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  1. nano, I think its because of what they said, not enough sevadars.. gabroo, an RSS feed is a news feed that can bring headlines directly to your desktop to various programs like email apps, or headline viewers etc.. RSS is a kind of web technology..
  2. Jee, I did some research for you. I really truly think this will help you. http://www.slaafws.org/about.html read the 12 steps. http://www.slaafws.org/literature.html#pamphlets read these: Addiction and Recovery Anorexia Withdrawal I know these are not quite meant for this, but there are so many parallels that could be drawn, perhaps it can help you.
  3. Exactly my point! The panj pyare are amritdhari gursikhs. whatever roop that may come in, does not matter.
  4. Ok, if you think it should be, then this maryada should be started: Only 5 people from specific castes stood up as well. Panj Pyare should only be khatri, jatt, water carrier, clothes washer, and barber? Chumar (shoe maker) or Tarkhan etc cannot be panj. Neither can gorae Sikhs, some white person may have been there, and there definitely were those of Muslim descent, they not be Panj Pyare either. So thats the maryada you want?
  5. from what I know of him. YES. the fact that bhai jeevan singh jee spent so much time with him and his family and adored this gursikh is also another thing that shows it cant be true. if you dont beleive anything I am saying, just LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE, ITS RIDICULOUS!! Even at the end the canadian media seemed to be saying "THATS IT?!" i mean come on.
  6. he pled guilty and got 5 years as opposed to risking going to trial which would be like 2 years preperation and another 1-2 going through everything and then might get sentenced 10 years.. what would u do? he knows everyone was against him.. anyway, regarding mahavir have you actually kept up with the trial or read anything?!?! THE EVIDENCE IS LAUGHABLE.. in the US that wouldnt even be enough to put out an indictment... (well before the patriot act at least) I mean COME ON!!! there was like one witness who wasnt even solid.. "oo malik was in love with me and he told me everything" YEAH RIGHT!!! seriously. anyone who knows him knows instantly thats a lie.. Anyone who can take this laughable evidence seriously is sad.
  7. anyone have pics of the flag from raja ranjit singhs time?
  8. also, davinder singh, ur points on harmandir sahib maryada are flawed.. before anyone was allowed to do keertan, ie non sikhs, like muslim raagis etc.. but now only amritdhari singhs are.. before that it was different.. you have not done thorough enough research into this. a few simple points can refute what you have said, please see what i and sony have said before. also.. I have seen bibia nominated before and I have seen bibia in panj before. It is not unheard of. The problem is that today a lot of bibia do not follow enough rehat as compared to men. Those that do do not want to start fights, thats why they dont say antyhing, but when they are nominated nobody goes against it. I know of quite a few bibia with a much high avastha than me and I have seen them do sevas with panj.
  9. I entirely agree with you guys about people wrongfully using bana for anti gurmat purposes. But your anger here is UNWARRANTED.. This is why I am so against the UK NANGS, because they PRETEND TO BE NIHANG SINGHS, WEAR BANA AND BIG DAMALLAS AND SHASTAR, yet have no inkling of what sikhi is really about and in fact insult and degrade gursikhs. at the same time here is my sister who is a gursikh singhnee, just getting into the gursikh spirit where there were a bunch of singhs and singhnees who thought, hey wouldnt it be cool to tie a big damalla on her. Fact is we have had many times hwere singhs just get together and we start tying gigantic damallas on each other, this is why I started tying proper akali bunga ALL THE TIME (with proper nihung rehat, as much as I can follow anyway)... But there is no harm in it, she isnt going around saying she is a farladhari, shes only done it once, and its a PICTURE!! what about people that make 3d models of nihang singhs with farlaas, is that now against maryada too?! ARE YOU SAYING THE COMPUTER HAS A FARLAA?!?! come on grow up and use your common sense. I even know of a few real nihungs that were not given farlaa by panj pyare, but just began to wear one naturally and nobody says anything to them (old singhs).. if we are so against this, why are you not against monas and nangs wearing bana? people that commit kuraits. ie a mona in a gatka dal wears bana does he not? why is that not wrong? why dont u say something then? grow up for god sakes.
  10. http://www.hahapanties.com/index.ppa/hahap...anties.17045629 Alright. Whoever emailed him cussing, you should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. The point of asking people to email wasnt so that you offend them and piss them off. Is this how gursikhs behave? I am tired of seeing all these so called Sikh youth nowadays swearing up and down fighting with each other taunting each other. Is this what sikhi is about? GROW UP.. If it was up to me, I would find out who was cussing and get them banned. But its not, so you are lucky. Sorry, my constant dissapointment in the state of the youth today just seems to keep growing and I have to let it out somehow.
  11. uhh why does everyone seem to have pics of my sisters?
  12. natsilah, i dont think you are aware of the atrocities this so called "peaceful sect" has caused they are responsible for murdering many prominent sikh figures. They are responsible for extreme disrespect of sikh holy scriptures and religion. They are a cult that uses brainwashing tactics to grow. They are supported by the indian governmetn covertly to promote terrorist and genocidal activities.
  13. chola is same for boys and girls..
  14. again, i will post my article: http://www.mkhalsa.com/lit/femalepanj.html
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