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  1. Good idea lol... but trust me it wont fall off just tie a tight dastaar dumalla maybe!
  2. Your dastaar wont come off trust me! Just tie it tightly and do a bunga! Then no problem, its secure... :D
  3. Dhaad Ludhiana Malwa :D :D :D
  4. Sorry to go off topic but can I just ask if Sikh student camp is a serious sikhi camp. Are they relxed or serious - I am looking to go to a serious one - Want to learn how to live within Rehit properly before Amrit Well then sikhi camp is the camp for you!!
  5. LOL just to mke u hapi jagmeet!Haha Ermm he does katha and keertan!Im sure thats his name!?Can you help Jagmeet?You are such a chardikalla singh, you must know.
  6. HAHAHA shows your age Peacemaker!
  7. Ahh anybody else help?Sengh321 you useless banda!joke
  8. Yayy i love disney!!Minnie mouse is the BEST!But that is a wikid idea lil singh.!i doubt they would make it.
  9. Yeh Bhai Jasbir singh!!Anyone help??I duno where in walsall. All i no is hes from there!
  10. Fatehh Jioo. Anyone got any recordings of Bhai Jasbir singh Walsall vale??!! :pray: :pray:
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