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  1. could u ask the dhadi jatha if they are from near kop tota pind, and what are there names thanks
  2. the real handwritten version of sau sakhi by guru gobind singh ji maharaj is in british hands sumwhere in london, the british took it when they did raaj in india because maharaj had wrote alot of things about the british doing raaj and other things yet to come
  3. what does captainc know, all captainc thinks about is food
  4. gatka aint practical in real life situations end of story
  5. :S iam confused, i dont like niddar, and i agree with you, no one should go to his class
  6. if you find it hard the best thing to do would be, do half sukhmani sahib like early in the day and the rest later on during the day, in my opinion i wudnt advise people to to read one half one day and the other half another, chalo people have there say
  7. and so are you Admin Note: First warning for personal attack.
  8. watch this, and post ur views http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6...7KouuigKmqcz0Dg its very intresting the way they mention about the world that we see today and a new world of peace begining, takes me bak to were in sikhi we have jugs and next jug is satjug, thers alot of things in this video that are very intresting and gets you thinkin
  9. whats akj doin about the sacha sauda situation, i havnt herd anything from there side, arnt they standing up against it, or is it just the sant smaaj doing the job
  10. what is the accomdation like in the army, is it like the raf, do you have to share rooms?
  11. robocop


    kir swDU AMjulI punu vfw hy ] kar saadhhoo a(n)julee pun vaddaa hae || Greet the Holy Saint with your palms pressed together; this is an act of great merit. kir fMfauq punu vfw hy ]1] rhwau ] kar dda(n)ddouth pun vaddaa hae ||1|| rehaao || Bow down before Him; this is a virtuous action indeed. ||1||Pause||
  12. no its ok now for sikhs as its just the pilots who need clean shaven and cut hair because ther helmets are different to the soldier ones, i spoke to them the other day
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