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  1. What is Manvir Singh pointing at? The 3 photos below of shaheed singh mothers. Mata Surjit Kaur, mother of Shaheed Baljinder Singh Raju and mani of Harjinder Singh Jinda and Mata Gurnam Kaur, mother of Shaheed Harjinder Singh Jinda Mata Surjit Kaur was telling the campers on how their sons got into the movement and got shaheed.
  2. some photos from last years camp. looks amazing
  3. q 1: is the sakhi of manikaran true? q 2: how to start simran from happening within? ie in the hirda, without saying anything q 3: how long is he staying in the uk and where he will be doing katha? q 4: ask him to explain the 5 khands in jap ji sahib IN DETAIL. (dharam khand, gian khand, saram khand, karam khand and sach khand). q 5: some people say the original Damdami Bir is in the uk. is that true? if yes, why isnt with the panth? if no, where is it? q 6: give current update on the jhoota sauda situation. will they carry on doing more protests or sort things out themselves as Sant Jarn
  4. thank you...i have the gurbani paath darpan...khalsa jeevan and there another book written by giani preetum singh i believe...i dont know what its called..
  5. are there any book in punjabi that we can buy on Baba Ji's jeevani and other mukhis of taksal
  6. is the dasam Granth sahib ji with gurmukhi, tranliteration and translation?
  7. i checked there. there nothing in word format. can anyone please help?
  8. fateh does anyone have dasam bani in word format that i can use for my pda ie, akal ustat, bachitar natak, chandi di vaar etc thanks
  9. ok...but your question in the wrong place. you should contact GNNSJ and ask them if you have questions regarding maryada behind the amrit sanchaar. im sure its not a mission to phone the jatha and ask them..may u can then give the their answer to us on here after u have phoned them... if a jatha does something and its not written in the sgpc sikh rehit maryada, that doesnt means its wrong... its a thread about an amrit sanchaar thats it. if u want to take choola or not, thats up to you...if u have a questions regarding the maryada, then contact gnnsj...bas end of story
  10. u can also say taksal and akj organised amrit sanchaars r wrong, as they dont follow "sikh rehit maryada" properly. so what you going to about that...if u dont agree with what soho rd (gnnsj) do, then it take up with direct. theres no point causing friction on the internet....its an amrit sanchaar. end off. the whole point of this thread is to let people know theres an amrit sanchaar, not for people to cause friction.....
  11. thats very much true. but what we see nowadays that people who dont accept what Sant Jarnail Singh stands for, they are wearing the tops of Sant Ji...Im sure Sant Ji wont want this, his photo of clothing which all sorts of people wear.... Sounds like a wicked programme. which kirtanie, kathavachaks, kavishari have you got lined up??
  12. i think people who are actually taking part in the quiz should be able to go, because other people will cause distraction to the quiz
  13. wicked...theres already a poster made, how come theres 2 posters... sticky please
  14. WOW that is wicked photo. who are the other singhs with Sant Kartar Singh?
  15. can someone tell us who will be doing kirtan and katha and the general layout of the programme?
  16. prof amar singh was wicked on the sitar, especially he was doing simran with it wen changing between kirtani...
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