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  1. Lifelong vegetarian. Definitely have some intolerance to lactose, so not a typical big mild drinker for example, as many punjabis are. Veganism has grown massively in recent years. It seems even more popular than vegetarianism. I am aware that the dairy industry is not 'clean' - a lot of 'supplements' like steroids and antibiotics are given to the cows that produce the milk. It seems these cows are probably not treated very well, e.g. live in overcroded conditions, and are likely being 'milked' (excuse the pun) as much as possible which probably is not too healthy for them and the subsequent milk produced. A couple of thoughts/queries on this. Why is milk so revered and such a big part of the Indian/Hindu culture, of which Sikhi is closely linked (but different)? Was milk in the older days different? Is there such a big difference between buffalo vs cow's milk? Is milk from goats for example any good? Milk is supposedly a great source of calcium and therefore essential for bone health, but I understand the Japanese are very low consumers of dairy and have the lowest rates of osteoporosis worldwide- is there something different in their lifestyle that protects their bones? A majority of meat-free vegan food and staple of vegan diets is soya which seems to contain and/or promote estrogen production - is this another game being played by 'them' to change society and feminise it ? Hopefully what I have said makes sense. @jkvlondon - especially awaiting your views!
  2. Is it better to cut out diary and butter and milk as these are extremely high in cholesterol and cause heart disease, in favour of just vegan diet?
  3. well as you guys dairy is a big part in Sikhism we get kadha parshad which is made from dairy ... but what i would like to know is as far as i understand Sikhism is against animal killing or suffering but still dairy is a big part of it which is something i do not understand .. so can you guys please tell me what i should do ? i just find it unethical to drink milk as the milk produced is for calf's and i went to local farmers and did my own research they might say the calf will die if he drinks all the milk but they do not deny that the milk is only produced when cows are impregnated.. so please tell share your views with me
  4. When you follow a strict meat-free and egg-free diet, you get many questions as to how do you meet your protein and iron needs during pregnancy. I would like to share a resource that explains what we might seem to be missing in our diet and how to compensate for it. http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/veganpregnancy.php please share more resources that you think are helpful!
  5. This has been bothering me for some time now. It is as the title says, why does our respect for life stop with vegetarianism? When I suggest Sikhs should consider becoming vegan, it is become of the horrendous atrocities that occur within the dairy industry. Cows are forcefully artificially inseminated so that they get pregnant and lactate (produce milk) Their calves are taken from them so they don't drink the profits and then slaughtered for veal. They spend their whole lives in chains and being abused. Becoming pregnant and producing milk so often that raw milk is full of blood, puss and infection. They are injected with hormones and bred so that their udders swell to unnatural sizes, causing them immense pain, just so they are able to produce more.. Is this right? Can Sikhi justify this? I've reached a point where I've started to laugh at Sikhs that claim to be righteous because they are vegetarian because to kill for meat is wrong, but don't want to hear about dairy abuse. Is torturing for milk acceptable? It would be more humane to just kill the animal and take its meat rather than let it live and make it suffer! Perhaps Guruji never condemned the use of milk because perhaps in their time it was different. Perhaps there was not this evil level of greed that exists today. People just took what they needed/could from their farm cows. But times have changed and the treatment of cows in dairy farms is absolutely barbaric. How can we as Sikhs allow this to happen? The truth about dairy is no secret. There are volumes of information available, just as there are about the truth of meat industries. Yet why have Sikhs not taken an official stand to no longer be part of this cruelty? How can we happily be just vegetarian when true respect and value for life comes from being vegan?
  6. Guest


    Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa VAheguroo Ji Ki Fateh. I'm looking looking for answers but would appreciate sangat's views. I'm an Amritdhaari and thinking of becoming a vegan. On a journey home from work it just hit me how much sense it makes to become vegans, and that it's still disturbing that we are still using animal products as vegetarians. So this is something (Guroo Kirpa) I 100% see my self doing in the future. My only concern is what about at the Gurdwara and stuff? I doubt many Gurdware have vegan friendly Degh and langar and stuff. Should I not accept Degh? Views please. Vaheguroo.
  7. VJKK VJKF I'm 16 and I hope to be blessed with amrit in the future. A question I had was, are most amrit dhari's vegetarian or vegan? Everyone gives me different opinions on what's right and wrong. I'm willing to become vegan, but I want to hear more about the topic first. Thanks.
  8. I am just starting out on my vegan journey and loving it so far, anyone else in same / similar boat as me ? I also like to workout (mainly weights) and would want to keep my total calorie / protien input optimal.
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