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  1. a virgin deserves a virgin a non virgin shouldnt be deserving of one who has saved him/herself
  2. dye it! use oils to maintain ur hairs health...
  3. Just found this on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaCCsX1z9UM :TH:
  4. It's a blog for God sake, its her views... she should be entitled to write what she wants to say. She is not an authority on Sikhism so I dont see why people trying to critise her. It just one Sikh's views... relax
  5. Ok i do not wish to discuss this further with all ready religious types.. my intentions are not directed at most of the members on the forum. It will be catering for those who are in my position who have love for our faith but are not baptised. Peace
  6. HA! ur just damn sexist............u too lazy too embrace sikhi and think u can take over the world and fix it with the click of ur fingers............... erm.............SIKH SOLDIERS do a fantastic job...............If u cant be a proper sikh (not that im saying i am) and abide by ur Guru's Hukam dont try and think u can even begin to attempt to fix the problems we have today when u clearly have no idea wot Sikhi is..................and are manipulating it to suit YOUR needs and views it would be interesting to knw wot u DO actually no about sikhi.................. Whats sexist? if it means I believe men and women have different roles in society as in nature intended for a civil society to operate properly then yes im sexist. I dont conform to values that seek to destory the traditional family unit.
  7. This is why I dont wany any females in the MALE ONLY org thats gonna be created because you lot get offended easily with harsh truths and realities. Kauregous is doing its part but it doesnt cater for bro's who want to get involved in solving some issues. This is why were in the process of setting up a mona brothers only organisation that is gonna be more effective and more direct in discussing and resolving issues.
  8. Your female peers may not fit into my stereotype but the generation below you are increasingly deviating from our values. We can accept it as it is and let things get from bad to worse or we can take action. Thats all I'm saying And I clearly our sisters in faith do not care to whats happening out there so that is why I do not value their views I do not see them trying to help their own sisters in faith so why should we listen to your opinions. That is why i together with other like minded brothers are getting together to bring about a change, I would have allowed sisters in but evidently they lack foresight and cant get off their backsides to do anything to make a real difference for the betterment of our people.
  9. I have not judged ALL sikh girls I made a destinction between religious Sikh girls and punjabi girls. why you defending the slaggish type, why take offence.. I would give a warning to these punjabi girls to fix up or be exposed for the slags they are because they devalue the reputation of the girls in our community and in turn put off decent guys who in turn seek other (non-sikh) girls because they dont want their kids mothers to be have known as whores. And no why shud the hi5 references be removed? they expose the type of modern "sikh" punjabi girl today. And its just to do so... if we have "sikh" punjabi guys causing bezthi to our kaum we would do the same so why have double standards? why should we tolerate the antics of girls calim to be sikh yet who damage the image of our sisters in faith. Its time harsh tactics were adopted to stop the down ward spiral of whats acceptable these days. Years ago girls would not dear to wear these outfits in fear their parents would beat them black and blue, years ago they would not openly drink alcohol and sleep around. If we want that to become the norm.. then dont complain when its becomes the norm to be a s1ut, a male hoe and family values are discarded for non-sikh lifestyle.
  10. http://www.hi5.com/friend/profile/displayP...?userid=1890776 http://www.hi5.com/friend/profile/displayP...userid=61412922 http://www.hi5.com/friend/profile/displayP...?userid=1775749 pm me for the link to this pic which I have removed as per request of several members (its a pic of a punjabi girl of a so called modern sikh girl called kiran whose pictured in her uni halls of residence sipping away a cup of alchol dressed in a slutty outfit) Is she a disgrace or not? or does she represent the true picture of modern western punjabi girl of today? In my view sadly yes... this is the state of affairs we have to face these are just a few examples im talking about... Slag: Noun. 1. A promiscuous woman of loose moral character. are they not slags?
  11. Nothing wrong with arrange marriages as long as both partners are consenting on their own will, it is forced marriages that everyone should be against.
  12. That is plain bull......no way..... a few thousand at most lol not even a few thousand. I would say a handful at most... afterall nearly all those who convert to islam are females who are weaker sex in emtions and very is to manipulate. You will hardly ever get a case of a Sikh male giving up his faith and converting to Islam even with the temption of sleeping with many a muslim woman. I only heard of one case of a Sikh guy converting to Islam and that was in NWFP pakistan where he did so out of economic and social survival in 99.99% muslim area he did not do it out of religious conviction.
  13. wow you wrote an essay! lol basically to me being a Sikh is to live life in peace and tolerance and follow the wise words and teachings of the SGGS ji. I'm not amrithdari or keshdhari, I cut my hair and shave but I still have love of Sikhi. Because to me my only guru is SGGS ji and nowhere in there does it state one must have uncut hair or apperance of a Khalsa to be a Sikh so its all down to interpretation. I believe, if you or Sikhs in general are attacked then then you have a right to do to the same to the perpretors as they do to you. "as they sow so shall they reap" - quote from sri guru nanak dev ji , I believe. I interrept that as law of karma... if you dont want bad things happening to you dont do bad/sinful things to others in first place and if you've been wronged then its just for you to seek equaliberium.
  14. http://ellsworthmaine.com/site/index.php?o...7&Itemid=31
  15. Its a muslim paki guys behind that, ive seen a anti-sikh paki males abusing the guru's and God's name and things on a popular chatroom. The gloat and spread anti-sikh propaganda and video's trying to tarnish Sikhism and abuse Sikhs Thats why its important for brothers in Sikhism to organise themselves and respond accordingly (ie play the same game). I'll be contacting you shortly how we are going to repond to the the islamic pakistani flith.
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