placed their faith in the formation of sgpc 100 years earlier at the expense of Gurus fauj now cry out asking for help from the fauj as the reality of sgpc sets in. Now all of a sudden a fauj that was close to extinction 100 years ago with no funds for weapons & horses are supposed to be saviours of the same panth that abandoned them. Everyone has to take responsibility for the mistakes made by both sides..... in the 1980s we had kharkus & Nihangs killing each other over issues like eating meat..... how pathetic is that, sikhs killing each other over what we eat to keep this temporary body alive. The whole panth needs to learn from our mistakes & wake up to how we have been played & divided by our enemies. Mahraj kirpa kare the panth unites & everyone carries out the seva they were supposed to do
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