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  1. We never have amritdhari Sikhs pushing for this, we just have these people who 200 hundred years ago would not have been considered Sikhs pushing for this. It also seems like these people only care about this LGBT stuff when it comes to Sikh issues, whenever there is beadbi or anything actually important they remain silent. Think I saw one of the trans blokes doing tobacco and weed and this stuff and then justifying it in the name of mental health, like yeah mate mental health is important, but you gotta stay in the line of Sikhi, they do all this kurehits and then find excuses, bro these
  2. When I don't have time in the mornings, especially in those school mornings, I give myself 30 minutes to sit down and do it. The remaining bani I do while tying my dastaar or brushing my kesh. Sorry, should have clarified.
  3. Haven't been on tiktok for a while. I kind of don't want to know, but what things did you see on tiktok?
  4. It's because these congress and akalis promise things to certain people. I have family back in punjab and I remeber constantly trying to convince them to not vote for congress or akali but no luck, some of them you'd rather bash your head against a brick wall then try to argue with them, no use. They often promise them government jobs and stuff, in exchange for votes, otherwise the well paying government jobs are basically impossible to get, which is we have so many punjabi sikhs moving abroad, happen to a few of my second cousins. Another reason they vote for these akali and congress is becau
  5. When I do have kids, which will be in like 15 years, I'm not going to work full time, I feel it's better to take time off work when they're really young and then work part time a few days a week until they're all at least 10-11. The husband can take an extra day off as well if that works. Then make sure to have as much time for them. Men often do turn over everything to the family, and they often do place themselves last with money, but they abuse the power of them being the providers, and often they can do what ever the f they want around the house, say whatever they want, treat their wi
  6. 4 kids is the plan. A lot of young women don't want to live with their in laws, including myself, because they have seen what has happen to their mothers. I know so many immigrant Punjabi women, including some people from my family, that if they had not settled abroad away from their in laws, then they would not have survived because of how messed up and controlling the families are. It is possible to have 4 kids without living with the in laws and the mother still working part time. I have a southern European friend with 4 siblings in total, with a few that are below the age of 12, and
  7. A stereotype for those Punjabi Sikh brown guys is that they're f-boys.
  8. There are some people here and there that don't know how to ask a question properly. I live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, there's a lot of immigrants, so there's not that much racism, there's a decent amount of Lebanese in my area, some of them are racist but it's not too much. I now started going to school in the inner suburbs, where you have all these white people, and it definitely exists a bit, but it's not too common. A few of my mates, East and South Asian, have faced a bit of racism. The other month in the tram, a few of mates were telling me that a group of white boys started purp
  9. http://www.discoversikhism.com/sikh_library/gurmukhi/gurmat_sangeet_darpan_part_1.html
  10. In raag kirtan, we can have taals that are 11 beats, 7 beats, 9 and a half beats, ext. There are also partaals where we switch beats for different antras, so for example, the asthaee and the shabad can be played in jhap Taal (10 beats) in vilambit, same with the first two antra, but the next two antra can be played in ek Taal in dugun, and the next two can be played in teen Taal, also in dugun speed.
  11. I use harmonioum to learn a bandish and to guide my voice when I can't hit the write sur. Raag kirtan sounds much better on other saaj, like dilruba, Taus, rabab, ext. I've got an online copy of gurmat Sangeeta darpan, but it's all in Punjabi. It has different bandishes and information on different raag. If you want to get better at singing raag kirtan, practice the Sur saa a couple of minutes before ryaaz. From what I know, the saa can be changed from 1st black to 4th black on the harmonium, depends on how deep your voice is. Try finding raag kirtan lessons in your area
  12. I think he's the one that did the gay 'anand karaj' some time ago. Sikh Priest? That phrase should not exist, the correct term is 'granthi', and this bloke isn't one. Hasn't he been reported to the akal takht or someone like that? Interfaith 'anand karaj' shouldn't be a thing, when you bow down to Guru Granth Sahib ji, you accept them as your guru. Inter racial anand karaj should not be questioned, who gives about race when both are sikhs.
  13. lol my parents would kill me if I ever wore that, which fair enough. Imagine turning up to the gurdwara in that.
  14. Yeah I know, but the original term woke has kind of lost it's meaning. The wokeys I'm talking about are those non-binary 500 billion genders and those women are always victims and all men are misogonysts and how men have no problems in life and those f the patriarchy and f all white people.
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