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  1. id love to see that happen, no way one earth Britain will turn Islamic!!!!!!1
  2. caveman is known to be an i d i o t time to time., take no offense. caveman.. I just find the islamic rules/beliefs/practices really f*cked up.. I'm not hating the people. I'm hating the play. ..and for you to even joke about 'the men/women thing'' was a little...surprising..? I just don't like to hear sexist ideas.. especially coming from a Sikh bro.. and YOU!?!? <_< ..but it's sad this kind of thing is even a joke. WHERE ON EARTH do they get these RIDICULOUS sexist ideas from???? If mohammad was so great and 'God-like' why F would he make women equal to dirt?? The muslim men treat their flippin DOGS BETTER than their wives... When I drop my brother off to his school (grade 7), his 2 sullaa friends are ALWAYS there playing outside.. and guess what? The mothers of those 2 sullaas drop their daughters off RIGHT when the bell is about to ring. Oh and... the sisters are in grade EIGHT... That's messed... One of my sister's friends (grade 10) gets beat up by her dad almost every day with his belt. Not cuz he think she's acting out.. Not cuz he thinks she's talking back.. Not cuz he spotted her with a guy (would never anyway cuz her YOUNGER (by 2 yrs) brother has to ALWAYS accompany her no matter where she is (except for classes. but he never lets her off school premises.)) Not cuz she doesn't work around the house. He beats her cuz she gets less than 95(s) in w/e class(s)...!! Oh but wait..... Her brother can play all day, go out, come home late drunk, not go to school just cuz he doesn't want to, get new game stations for each birthday (while she gets $20. wow...) all while he gets Cs & Ds (around 65% & lower, I'm pretty sure) She cooks and cleans at home. She cleans her BROTHERS room.. disgusting! She's responsible for taking care of her baby brother when her mom doesn't want to. He physically attacks her with a belt or the wooden hockey stick before locking her up in her room when she receives less than a 95% mark. She's sooooo skinny so you could imagine. Doesn't end there... Here's the worst part... Lastly...sadly... She is already engaged to a guy from Pakistan who is 12-13 (cant remember.. but in the double-digits) years older than her.. who she HAS to marry as soon as she graduates from high school (age 18)... After high school, she can't go to school. Can't have a job cuz she can't be "alone" so she can't do anything then.) I asked her, "What on Earth is the point of making you get 95%s if you're not even gonna attend school after that?!?!" She said, "So that I don't have no free time for 'normal' things." Her parents tell everyone that they are SO RELIGIOUS and that they follow the Kuraan as much as possible. The insensitive father once said that he is very connected to God. :6 w.t.f?? I told her to move out somehow cuz that's all INSANE! She was BORN IN CANADA.. and she has to go through this...?? What's the point of moving to a country if you're gonna follow the same Fd up rules in your previous country? Well of course!!!!!..... It's to spread convert people. These people have no less than 5 kids man... Ages are always like 25..21..15..12..7..& Newborn If her parents are following the Kuraan as much as they can.. I wonder can imagine what stuff it says.. This Afghan girl I used to work with would say the most frightening thing every single weekend I worked with her. She always says "Honestly. If you read the Kuraan, you'll find who you are. It's so rich and it has the answers to all your questions. You should read it some time. No really, you should." ....... Umm... no...thank you. :6 :6 :6 I'd rather not be associated with people who believe it is okay for men to drag women in dirt. Don't the stupid, punjabi Sikh girls think about that before eloping with them etc..??? yeah i apologize for that joke, was inappropriate! ''What's the point of moving to a country if you're gonna follow the same Fd up rules in your previous country?'' i agree. what I personally dont understand is that, muslim women DO get treated like rubbish but apni kuria convert to islam knowing this! and they still wish to become muslims so that kind of makes me think why on earth would you do that. BUT, its up to them what they want to do, we cannot say no you cant become muslim and leave sikhi, as if they were sikh in the 1st place they wouldn't go and run off to another religion which dont get me wrong by what caveman is about to say but islam is quite backward...
  3. also july 3rd my birthday! remember it jas, avi, and live to love and also hari! LOl
  4. sooo bored, im going to sleep night all
  5. "When they take up a musket in hand at the time of battle, they come to the field fiercely springing and roaring like lions and immediately split many a breast and make the blood of many others spill in the dust. You may say that this musket was invented by these dogs (sikhs). Though guns are possessed in large numbers by others, yet nobody knows them better. These bad-tempered people discharge hundreds of bullets on the enemy on the right and left and infront and on the back. If you disbelieve in what i say, enquire from the brave warriors who will tell you more than what I have said and would have nothing but praise for their art of war. The witnesses of my statement are those thirty thousand heroes who fought with them." Quzi Nur Mohammed, Jang Namah, (Battle Chronicles) 1765 Quzi Nur Mohammed, Jang Namah, (Battle Chronicles) 1765<<<<<<<<read that
  6. this is a goodone Sicques, Tigers or Thieves: Eyewitness Accounts of the Sikhs (1606-1809): Eyewitness Accounts of the Sikhs (1606-1810) by Amandeep Singh Madra and Parmjit Singh (Paperback - 17 Dec 2004)
  7. amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABYLON MUST FALL!
  8. legend! 7:29 ''les turbans sikhs'' sikhs have been going shaka dances since the 80s! gwan
  9. the wicked cant run..they burn in fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and shall get what is coming to them!
  10. I admit I wish to chatka many many people and drink their kooonnnnn :cool:
  11. you know your personal statment which is









    wer is that from is it a mantar niddar said? LOl?

