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  1. wjkkwjkp! Hau Apraadhi Jee.. you have a very valid point in that we cannot say who donates and who doesnt, however, with regards to the fundraising event that Roop Singh has chosen to undertake, this event is not only one of a kind but is also for 3 completely different charities. Parkinsons disease is an illness that effects the nervous system and at present is incurable, £1000 would not only help with research into the illness but could potentially help to obtain a cure for a disease that affects alot of Sikhs around the world. Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital has been established for many years and has been the biggest children's hospital in the UK for decades. The work and commitment they have to ensuring the young children have a stable and healthy childhood is incomparable. And as for SikhNet.com - yes their veechars are often quite detached, however, they have promoted Sikhi to the wider communities for some years and have done something that I've not seen many websites do, which is cater especially for non-Sikhs. So whether you agree or disagree with SikhNet, there are 2 other charities that will be benefitting from this event and from your donations. So please do not look with blinkered vision, but see the bigger picture and help to raise awareness for Parkinsons Disease, Great Ormond Street and SikhNet. Roop Singh will be reaching his hometown of LEEDS today... :D wjkkwjkp!
  2. Roop Singh will be arriving in Nottingham today to hold a divaan with for the youth at Baba Buddha Sahib Ji Gurdwara at 6pm. A humble request from Roop Singh that all local sangat make the time to attend the special divaan and help support and raise awareness of the charities that Roop Singh is collecting for and also give him the encouragement to continue on this epic journey, which will end in less that 2 weeks. For more information visit www.roopsingh.com And to make a donation please visit: www.justgiving.com/roop-singh-cycle
  3. ROOP SINGH'S EPIC JOURNEY Sikh storyteller, Roop Singh is generally used to travelling the length and breadth of the country – providing a fun and educational consultancy to schools in and around the UK – This summer he’ll be making the journey with a difference; as his epic trip will see him making the journey, from Land’s End to John O’Groats – on a recumbent trike. As the first Sikh to take on the challenge, Roop has chosen to do this on behalf of three charities that he hopes will benefit from his feat. SikhNet, Great Ormand Street Hospital and Peddle for Parkinson’s. He explains, “I made a promise to myself on my 50th birthday to fulfil this lifetime ambition and attached some worthwhile reasons to it. The first, to raise environmental awareness, through the use of my trike, the second, to encourage more ethnic groups to become involved in stereotypical British activities and the third to raise money for some worthwhile causes”. Roop set about training for his challenge back in November last year and with the support of his family and friends will begin his epic journey on the 26th July 2010, covering approximately 1000 miles and visiting amongst many, Exeter, Coventry, Nottingham, his home city, Leeds and Glasgow. Please make a generous donation to help Roop Singh complete his challenge of raising awareness and funds for three charities - Parkinson's Disease, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and Sikhnet.com http://www.roopsingh.com http://www.justgiving.com/Roop-Singh-cycle Please also join the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?gid=139221499428096&ref=ts
  4. With Guroo Saahib's Kirpa, the Album is selling fast! So please get your copy now before stock runs out! The album is available worldwide through - www.akaalproductions.com/shop/roots.html A unique album featuring some of the worlds most prominent Sikh and non-Sikh rappers - L-FRESH AKA THE L, HUMBLE THE POET, MC G-SINGH, SIKH KNOWLEDGE, LION UPRISING, THA ADVOCATES, THA PROPHET ENTERTAINER and 2PAC, yes you read correctly - 2PAC! The ONLY Sikh Hiphop album to be fully endorsed and supported by AMARU ENTERTAINMENT and THE OUTLAWZ! Get it now! www.akaalproductions.com
  5. All thanks and praise go to the One Almighty Lord! It's finally here, after years of preparation, the ROOTS - Rize Of Our True Soul-Jah'z album is now with us. This is the debut album from AKAAL Productions and features some of the greatest Sikh and non-Sikh artists the world has ever seen, past and present. The album itself commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Sikh Holocaust of June 1984, when the Indian army reduced the Sikh's most holiest shrine (Golden Temple) to rubble, and November 1984, when the Indian government sponsered the butchering of innocent Sikh men, women and children. October 31st, was the date when the massacres started and 25 years on, Sikhs are still awaiting justice and those widows still see their husbands murderers walk the streets freely. We humbly ask everyone to support the cause of the widows and their families, by purchasing the album, as proceeds will go to help those victims of the Delhi Pogroms of 1984. The album will be available to buy in person from Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara (Sikh Temple), 106 East Park Road, Leicester, tomorrow (31st Oct), or alternatively can be ordered online at: www.akaalproductions.com/shop/roots.html For any further information regarding the ROOTS album, or regarding the 1984 massacres please contact us via our Facebook Page or email us directly at: info@akaalproductions.com - AKAAL Productions - Allow Knowledge And Allow Life
  6. Official Samples have now been released for the AKAAL Productions: ROOTS - Rize Of Our True Soul-Jah'z Album. Check them out here -> www.AKAALProductions.com ALBUM OUT 31ST OCTOBER 2009
  7. 3 years today... please pray for the Charrdeekalaa of these 3 families and for the Charrdeekalaa of the Panth!
  8. wjkkwjkp! Katha by Gyani Thakur Singh Ji from last night in Leeds will be available to download from www.akaalproductions.com within the next 30 mins. wjkkwjkp!
