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  1. There is something seriously wrong with the mentality of Indians. No sane minded person can walk away when these crimes are being committed before their eyes. How they can even live with themselves is just beyond me. It makes me so sick.
  2. I see both sides are equally shallow. And then you have both sides complaining how cruel their partners are which is their fault because their primary attraction wasn't based on having good qualities and personality. ^__^
  3. Very true. I wouldn't even find this funny if they were males instead. Seriously shows the perception they have of women deeply integrated in their head without realising.
  4. If you see these women as sisters, it's not funny. Replace this with singhnia (Guru Gobind Singh Jee's daughters), no one would find this funny but extremely offensive.
  5. Ha! Do you need women to be delivered to you because you have no charm to attract them. And who was the douchebag that liked this? You guys don't mind shaming yourselves. Making yourselves appear cheap without any discipline.
  6. Clearly these women can't be gursikh/amritdhari if they prefer to marry clean-shaven men. The real question here is who did they survey.
  7. You are not obliged to answer. The same can be said to you- "go do some Naam Jap". You should read this: http://manvirsingh.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/different-views-on-meat-reflections-on.html?m=1
  8. @Akalifauj I am not speaking about uncut hair, but we already have Rehatnama for this. But for meat, Gurbani has clearly spoken against it, but yet we still have Sikhs questioning this. This isn’t something solely I believe; you should know there are many Gursikhs against all meat entirely. I believe in Guru Sahib’s word, and that is all that matters. ba[n]dhae chasam dheedha[n] fanaae || dhuna[n]aeeaa muradhaar khuradhanee gaafal havaae || rehaao || gaibaan haivaan haraam kusathanee muradhaar bakhoraae || dhil kabaj kabajaa kaadharo dhojak sajaae ||2|| O human being, whatever you
  9. @Akalifauj I'm well aware of plants being alive, just as many other things are that we cannot see with the human eye. But Gurbani has highly disapproved of meat consumption and even likened those that eat meat to a goblin and beast. To one day say you do not eat meat, but then another eat meat purely for the act of survival shows a weakness as one could not abide by Guru sahib's words.
  10. Sarbloh bibek is more to do with spiritual health than worldly health. That is the reason why one has to do swas swas simran while making their food which is absorbed into sarbloh. Same happens with our kirpan and kara. Sarbloh is your shield. ^ This goes against Guru Granth Sahib Jee, which is Guru Sahib’s word. So most likely, what the historians have made sikhs to believe, is false. But if what you say is true (which I do not believe to be), this would show a weakness in sikhi. And also show sikhs in our history had normal attributes of a human because they fell prey to their
  11. Guru Granth Sahib Jee is direct from Guru Sahib and has spoken against meat. Historians are not above Guru Sahib and most likely twist things to suit their weak and evil needs.
  12. There is something really disturbing about this. If she was forced, why did she receive punishment? It would make sense for the individual that forced her to receive punishment, but preferably this should be dealt with by the police or their families. If she lied that she had been forced, then why and who is she lying to? It depends how damaging this is but she should be scolded, preferably by her family. If both consented to this participation, then it is not in anyone’s place to punish them; they are not your property. If you would like to help, then use sweet speech.
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