  12. religious views = CHATKA + DEGH!

    ^^^^^ :D

  13. shastar vidiya is the real vidiya! not gatka " During their divine union Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji acquired various sciences, arts and forms of knowledge. Amongst these was Shastarvidiya which he blessed to Baba Budha Ji to preserve until the coming of the sixth Guru." (Jathedar Nihang Baba Labh Singh, Audio recording, December 2008) taken from the nihangisngh.org site!
  14. is it because i speak weird? instead of saying myself i sai ''I n I'' like a rastaman?
  15. Your hair's better than Homers :lol: It aint funny.. <_< as you can see, caveman is quite the ''joker''. haha...caveman man... ur a legend here at SS..... keep rockin buddy.....while i cant get over after watching heath ledger's joker from dark knight after watching it twice on HBO and once before tht on DVD!!.... why did he had to die :sad: ? this has put a smile on my face , I have just come back from the bank i had to withdraw loads of money i was very paranoid walking home with all the money in my pocket and i walked very quick lol. and thanks for calling me a legend I n I caveman shall keep on rocking till I n I cant rock no more, I n I shall chant down babylon, no wicked shall enter when I n I am the vanguard, I give thanks and praise to His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I. ''read up your bible, a chapter a day will keep the wicked away!'' as said by Jah Shaka hes telling us to read more bani!! so read up lol
  16. Your hair's better than Homers :lol: It aint funny.. <_< as you can see, caveman is quite the ''joker''.
  17. That's a sickening joke...really it is.. Heaven my *ss.. Only fools think of stupid rules please only men.. and to think it's acceptable in the eyes of God. The women in Nepal who have more than one husband are in heaven as well eh.. :rolleyes: caveman is known to be an i d i o t time to time., take no offense.
  18. I came across this picture on my laptop, i thought id share it with everyone, i have no idea who made it or where i got it from all I know was it was on my laptop lol.
  19. do you guys remember this picture!?!?! LOOOL LOOOOOOOOOL ahahhaha :D lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... dont tell me(CAVEMAN!) u do tht at every single bus stop in england.... lol..... VP.....ummmmm... lemme think...... hey why not (CAVEMAN!)be the VP...... i bet hes got some sense of persuasion when it comes at being a politician lol....... ...... i can guess avnit ll do a heck of a job at being the secretary of the state..... and she ll start raising the logo go desi instead of green or perhaps desi is the new black lol AVNIT! JAS! LIVE TO LOVE! EVERYONE MY 1ST EVER POST ON THIS TOPIC !!!!!!
  20. one of cavemans favorite sound systems! the Mighty Jah Shaka! picture taken by me at 'Jah Shaka at Jamm, Brixton on 18 Apr 2009' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the picture is blurry due to shaka was packing up the sound lol
  21. Real Ques is.. What do they find, in their religion, to be better than others..? It doesn't make sense. They have nothing to offer to Sikhs, better than what we have. Why on Earth are they even trying? I mean.. We're talking about a religion that fits the needs and wants of ONLY MEN. Their men can have several wives slaves. Their men can wear w/e, while the women must feel total discomfort in those scary-looking costumes. The 60 yr old men can marry 16 yr old women girls. If we're talking about what sullaas want to achieve and spread... Read 'A Thousand Splendid Suns'. It's disturbing and quite sad.. thats heaven for some guys! LOl sorry for that joke everyone I just wanted people to smile once in a while lol. indeed islam is the way forward if you want to treat your wife with no respect and have loads of wives. I believe some men do get attracted to the whole case of its ok to have as many women as I want etc, worst case scenario is if some poor sole was reading that he would get so and so many virgins in heaven and goes and blows himself up as a martyr just for that lol
  22. greetings, we are known as the off topic people, meet me caveman, anvit, jas,live to love, harsimrat and a few more but i cant remember their names lol. but all you need to know caveman is the coolest out of everyone here oh yes Why, Thank you. So do you live with the flintstones? yeah, always have my club/rugra with me for when ever i wish to drink some degh (note : it wasa joke so I hope no one goes off in a tangent with their anti sukhniddan views) this what caveman looks like when he drinks too much degh! note : caveman never ties a dastaar or wears a kashera or has his shastar on him ie kara or pesh kabz is caveman going to narak? LOOOOL :rolleyes:
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