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  1. who on earth puts their real dob on the net??take it off

  2. VAHIGUROO JEE KA KHALSA VAHIGUROO JEE KEE PHATEHI! Can everyone please report this group : http://www.facebook.com/groups.php#/group....&ref=search its an anti Sree Dasam Granth Sahib Jee group
  3. words mean nothing....actions mean it all....even longowal pretended to stand shoulder to shoulder with Sant Jee....and afterwards betrayed the whole kaum
  4. well when are you going to start showing Sant Jarnail Singh Jee's speeches?
  5. because Dhan Dhan Sahib Sree Guroo Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj Sahib Jeeo made this maryada-who are you and i to change it?
  6. i have read geo's posts in regards to Dhan Dhan Sahib Sree Guroo Granth Sahib Jee...in the vienna topic as well-i am disgusted now i know this is not a gursikh thing to say....but i feel like crying after reading your beadbified remarks-go and jump in a well!
  7. VAHEGURU JEE KA KHALSA, VAHEGURU JEE KEE FATEH! It seems to me that Mr Bal has given you a somewhat distorted view of what is happening.....In order for you to get a balanced, unbiased view, I suggest that you meet some of the Slough youth and then you can make up your mind , after hearing BOTH sides face to face. There is NO business venture related to rumaaley sahibs so that needs to be cleared up with you jee. Please message daas or Menu Ki Patha to arrange a meeting jee And Mr Bal and Co, in front of normal sangat have even attempted to lie to the police, but have been caught out... so he is not a honest man either Guru Raakha Jeeo, May Maharaj do kirpa on us all and bless us with His Sikhee VAHEGURU JEE KA KHALSA VAHEGURU JEE KEE FATEH!
  8. YAY! defo Shromani Raagi Bhai Balbir Singh Jee's raag kirtan----he is the don!!!! im literally jumping with excitement at the idea!
  9. thats not very nice now kular!

  10. lol-at-me


    no i know the singhs...taksalis also approve of keeping bibek
  11. How do you know she was "shagging about" as you so crudley put it? In some Middle East countries, girls/women who are rape victims are treated like this! It's disgusting!
  12. No you are not! I am married and you dont need to! u never remove your kakaars!EVER!
  13. lol-at-me

    In Love

    I totally agree with guru'sfateh. ive been there and done that and have the t-shirt and have the scars where moh has burnt me and is continuing to burn me.the only way to extinguish that fire is to jap naam. so do it forget this bibi for a while and leave everything to maharaj he is soooo dayala,so giving and he showers us with blessings 24/7 the least that papis like me can do is to try and jap naam and have faith in maharaj he can do anything and leave everything in his beloved hands detach yourself from this bibi and attach yourself to his beloved Charankamal
  14. vaheguroo ji ka khalsa vaheguroo ji ki phatehi Bhaji our aim was never to disrespect shaheeds bt i hav only brought the burnin of flags up because this is not helping us.we r tryin to show the british government n ppl r gettin a negative view of us-we dont h8 indians..we want justice n equal rights....sikhs are tolerent ppl n this needs to be shown maaph karna if i hav offended ne1 vaheguroo ji ka khalsa vaheguroo ji ki phatehi
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