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  1. please don't scare the sangat with pictures of crazy looking, screaming people jee!!! lol.....j/k :wub:
  2. Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! There's a new Sikh Exhibition coming up at the Smithsonian on July 23rd. It's a big educational experince to for not only Sikhs, but also all other religions.....please try to view this exhibition and suggest it to others...THx!! Smithsonian
  3. I've gotten in soo much trouble because of the internet......lol. My parents are always threatening to cut it off....but thankfully they haven't...yet. Internet is too addictive!!! But it has itz goods and bads.
  4. Its amazing how devoted they are!! :TH:
  5. i dunno if itz just me....but has anyone ever noticed that the fish actually look like they're saying "WAHEGURU"???
  6. Is this pappe getting any support from anyone in the public????
  7. 37) Teach the kids to sit inside the darbar.....they're never going to learn anything if they play outside during kirtan!!
  8. I get what you're saying but...what about the Kacha and Kanga
  9. uhhhh....intresting!!! But are Iranian women allowed to swim??....even if it is in a dirty pool.
  10. 31. Teach your kids the proper way to matha tek. Some kids throw money towards SGGSJ like they're doing Guru ji a favor and then don't even bow down. 32. NO GUM!!!!!! 33. Try to stay inside the gurudwara at most times. You disturb people when you go in and out ....or if you know you're going to leave in the middle of the services, sit near the exit. Keep adding..... * We all should print this out and post it in the Gurudwaras!!! :wub:
  11. wow...amazing videos.....thx!!
  12. I need Sikh videos for a local Gurmat camp. I'd really like to have documentries that are upto 45 mins or less that is suitable for kids upto 13 yrs. Does anyone have any suggestions??...or some website that sells dvds/videos??
  13. Does anyone know if Dasvant could only be given to Gurudwaras or could it be given to any unfortunate person??
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