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  1. I agree, however, I'd rather someone new to sikhi who's learning read in english at the start and get into sikhi more and learn gurmukhi after than them not get into sikhi at all.
  2. Obviously every sikh has to learn gurmukhi, the phonetics in gurmukhi cannot be accurately translated to other language, however reading baani in english or hindi or spanish or whatever is better than reading no baani at all for people who cannot read gurmukhi yet. I think everyone should read Guru Granth Sahib ji as many times as possible, with meanings, you learn so much. It's also good to read dasam granth and sarabloh granth. We should read as much as possible imo, we're lacking a lot of knowledge in sikhi. Kirtan is essential imo, if anyone has the opportunity to learn raag kirtan, they should, and make sure kids know kirtan as well, it's the one thing that connects you. That's all part of religion though, learning gurmukhi, reading baani, learning about sikhi, and learning sikhi is for sikhs, not punjabis, we have to remember that the two are not synonymous.
  3. I don't think that has to go with them being mixed race, seen countless punjabis cutting their hair, especially around my age right now. It's because they were only sikhs because their of their parent(s), just like a lot of the goreh in the west who's parents go church but they don't take their kids. Make sure to raise the kids in a way that they have their own love for waheguru, and they want to go to the gurdwara on their own accord, not because they're being forced to and it's a chore. Sikhi is well above race, imo race shouldn't be a barrier. Somethink that we're currently lacking is expanding into non-punjabis because we prioritise keeping our 'punjabi roots' over sikhi. Culture changes over time, sikhi doesn't, it's eternal, above all race and culture.
  4. Anyone know where I can find historical chronicles on puraatan sikhs? Anything that the British or any other outsiders have written on puraatan sikhs, would be nice to read.
  5. https://rsf.org/en/index
  6. yes, but showing emotion is a perfect human response, im obviously going to be affected considering this affects punjab and sikhi obviously gotta focus on what you can do but it's okay to be upset about it, just as long as it doesnt get in the way and doesnt harm you in the long term
  7. idk this is insane. don't know if he's alive or not it's just hearbreaking, cause can't do anything about it
  8. Is it the somewhat long posts that need approval? @S1ngh
  9. You should see some the arab muslims here bro. I had kids who would fast in primary school and now I see them (only 16-18 rn) all in bikinis, eating pork, not caring about islam but still calling themselves muslim.
  10. messed up We don't believe in this stuff and we're telling our people not to buy into their bs, nothing wrong with that. Honestly, the only reason Sikh women my age celebrate rakhri is to rip their brothers and cousins off and get $$$. I don't get the need to celebrate it cause it's basically your brother protecting you, which means you're not able to take care of yourself.
  11. He's not. Don't make assumptions without knowing anything about him. Read about him and watch his videos. Look at his socials from years before, he's always been like this and had those opinions. Don't give him the treatment that a lot of Punjabis and Sikhs gave Deep Sidhu calling him a government agent.
  12. Good on the sikh kid. A few days ago some kid was making fun of my brother's dastaar, got the sh1t beaten out of him, guess I've taught my brother well. The kid learnt a good lesson, don't think he'll be messing around anymore.
  13. Even my non sikh friends who know NOTHING about sikhi were questioning it. My black mate was going off at the black lady doing the service thingo or whatever these Christians do, and how they enslaved them. Yeah we were all going off last night. I don't know about the UK, but seems like other than 50 year old racist whites, not many people are a fan of the monarchy or the queen. How many days does the UK get for holidays because of her death? We have Thursday off (which is during the school holidays, so Charles, mate, please die at a better time), and Friday is already a public holiday for footy grand final and then there's the weekend.
  14. Fffffs they cancelled this week's premier league games, was looking forward to it after the week I had. It was pretty funny, just before lunch the principal made an announcement about the queen and all the brown people (50% of the school) and some east asains and whites lost it. Me and my mate went off. Don't like Punjabis posting rip about her. Honestly though, this just shows no matter how much raaj, money, anything someone has, and no matter how long you've lived, none of it is going with you.
  15. 23 - Bhai Avtar Singh Ji (Kurala) (1978 Shaheed with Bhai Fauja singh Ji) Not 100% sure about 26, but could be Jathedar Amrik Singh Ji 27 - Bhai Mehnga Singh Ji Babbar 29 - Bhai Sukhdev Singh Ji Babbar
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