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  1. Basically, it wasnt singhs that killed Sant Ramanand Ji. It was divisions within the Ravidasia community in india at dera sachkhand. The group who were opposed to Sant Ramanand were responsible for the shooting. The killers are from the Ravidassia community. Anyway one send a statement claiming it was the khalistanis that were responsible. They made Sikhs the scapegoats, and the Ravidassia community have been responsible to killing of innocent people in punjab and putting innocent lives at risk - That is terrorism
  2. Harjeet Singh is talking sense.
  3. someone told me that UCE stood for "University of Crap Education", so thats why they changed the name.
  4. u lot been too judgemental. someone asked which kirtani, but instead giving them the answer, u lot just said "who cares" etc etc... if someone can concentrate on the shabad more when a kirtani they like are doing kirtan, then whats wrong with that. rsingh said "You should be going for Guroo Sahibs Darshan and sangat". you can do that at your local gurdwara. why go all the way to a reinsabai for that". some people attend reinsabais to concentrate on the shabad by kirtani that they like...if someone asks for the kirtani and thats wrong, then im sorry, the youth are lost. its about time peop
  5. go on ramenjot... its really good more programmes like these are happening
  6. what did the panj piaare mean when they gave "bibek" rehit?
  7. contact soho road. they have excellent teachers there
  8. A benti to the sangat. Could the singhs in the the midlands (UK)please organise akhand paaths of chaupai sahib for 48 on monthly or forenightly basis thanks. tis way alot of chaupai sahibs can be done. maybe you could have more then 1 pothi parkash for the paath. theres alot of singhs/singhnia in the midlands. it can be done
  9. can someone tell us more about the baana that Baba Thakur Singh Ji is wearing in photo at hajoor sahib. the dastar that baba ji is wearing is bigger then their normal dastar
  10. The photo of Baba Thakur SIngh Ji and Baba Santokh Singh Ji is amazing. lovely. The story of Hajoor Sahib shows the nimarta of Baba Thakur Singh and great deep respect that Singh Sahib Baba Kulwant Singh has for Baba Thakur Singh Ji
  11. can someone post a timetable of the whole events. the posters just states the kirtan times, but the discussion etc nneds to be timetabled and posted on here
  12. what vichaar is set for older groups and will u be able to handle the creepy crawlies. vaheguru kirpa karan
  13. could to see veechar happening. instead of veechar on naam, why not have properly naam abhiyaas sessions during the day.. if veechar is done, then should focus on shaheeds of gursikhs and none gursikhs from when Maharaj left Anandpur Sahib to Chamkaur Sahib, and then Mukatsar Sahib
  14. if i cant make the barsi, then who to ask. can then some asks older gursikhs about my question and post it on here. i've heard of jaswinder singh and baba tirlok singh, but havnt heard of bhai kajaan singh? can uplease shed some light on this gursikh
  15. http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=5849 This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 13 ieku isKu duie swD sMgu pMjIN prmysru] eik sikh dhue saadhh sa(n)g pa(n)jee(n) paramaesaru|| One is a Sikh, two the Congregation and in five resides God. nau AMg nIl AnIl suMn Avqwr mhysru] no a(n)g neel aneel su(n)n avathaar mehaesaru|| As cyphers added to one make the infinite number, likewise getting attached with Sunya (God), the creatures also transform into great men and Kings of the earth. vIh iekIh AsMK sMK mukqY mukqysru] veeh eikeeh asa(n)kh sa(n)kh mukat
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