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Found 6 results

  1. The UK will be officially leaving the European Union club What's your thoughts on the whole issue?
  2. When the UK eventually brexists and leaves the European Union in 2019 the closet UK like and english speaking nation would be Ireland which would be remanining in the EU. Many British Sikhs who want to be part of the EU may want to relocate and migrate to the republic of Ireland. So does anyone what is the viability of doing so? Are there many Sikhs in ireland? Are there Gurdwara's there? What are the employment prospects for ethnic/religious minorities?
  3. Guest

    Some Home Truths

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa my brothers and sisters Waaheguru ji ki fateh. And so, from one that is no longer welcome on this forum, let me summarize, bearing in mind that point 3, and point 3 alone, is my main point: 1) There's been threads, and a popular thread, about the issue of milk (products) in our Gurdwaras. Yet, interestingly, no one in those discussions has seen fit to mention how it was me who had been putting forward the Sikhi based arguments for it for the last 3 years on this very forum. 2) There's been a thread about a 'Rita Johal', and that thread has been mega popular as you've all seen it as a mega new topic. And yet none of you who posted in that thread remembered my goodbye thread (after the Mods here banned me) in which I mentioned Rita Johal (and 2 other Sikh females) who were either married to or going out with, Leicester City players or high profile supporters who were out on the pitch with them in celebratory scenes that were headline news throughout the world. In that goodbye thread, I mentioned how, seeing as how most of you are UK Sikhs and UK Sikhs are most probably the most inarticulate, mis-informed, illiterate muppets on god's earth, who was going to take my mantle of being able to see outside the box........i.e see a thing before it becomes bleedingly obvious. The fact that several weeks later someone here starts a thread about Rita Johal as if he or she had discovered a great new topic and you all, in masses, posted on it with your brand new thoughts about a brand new topic, gives us a very good indication as to why the Indian Hindu national stereotype of a Sikh is as a thicko and why they (the Hindu in India......i.e......the man that has a government that represents him.......a government that is seeking a permanent seat on the security council.....i.e a man with power. This man....I dunno what his name is....probably Romesh, Rakesh or summfink........This man...lets call him Rakesh..., with his view of Sikhs as dumb simpletons, is the reason we are in the state we are in (we're in a lot of sorry states but none more so than the fact that we, as a sangat on Sikh Sangat dot com.................are not even capable of spotting issues unless a period of exactly 4 weeks passes. 3) And so to my final and most important point. The suicidal Brexit. The Mods here banned me. Who knows where in the world they sit and who knows how intelligent they are. None of that is important though but what is important is how a Singh repeatedly points out the increasing bigotry and hatred that is manifested on this forum and this of course makes those bigoted and hateful forum members complain about the Singh and....ultimately...the Singh gets banned. And so, my sisters and brothers living outside the UK, please understand this: If you want to get an insight into the average poster on this forum and understand how the UK Sikhs can regularly turn out 80,000 every single year on the bluestar remeberace / Khalistan march and have a 100 professional parcharks and yet not be capable of having a single member of parliament, look at the widely available interactive map of London re; the EU vote. It shows that the whole of London, i.e 90%, was in favour of being part of the European Union but only 2 tiny areas were in favour of leaving and destroying their own children's future. Guess what those only 2 tiny areas were ? The extreme west of London....i.e Hayes and Southall (i.e the Sikh heartland of London) and the extreme east, i.e Ilford (east London's Sikh heartland). And there we have it. The Singh that tried to counter the xenophobes gets banned well before the vote and so the Mods and Admins ensure the illiterate lemmings have the final and definitive say....i.e the vote. And what was this final and definitive say? Well. there's too many things to mention here but lets just sumarise by saying London's screwed because Frankfurt will now become Europe's financial capital, our economy is screwed, our housing market is screwed, our credit rating is screwed...we're in for 20 to 30 years of hard time and yet, we'll have to (as per the Norway example) have to pay in 80% more into the EU than we used to as a member just to enjoy the free trade and still have to adhere to the free movement (i.e immigration). And there we have it. A nation so blinded by bigotry it was willing to destroy it's economy just so it could pay 80% more than it currently did and have the same amount of immigration. This is....without a shadow of a doubt, the most uneducated, illiterate nation on earth. Trump is such a bufoon of a countryand so blinded by xenophobia he thinks he is willing to build a wall to keep the others out. I used to think you couldn't get stupider than that but I forgot my own country. My own country is so stupid it makes Donald Trump look like an Oxford professor. My own country is so Stupid it destroyed it's own self and it's own children's future just to keep 'foreigners' out without having enough intelligence to know that it had the best deal in Europe and would now have to pay 80% extra for the exact same deal. We are, without a shadow of a doubt, the most dumbest nation on Waheguru's earth and we, who have been here nearly 100 years and yet still can't produce an MP are without a doubt the dumbest of them all.
  4. Whats your thoughts and reactions? Personally I knew he would win or had a huge chance of winning when hiliary was made the candadiate for the democrats as she was tainted goods from the state with Libya incident, the emails scandal, bill clintons wife, puppet of the zionist bankers, etc,etc. And there was that same feeling I had with the brexit election alot of ethnic minorities voted for brexit and I suspect same thing happened with election of Trump they have had enough of the status quo of not getting anywhere in life along with the majority white working/middle class. Also there is a huge movement of angry right wing white men who feel powerless against the change of flow of world politics where they are on equal level pegging with everyone else, and they dont like that. So they are revolting and demanding white male privileged status as per what their racist ancestors had enjoyed.
  5. British Sikhs will you be voting in or out of the EU?
  6. Deeply saddened by today's news. Try not to get too gloomy folks.
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