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  1. chhinderpalsingh

    Chaupai Saheb

    Tumra lakhaa na jaa-i pasaaraa. Kih bidh(i) pratham sansaaraa. (17) The limits of Your creation cannot be known, nor how in the beginning You wrought the Universes. (17)
  2. chhinderpalsingh

    beg everyone for help please

    please recite, read Gurbani, Gur Itihaas, Sikh History, and also listen Gurbani, & Keertan for the time, as much as possible. Waheguruji will do Kirpa surely upon you and your guilt will be finished by Guru ji. But, please ensure not to repeat mistakes in future.
  3. chhinderpalsingh

    Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Rare Picture

    Nothing is comparable with Sahib Siri Guru Granth Sahibji, and Sant ji dedicated each & every moment for distributing Guruji's word. I feel that the intention of Veerji, while commenting, is nowhere, to compare with Guru Sahib.
  4. the Admn requested to correct the name as Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi
  5. could not understand, what is meant! :stupidme:
  6. Surely Veerji, I will very soon send to by scanning part of Siri Raag Section.
  7. The part-I is available with me, as I love, live, listen & try to learn Gurmat Sangeet.
  8. dear veerji, you may go to 4shared.com become member simply and share your favourites, then put links here. Similarly, there are other sites like mediafire.com on which you may post audio videos etc to any extent.
  9. Bitta must tell with whom he himself has links? His own party does not owe him. He only wishes to remain in media by spreading such panicking rumours.

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