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  1. Precisely the problem with this method of training.Oh and muscle isn't everything. As you get older, what will matter is your flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, not how much you can bench or squat
  2. I had gotten medicine from babaji for my back issues, it had no impact
  3. Khalistani-Lion, as you are a beginner, these are probably the best things you can do. 1) fix your diet 2) sleep well 3) stick to basic, body weight movements first * * Body weight exercises include, pushups, pullups/chinups, body weight squat, lunges, Single leg deadlift, dips. There are many more of course, but these will give you a decent start. You can build a decent level of strength using just these basic movements. Once you are doing 15+pushups and 8+ pullups/chinups, its time to add extra weights. Highly recommended. +1 to that! That is certainly impressive strength gain in
  4. Firstly, I'm not sure why you have taken my comments so personally, I was merely trying to get a general point across. Secondly, I will have sholey poori this weekend Thirdly, I will finish it off with more besan di barfi :biggrin2: Edit: FOURTHLY! I will have a fun time eating all this food with my family :happy2:
  5. It's all fine and dandy that folks want to eat healthy but don't let it take over your life. A vast majority of folks best serve themselves and others by keeping things in balance. I have been through a phase where I was on a super strict diet and became the fittest I have even been in this life yet. (Being able to sustain an average heart rate of 165bpm for 50mins is fairly high on the fitness scale) However, I realized that it was impacting my relations with parents, siblings and friends as they did not follow as strict of a diet as myself. Mind you, they eat fairly healthy but do indulg
  6. You folks are nuts! I had 3 samosey and besan di barfi for lunch yesterday :biggrin2:
  7. ^ Point taken. Perhaps I was not clear, the diet I posted is not for S1ngh specifically but rather what I have followed in the past to reach my fat loss goals. I simply thought of sharing it with others. For S1ngh, a balanced diet with regular exercise would be step # 1. We can then take it further from there. So I guess your estimate of 3 months to loose 20lbs is likely true for most I am only sharing my own experience with fat loss. It goes with out saying that not everyone will have the same experience. When I did this, I only needed to loose about 10 lbs, I lost that in 5 weeks fl
  8. Let me also add that you dieting does make the body weak so you probably do not want to do this for more than a 4-6weeks at a time. It might work better for you to give it a test run, do it for a week and so how you do. I highly recommend that you consume a multi vitamin when following this diet.
  9. If you have any questions, please PM me as I would like to keep this thread clean and devoid of any bickering. Thank you I have used this diet in the past to loose 2lbs per week consistently. 2lbs/week is considered to be on the safe side of things. Note that this diet is an adaption of a somewhat complex diet I read on bodybuilding forum a few years ago. I seem to have lost the link to the original source however. Needless to say there are a lot of foods listed which are not suitable for vegetarians, however, I have tried to provide options for vegetarians as well. Also note that when t
  10. I would disagree. If you are spot on with your diet, you can safely loose 2lbs per week. This can be done in phases where you follow a strict diet for 4-6 weeks, loose 8-12 lbs. Then you follow a 'good enough' diet for a couple of weeks where you maintain your current weight. Then you do another 4-6 week session of the strict diet and loose another 8-12lbs.I am not just saying that by reading articles etc. I have tried this myself and it worked quite wonderfully for me. I did loose 2lbs per week consistently. Granted the diet itself was quite tough to carry out, but the results were the
  11. Just reading the first page of that PDF, I must say that this is certainly a good program for hypertrophy purposes. Given the parameters in page 1, you can easily build your program
  12. Just stop doing your jorra really tight. I have done a relatively loose jorra for as long as I can remember and do not have this issue. My brother on the other hand use to do tight joora and he has lost much of the hair on his forehead area.
  13. This is something beginner trainees should avoid like a plague. If you have been training for 2+ years on a regular basis and can squat more than 1.5 times your body weight, then yes drop sets are okay occasionally.As far as Smith machine is concerned, if you do not know what you are doing, you can easily injure yourself or quickly develop muscle imbalances.
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