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  1. Of course they are, cause there hasn't been enough people dead already. Cause electing some random old man for your pind is more important than how many more people will get corona. It's like these people pick and choose with corona restrictions. They put a stop on things they don't want to continue and keep the things they want.
  2. A lot of countries messed up really badly. I still remember when Victoria was in its second wave, we had 700 cases the most in a day. Then there was a lot of restrictions for a good 3 months. It was painful but worth it. Now we have 0 cases everyday besides from hotel quarantine. We still have to wear masks in public transport, which is annoying, but reasonable. Australia had a low population density so it was a bit easier to control but if other countries had done the same then there would be in our position. But there's no hope for India. I heard how hospitals are making non sick people
  3. Woah pandit ji I can buy it for a bit cheaper that 500 pounds for 201 lemons at the local market. Seriously, what is he even gonna do with 201 lemons? The dhol at the end though, lol.
  4. I still don't get how can these people be able to beat a girl that's been raped. And how tf can these people rape anyone? Don't these people see others as a living human being?
  5. Kaurr


    If there are keertanis leaving you can buy one from them.
  6. UberEats driver’s murder by carjacking teenagers captured by shocked bystanders Shocked witnesses captured the sickening moment two teen girls tried to carjack an UberEats driver, before he was killed in a crash. WARNING: DISTRESSING Bella FowlerBellaFowler93 MARCH 28, 20211:38PM Video Image
  7. We have these pakistani's living near us. The guy is like in his late forties and he married once in Pakistan and their kids are adults. The wife is in Pakistan still. I don't think that marriage is reconnised here but is probably still valid in Pakistan. Now he's married again and living with this younger pakistani woman here who's in her late twienties and has this six year old with her. I heard that she was poor so that's why she married him.
  8. So basically they're doing witchcraft. Are they doing what they used to do back in the days where they did bhagti so they could live forever?
  9. How? Isn't this transferring of souls up to waheguru only, and beyond the reach of science?
  10. Lol if they did, there won't be any of that species left. Animals can't have sperm donations.
  11. They have the right to express their opinion. Theses beautiful men are not attracted to women so they should be able to get married with whoever they want. Love is love.
  12. I'm generally curious to know what they write for advertisement.
  13. I don't get it. They're saying how there should be a non judgement environment, but do they mean abortion is okay?
  14. Mate, I never said anything about Aboriganal Australians, they're fine. Sometimes, they get extra piveledge, which is fine considering what happen here around 50 years ago. I'm not saying white people are innocent, some of my mates have experienced racism but that was years ago, I've personally never experienced racism from white. And the white are not my masters. The only black that I've had a problem with is those from Africa. I'm not saying all of them are bad and should be banished, but most of the crimes that happen are by afro black people (minus the eshays). The other point I
  15. Yeah. We have a lot of there in our area. But punjabis don't copy them or try to be like them.
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