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  1. You are wrong Havan is done at Taksal and at Nihang Dera Nirmala do it as well. Its not a Havan like Hindus do. But we also call it Havan, when I first heard about it I also through it was something to do with Hindus. Then I spoke to some Singhs from Punjab to learn more about it. We do a Havan if one is doing a Chalisas, the havan is done before you sit down for Jaap. Also when one does a Akhand paat, if one is doing a Havan during a Akhand paat the singh doing the seva will need to do Mool Mantar Jaap. I have seen Havan being done at Taran Dal Gurdwara, Also Sant Baba Jagjit Singh Talks ab
  2. I have spoken to Taksali Singhs and they have different views to you, and dont have a problem with artee at Sri Hazoor Sahib. Also if you want to understand more about Purtan maryada then please read Sant Jawala Singhs Jee Jeevan Katha all these points are covered. As Purtan Taksal did not have a problem with this. Nihangs, Nirmalas also do artee in the same way. I find sikhs nowadays think everything as to do with hindus.
  3. I have also heard about Ajeet Singh, I heard about him from a few people now and all of these people have told me that Bhai Rama Singh use to go Ajeet Singh and get advice. I have not meet Ajeet Singh but this is what I heard the people I have spoken to all say hes good. Namstang I understand what you are trying to say but maybe you did not explain it well. If one reads Sant Baba Jagjit Singhs book he explain the Method. He tells the Story of how Hes father when to Sant Baba Jawala Singh Jee and learn from Sant Jee. Also If you read books by Sant Waryam Singh Jee and Sant Ishar Singh Jee t
  4. Nihangs Singhs are doing seva, I spent time with Budhal Dal and Tarna Dal, both Dal do seva in they own way. Baba Hari Singh is one of the Nihang Singhs that Help get Ajit Phoola, Baba Hari Singh is doing a lot of seva. Nihang Singhs were with Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Jee and Did fight with Sant Jee, I have met Nihang Singhs that are for Khalistan so not all Nihangs are like Niddar. Baba Nihal Singh Jee is a living Shaheed a true Saint warrior, Surinder singh Sodhi Nihang Jee was Sant Baba Jarnail Singhs Right hand man, and is Shaheed. I have meet Nihang singhs that have been in Jail during
  5. Namstang, could you please post the Ang I wanted to read it all.
  6. Forget the Westen law, tomorrow they will tell us not to wear a dumalla then what are we going to say, As Sikhs they is only one law and thats the law of Waheguru Jee no Fake Man Made law, You wear the Bana of Nihang Singhs and are part of the Khalsa Amry we dont follow NO one just Waheguru Jee. These Man Made laws are not for us. If the Gurdwara are funding the Center then they must stop, people going into the Center must stop using the Gurdwara parking. The Center should be sold if they cant use the center to do sikhi stuff. It will be Fateh for the singhs when all drinking and Meat is st
  7. I dont understand the two year thing this is a joke they will keep on drinking in a center which I belive I part of the Gurdwara as the gurdwara fund it, and its part of the gurdwara. (Check it out yourself) They should stop all drinking with in any part of the Gurdwara NOW, not 2 years or 6 months but now. These people are hoping the sangat forget about them so they can start drinking again. We should not stop until they is no Drinking. The seva will only be done once drinking as stopped 100%. Jasswinder Singh Ubhi is locked up because of this seva and we have to wait 2 year, again the s
  8. Everyone as a problem with Nihangs, Not all Nihangs follow Snatanism. With Guru Sahibs Kirpa I spent time at the dal and I saw something else to what everyone thinks Nihangs are. These website are created by AKJ AmritPal is AKJ and not a hazoori Singh. If you have a problem with Niddar then attack him not Nihang Singhs. AKJ know they are created by a MAN and have a problem with all purtan Jathas be it Taksal, Nihangs, Nirmala, as the Guru Sahib started these jathas himself.
  9. We all need to get together and kick out this committee these people are fools they have no right to run Gurdware and just here to make money and sell sikhi !!! We all need to support the local singh from East London and show the committee that we will not stand for this, So please call up the Gurdwara and try to attend the committee meeting and tell them what you think. If we let this committee and anyone else that disrespects sikhi get away with this sort of stuff we should not call our self sikhs.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. Just to make this clear. Do the Nihang Dals in India also CUT THEMSELVES to get the blood or is the blood from an animal that has been slaughtered using Jhatka blow? 118429[/snapback] What I have learn by spending time with Nihang Singhs in Punjab is that the blood that goes on the Nishan Sahib is from the Jhatka blow, and not from cutting each other. Nihangs may give a drop of they own blood to they shasters if they want. Alot of the youth in UK are getting brainwasted by the Fake Nihangs in the UK, my advice is to spend time with real Nihangs they
  11. >Bikramjit Singh<, Yes Nihang do give blood to they shasters and we also give Blood to the nishaan sahib, this is what all dals do. I hope you belive me as you know me. To everyone please stop disrespecting Nihang Singhs as you may hurt some one feeling, just because of the UK nangs, there are some real Nihang in the UK.
  12. Whats the problem with not getting married, some Sikhs dont get married and spend all they time Japping Naam, Baba Nand Singh, Baba Ishar Singh, Sant Harnam Singh are some of the great soul I can think of that did not get married. One thing I have to say is Baba Ranjit Singh tells the sangat that one should have a family, if he does not want a family what is it to you RSINGH. You have been listening to Panjab (Anti Sikhi Radio) to much. My advice to you is that Baba Ranjit Singh is coming to London soon, go they your self and listen it, if you have a problem after that then go and talk wit
  13. What should we write to them, could some one write up a letter.
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