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  1. are they in english? n what are the names of the books?
  2. Any one know any good books worth reading on sprituality, Sikhi etc..
  3. Hello All Just wanted to know if anyone knows any good places where they teach martials Arts around Birmingham, Wolves, Wasall Other than Gatka, Shaster Vidya. Kick boxing, Thai Boxing Im lookin to learn more of the japanese and chinese styles of fighting
  4. Having the longest unbeaten run in Pro Evo 7
  5. I dont see whats the big deal about someone dressing in designer, not everyone feels they have the virtues within them to dress in baana... so for the mean time i'll stick to my "designer clothes" Those that do wear baana keep it up nothing more beautiful than a sikh in a baana
  6. Every moment is a divine set up created by our souls and held in divine order. These Divine Set-Ups are not meant to punish or cause suffering though the ego often perceives most events in life as such. Rather, Divine Order presents us with the opportunity to experience life as a series of lessons/opportunities to go beyond the limited perceptions of the ego. To move into the limitlessness of Soul while still in embodiment. Divine Set-Ups are intended, purposeful events choreographed by our Soul to create the opportunity for us to "wake up". There are no v
  7. How can these parents teach who themselves don't know. Its not the fault of the children that they have no or little spiritual knowledge. You can blame the parents but at the same time i would blame the gurdwareh
  8. What about sticking it into a telephone socket near buy?
  9. Does enlightenment, sachkhand solely exist because of delusion and ignorance, if they dissappear so will enlightenment? delusion and ignorance exist because of enlightenment , when enlightenment ceases ignorance and delusion will also cease? should we be on guard against thinking of sachkhand or enlightenment as a "thing" to be grasped after, lest it, too should become an obstruction. When the mind that was in darkness becomes enlightened, it passes away and with its passing, the thing we call enlightenment passes to
  10. Dear Gamers has anyone hear got xbox live? how is it? i was thinknig of buying a xbox 360 also do u need wireless internet to use it?
  11. We all know that according to Sikhi that Moh is considered a road block on the path of sprituality. Is attachment or a desire to reach sackhand or attain brahmgyan also a road block? Does it mean that delusion is still with the the individual if he/she sorts for those things?
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