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  1. I don't know if I should be laughing or being concerned. I guess this is what happens to some people when they can't find a real man/woman.
  2. Idk to stop the promotion of caste system, and turn these jatts to singhs or something like that.
  3. Using Singh instead of Jatt will not be a good step. Just look at the lyrics. It's gand.
  4. It is getting annoying now. Gurdwaras are closed. I was looking forward to a ransbahi last weekend but 12 cases of corona ruined it. Annoying that the id1ot Prime Minister we have hasn't ordered enough vaccines cause it's 'not a race' to get everyone vaccinated. It's literally our only hope to get out of this. And then then there's New Zealand going on a 3 day lockdown cause of 1 case....
  5. Yeah Australia cares a lot more about corona than any other country other than New Zealand. It's because we don't have thousands of new cases a day (NSW is approaching that benchmark) so they're trying to controll the few that we have. Us Victorians are into lockdown 6.0
  6. Kaurr


    Do you go to the gurdwara often? You could find some sangat.
  7. Amrit sanchar doesn't have to happen on vaisakhi. Whenever there's a amrit sanchar at your local gurdwara tell the granthi.
  8. One of the reasons for that is because it's harder for them to get jobs. Several of my cousins tried and went to uni but they couldn't find jobs that paid them a decent amount, so they moved abroad. People from UP and Bihar are getting prefered most of the time.
  9. Bro there's been talks about this, but no one with money right now here is willing to.
  10. New South Wales, not Australia. In other states, you can still wear a kirpan to school, just not nsw where it happen.
  11. The sikh kid stabbed the other kid after multiple incidents of bullying. Then that kid removed the sikh kid's dastar so he got stabbed. The injuries were minor. It would have been better if the kid had not taken the kirpan out and used something else instead.
  12. Printed pags give me bhapa vibes.
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