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Found 4 results

  1. You don't hear much about this guy. Was quite different to other Punjabi/Indian Maharajas especially his cousins from Patiala. He refused to get a coronation ceremony from the British when his father died like the other Maharajas used to in India and instead chose to get anointed in a Sikh ceremony. He supported many Sikh causes and refused to provide the British with soldiers from his state like how the Patiala state did. During his rule he made sure Dalits had excess to education and jobs. He refused to cooperate with the British and they decided to dethrone him and sent him and his family packing out of Punjab. He became more closer to Sikhi during his exile. Not saying he was perfect but during a time where many Sikh/Punjabis/Indians in power were sucking up to the British he was one who wasn't!
  2. Interesting to have a painting of Maharaja Duleep Singh in Singapore's Islamic Restaurant.
  3. Guest

    Turban Questions

    Hi everyone I have decided to wear a turban for the rest of my life. I have some questions that I would like your help with please - and only sikhsangat posters would be experts :biggrin2: So here goes - I am tying a round turban with an orange keski underneath. My technique is to tie a orange keskhi. I then get the larr and cover my head by holding it directly vertical in the centre of my forehead i.e. joora and orange keshi is covered. Then I wrap it all the way around and I tuck in the final larr at the end. So the questions - 1. I have noticed some people have turbans which are flat at the top but with me - you can see my joora (covered) - it is really obvious and I have been 'checking' out other peoples turbans and they are flat with no joora. How do people get it flat? 2. Turban for sports - My turban gets loose very quickly - how do you get it to not get loose? Sometimes I am scared of running or doing sports 3. Too tight around ears - So i thought I should make it tighter to make it less loose and now my ears hurt - Is it supposed to cover the top parts of your ears? 4. Sleeping - so if I want a nap (middle of day) - my turban literally falls off! Do people sleep in turbans? How do they keep it looking neat. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  4. so i was looking at fotos of maharaja ranjeet singh, and i came accross this foto. I thought, mm.. it looks like an old foto.. it must be a greater chance that this is what maharaja ranjeet singh looked like.. then i notices the eye.. it looks like half of their face was droopy, aka palsy'd. could it be that they had it? may seem like a silly question, but any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated. or even why was the foto painted with there eye like that!>! akaal ! gurfateh
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