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  1. If she says you should take it, then you shouldn't. Who knows with these pedos.
  2. This is amazing. Just finished this. It's gonna trigger some people but what needs to be said needs to be said.
  3. Does this happen more in the malwa/doaba area compared to Majha? Cause my cousins that recently got married didn't do any dowry and the grooms' side were fine with it.
  4. I'm dying laughing at this. Is this a joke or something?
  5. Thank you, for helping reduce my anger levels.
  6. This is kind of showing Indian celebrities true colours to the general dumb population, esp these bollywood actors and Indian politicians these people worship.
  7. I think they might go to what they used to do back in the feudal days, the rich used to get the poor, which was the majority of the population, to work on their farmlands and pay them crops as taxes, which I think they could use to sell and get extremely rich.
  8. It was obviously set up. I saw this video of the police people just sitting when they were putting the flag up.
  9. Don't bring me, or anyone into this Sort it out among yourselves in DM/PM's.
  10. I think this is it. Sorry for unclear images, I took them off my phone.
  11. I'm almost 15............
  12. Youse are acting like 10 year olds. Grow up mate.
  13. Simple answer, No. Whilst doing other things, like playing sport, you can remember waheguru. But when you're masturbating, you're lost in kaam, which means you can't remember waheguru.
  14. Didn't the pfizer vaccine cause some deaths?
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