  9. Just to confirm to the Sangat that Bhai Sahib Inderjit Singh Ji was making a representation of what the victims and children of 1984 would say, given the opportunity. Some people thought Bhai Sahib was talking about his direct family. We are all one family and need to learn to live and die as one family, until then we shall continue to be unheard. A clenched fist does more damage than 5 single fingers.
  10. A real character! Funny, to the point and selfless. A rare Gursikh. Please do at least one extra Chaupaaee Saahib for Bhai Saahib and his family to help them through this difficult time. May we all be blessed with the ability to accept what the Gracious and Wonderous Akaal Purakh bestows upon us. So Sikh Sakhaa Bandhap Hai Bhaaee Jae Gur Kae Bhaanae Vich Aavai...
  11. Just going back to the topic at hand... can all those who have YouTube accounts please report the videos uploaded by "SinghSabhaCanada". Flag the videos and use the option of "Promotes Hatred or Violence" in the text box copy and paste the following "This user mocks the principle beliefs of the Sikh faith and a 300 year old authentic Sikh institution (Damdami Taksaal). This group has already caused great controversy within the Sikh faith and these videos only add to the problems. This user needs to be stopped with immediate effect. Please remove all videos that this user has uploaded, as they all promote hatred and violence towards Sikhs." Even if you don't have a YouTube account, please create one in order to get rid of these Maha-Nindaks of Satguroo Jee's Baanee, Satguroo Jee's Taksaal and of Brahmgyani Mahapurakhs.
  12. khalistan_militant jee... an Amrit Sanchaar has not been arranged, but should there be people wanting to take Guroo Saahibs Amrit, then we shall try to organise one. Please let me know if you're interested or know of people who are interested. kh@ls@ jee... it will be live on Amrit Bani Radio and local Panjabi Radio station but there has been no confirmation of an internet broadcast just yet. Will confirm and let you know as soon as though. Trigger Happy jee... yes, the new books will be available in English and Panjabi. As well as other literature, posters, cd's and a whole host of goodies. BOSS Stall and G5SikhMedia stall so bring some cash!! :D
  13. Sant Baba Harnam Singh Jee Khalsa, Rampur Khera Sahib Wale's Annual Barsi Smagam 2nd - 4th January 2009 Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara, 106 East Park Road, Leicester Akhand Paath Sahib Arambh - 2nd January (9am) Akhand Paath Sahib Bhog - 4th January (11am) Followed by Bhaaree Divaan (Keertan/Katha/Kavishri) Keertan Bhai Gursharan Singh (Damdami Taksal) Bhai Amrik Singh (Luton) Bhai Randeep Singh (Leicester) Katha Gyani Lal Singh (Amritsar) Kavishri Bhai Lakhmeer Singh (Taran Taaran Sahib) English Katha Bhai Kuljit Singh (Leicester) Dharna Bhai Harinder Singh (Coventry) and other Keertani/Kathavaachiks/Dhadi Jathay to be confirmed
  14. The great and charasmatic, Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa, once again returns to the forefront of our minds at this time of the year. 24th December 2004 was the day when they returned to their home and ascended to their heavenly abode of Sachkhand. It's difficult for me to speak about the Jeevan of Babaji, just thinking about them brings tears of joy and bairaag to my mind. I do not know of any Singh, let alone Taksali who did not have pyaar for Babaji and if they didnt, then they were to hankaari themselves to allow Babaji's Jeevan affect them. Anyways... I'm not here to write about hankaari people, or people that have let Babaji's Bachan go awry. I want to give my testimonial to the Jeevan of a Pooran Brahmgyani, who touched my heart when they spoke to me and who gave me a second glance. To be honest, my time spent with Babaji are not really suitable enough to be shared in the public domain, there are somethings that have more value when they are reserved for the correct occassion. However, there are somethings that I saw which cannot be denied discussion. The first time I saw Babaji was an amazing sight... what seemed like a frail and old man, was someone who had a look of determination, their eyes spoke words so that their lips didnt have to. An aura of Piousness with the sense of Humilty. When they recieved the Siropaa from the Gurdwara Saahib, they humbly lowered themselves and gracefully accepted the Scarf of Acknowledgement on behalf of their Jathedar - Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. It's hard for us mere mortals to understand the mentality of someone who as One with Akaal Purakh, the way they talk, walk, carry themselves are all beyond us. How can an 80 year old man walk with his head in his hand? How can a father and son fight over who is to be shot by Guroo Gobind Singh's Gun? How can a man have his scalp removed, but still live longer than his executor? They all happen because they are One with the Lord. If someone truly is a Brahmgyani - a knower of God, then how can we think twice about their actions? Some people argue that only a Brahmgyani can know a Brahmgyani, although to a certain extent I agree, I also believe that Guroo Saahib will reveal a Brahmgyani to the Sangat. Guroo Saahib themselves says that the They abide within Sangat "Mil Satsangat Khoj Dasaaee Vich Sangat Har Prabh Vasai Jeeo..." So... if Guroo Saahib says that Akaal Purakh abides within the Satsangat then that means when the sangat comes together they form Brahmgyan... which leads me to believe that they would then be able to recognise a Pooran Brahmgyani. People will continue to debate whether Santji's in Charrdeekalaa or if they are shaheed... regardless of what 'people' believe... Mahapurakh Brahmgyani Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa gave the Bachan that Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale WILL return and WILL finish the Morcha. Until then... Bani Paro, Amrit Chakko, Singh Sajo... Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa Tribute Video
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